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Reference letters

  1. 1. Manish’s Supervisor at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  2. 2. Manish’s Customer @ Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical
  3. 3. Manish’s Customer at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Inc.
  4. 4. Manish’s Colleague at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Inc.Anthony DeNinoSenior Sales Representative, Motivational Speaker, Boehringer IngelheimPharmaceuticals (colleague) managed you indirectly“I had worked with Manish at Boehringer Ingelheim and can tell you first-handof his desire and dedication to be an outstanding representative. His in-depthproduct knowledge was a tremendous help to myself and co-workers.Additionally, he likes to take the initiative as evidenced by his efforts inrecording clinical trial reviews on CDs. Upon seeking input from others andfine-tuning his work, he distributed those CDs that myself and others foundvery useful in keeping this information top of mind.If you are looking for an individual with in-depth product knowledge, a desireto get ahead and a person to take initiative, Manish would be a great choice.”December 4, 2009If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any furtherinformation, please do not hesitate to contact me”.SincerelyAnthony Deninoadenine@carolina.rr.com704-236-8352
  5. 5. Manish’s Customer at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Inc.Houston Cutshaw, MPAS, PA-CSouth Point Family Practice1215 Spruce StreetBelmont, NC 28012-3371(704) 825-5111February 3rd, 2010To Whom It May Concern:“As a primary care health care provider, I have worked closely with manypharmaceutical representatives. Through these interactions, I have foundManish Patani to be one of the most thorough. He is persuasive through hisdisplay of knowledge, and has the wisdom of a Professor of Biology. In myopinion, Manishs unwavering devotion to his profession exemplifies strongmoral fiber and character. He is a trustworthy individual and would be anexcellent candidate for any sales based representation position.”SincerelyHouston Cutshaw, MPAS, PA-C
  6. 6. Manish’s Supervisor at Central Piedmont Community CollegeNovember 16th, 2009“Mr. Manish Patani did an above average job providing learning opportunitiesfor students in introductory college biology classes and labs at CentralPiedmont Community College.” November 16, 2009Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High IntegrityHired Manish as a Teaching in 2004, and hired Manish more than onceSincerelyDavid PrivetteScience Division DirectorCentral Piedmont Community CollegeDavid.privette@cpcc.edu704-330-6750
  7. 7. Manish’s Supervisor at Wockhardt Pharma, Mumbai, INDIA.Rajesh Dua: “Manish was a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in my Zone,and I hired him for the position. I knew on the interview I had met anoutstanding sales representative with ambition to succeed and he did just that.Manish was consistently one of the top representatives in the zone; in the fieldhe was organized and professional, knowledgeable about the products and hadsuperior sales skills. He was well thought of by the physicians and staff that hecalled on. Manish was an excellent managerial candidate, becoming a leaderamong his peers; he was consistently coachable and receptive to feedback. Hedid very well in the building relationships with his customers and leveragethose relationships to ignite the market share and earn promotions in diverseareas with increasing amounts of responsibility at Wockhardt. Manish isprofessional, capable and trustworthy, has a strong work ethic, and would be anasset to any company.”SincerelyRajesh Dua,Zonal Manager, Wockhardt Pharmae-mail: 91-9824232108
  8. 8. Manish’s Supervisor at Wockhardt Pharma, Mumbai, INDIAAlok Vaish: Manish was a Pharmaceutical sales representative in my district.Manish Patani is a very knowledgeable individual, especially within thetechnical realm of industrial controls. He has many years of experience ofapplying his clinical knowledge on every single call to health care providers.He excels in both his disease state knowledge and product consultant & helpedhis colleague on many occasions as a trainer. Manish has expanded his careergoals with in depth studies of both Clinical studies as well as the fieldapplications of those studies. Manish works well with others to transferknowledge while providing a supportive appreciation for the colleague with hispresentation skill levels. Manish’s technical background allows him to speak tothe technician based on personal experience. Manish readily perceives thetechnicians individual technical needs during both in class training and fieldapplications. Manish brings a lot to the game and readily shares with others in atrue team spirit. Manish carries an excellent sense of humor which enables himto cope with the high pressures of both production environments andchallenges found within the varying personalities of a classroom setting.SincerelyAlok VaishRegional Manager, Wockhardt 91-9327438941
