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ASU Fall 2012: Compiler Construction - Final Presentation


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The presentation for the course Compiler Construction. The language was a subset of Object Oriented Pascal

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ASU Fall 2012: Compiler Construction - Final Presentation

  1. 1. Compiler Construction Final presentation Manish Sinha Ankit Mandhani
  2. 2. Design: Features Supported ● Parse Trees ● Semantic Checking ● Generation of three address codes and Control Flow Graph ● Code Generation – All expressions – Multidimensional arrays – Local, global and heap variables – Loops and Branching – Multiple class and objects – Simple Method calls – Print statements
  3. 3. Features possible but not supported ● Complex Method Calls – Method calls with parameters – Method calls using objects – Recursion and nested method calls ● Optimizations – Value and extended value numbering – Constant folding ● Control flow for Goto and Labels
  4. 4. Not supported due to design limitations ● Code generation for local arrays ● Better heap and stack management
  5. 5. Could have done differently ● Nested symbol table – For handling all cases of semantic checking – For code generation ● More modular code for Project 4 to handle all cases of memory allocation and access efficiently ● More information in TAC ● Better and Quicker Design decisions for Project 2
  6. 6. Collaboration
  7. 7. Achieving Collaboration ● Design and Architecture ● Source code management – Using git – Resolving merges and conflicts – Diff and resolve tool – Hosting code ● Bug tracking
  8. 8. Lesson: How to improve collaboration ● Source code management – Better usage of branches – Using rebase instead of merge ● Bug tracking: Using a real bug tracker
  9. 9. Language: Possible Changes ● Return keyword assignment: assignment_statement | ...... | return expression ● Last Statement not having semicolon statement_sequences: statement_sequence SEMICOLON statement_sequence: statement | statement_sequence SEMICOLON statement
  10. 10. Language Features Possible new features
  11. 11. for looping construct e.g. for(i := 0; i < 4; i := i+1) Grammar changes: statement: for_statement for_statement: FOR LPAREN for_statement_conditions RPAREN for_body for_statement_conditions: statement SEMICOLON expression SEMICOLON statement for_body: PBEGIN statement_sequences END
  12. 12. foreach looping construct e.g. foreach(house: integer in houses) Grammar changes: statement: foreach_statement foreach_statement: FOREACH LPAREN foreach_statement_conditions RPAREN for_body foreach_statement_conditions: identifier COLON type_denoter in variable_access
  13. 13. break construct e.g. break Grammar changes: statement: BREAK
  14. 14. The end