  9. 9. Manish’s Colleague at Wockhardt Pharma, Mumbai, INDIANishant Desai“It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend ManishPatani. I have known him for two years. Manish has always displayed a highdegree of integrity, responsibility and product knowledge. He is definitely aleader rather than a follower. In addition of being very passionate anddedicated to work he has positive attitude, helped him in building excellentcustomer relationship and maintaining them. He is also a most dependable teamplayer. His good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practicalapproach to his endeavors. Not only customer but I feel fortunate to work withsuch a goal oriented team mate. Manish would be an asset to any organization,and I am happy to give him my whole hearted endorsement”SincerelyNishant DesaiAssistant Manager – Sales at Schott Glass India Pvt. 91-99251-00472
  10. 10. Manish’s Classmate at Gujarat University during MBA.“I have had the pleasure of studying my MBA with Manish Patani for over 2years at Gujarat University. Manish consistently demonstrated ability to presentcomplex information in front of the class in way that is very easy to understandby entire class during his seminars. Manish adept at building strongrelationships with his classmates and is well liked and respected by bothprofessors and classmates. I have been impressed by Manish’s willingness togo the extra mile by volunteering to present management topics to lead theproject assigned to teams in support of the overall class. He has an innateability to assimilate information quickly and has keen eye for discovering anddeveloping innovative ways to take learning to next level. I have the utmosttrust and respect for Manish and have the confidence that he can handle what isthrown at him. Best regards, Darshan Parikh” January 2, 2010SincerelyDarshan
  11. 11. Manish’s Classmate at Gujarat University during Master of Science.“I was a classmate of Manish’s at Gujarat University during our Master ofScience, where we studied closely on Microbiology major. His involvementwas critical to the projects success and deployment that we undertook duringour education. Manish demonstrated good automation, controls, and teachingskills but what made him stand out are the intangibles he exhibited. He isdriven to learn new technologies and is very tenacious in his quest to solveproblems or develop new solutions. Manish is not afraid of challenges and willjump in to resolve issues even though he may not have the formal training itsometimes may require. He does not wait and is extremely proactive in hisefforts to meet education goals and objectives. His positive influence andpersonality make him a very valuable asset to any organization. If given theopportunity I would certainly add him to any project team with which I wasassociated.” January 7, 2010SincerelyDr. Pinakin Dhandhukia, Ph.DAssistant Professor ,
  12. 12. December 4, 2012To whom it may concern:With great pride I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Manish Patani. I have workedwith Manish for a little over a year within Pfizer. I have been Manish’s direct supervisor for the entiretime he has been with Pfizer.Manish is a true professional in every way. Manish is team player and is self motivated. Manish hasworked very hard to be an effective communicator and tireless worker. Manish has demonstrated a strongunderstanding of the business landscape and is able to work with his teammates to maximize salesopportunities. Manish always focuses on teamwork, sharing best practices along with driving results.Manish is very astute in his product and disease state knowledge. He has educated our team on a numberof technical points to help the entire team improve. Manish has numerous degrees and is trained in manyrelated areas including computer processes and the sciences.Manish has been successful all along his career path. I am positive this success is related to the strength ofhis capabilities. Manish has also demonstrated his commitment to the Pfizer values over the short timewithin our organization.With all of his strengths and capabilities, Manish would be an excellent addition to your team. Manish isespecially strong in technical knowledge and works hard with his internal and external customers. Manishhas always shown his strength of character and his integrity in his business and personal life..I could always count on Manish to give me an honest opinion and a solution if needed. Manish has beenhonest and forthright with me at all times. I can attest to his work ethic and dedication to selling and to histeam..I strongly recommend Manish for your open position and I am positive he will surpass your expectations.Please feel free to call me with any questions or if you need any additional information.Sincerely,James “Homer” HallDistrict Business ManagerPfizer, Inc2596 Widgeon LaneDurham, CA. 95938(530) 966-1551