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hpl important notes

  1. 1. How to cultivate Positive Thinking: A] Persistence:     Once we come to know that we have a negative thought in our mind, we should be able to replace that negative thought with a positive one. The negative thought does not goes off our mind easily and will try to come again and we have to again replace it by positive thought and throw the negative thought outside of our mind. It is like we are watching two pictures at a time and we have to focus on one picture and don’t look at the negative picture. Persistence will eventually teach us to think positively and ignore negative thoughts. B] Affirmations:    Affirmation is a process through which we confirm ourselves that our actions and thoughts are in the right place. When we try to re confirm our thoughts and actions to right principles of positive growth we feel assured. Our faith and belief in right thinking is our affirmation. C] Concentration:    In order to create a positive growth of us and the people around us we have to stay focused on right goals and proper objectives. Every thought must have a meaning and should be logically connected with proper action. To achieve this we should have necessary power of concentration. D] Will-power:     It is said to be the strength of our infinite mind. We know that human mind has the greatest potential. We have to always question our mind to lead us to the right goals. If we follow the right path and we continue to work for our goals, this will increase our will power.
  2. 2. E] Self-Discipline:    In order to keep our will power from never ending we have to make some rules for our behaviour and our life and we should follow them without making any compromise. This is called self-discipline. To keep our selves positive in thought self-discipline is very necessary. F] Equilibrium of Mind:      Human brain is like a wind. It flows fast sometimes and sometimes it flows very slow or is nearly absent. Just like we are happy and jolly sometimes and sometimes very depressed. Sometimes we have lots of love while sometimes we are very sad or angry. A positive mind always makes a proper balance between these feelings. BENEFITS OF POSITIVE THINKING: There are many benefits of positive thinking, which are: 1. Formation of Constructive Attitude:   Positive thinking always thinks of plus side of all actions. It helps us to find the good in all things and thus be telling good about that thing, the people can accept the thing.
  3. 3. 2. Confidence Building:    Positive thinking builds our self-esteem. It helps the process of self-actualisation i.e. think whether one is doing good or bad on his own. Thus as we think positive, it builds our self-confidence. 3. Success Orientation:    A positive thinking person is always a success oriented person. He never doubts his actions and thoughts. He has confidence and courage which finally leads him to success. 4. Logical Thinking:    A positive thinker never thinks random. He analyse every thought minutely. He thinks of every thought very deeply and makes his every plan very deeply. 5. Ability to Face Failure:    A positive thinker never expects worst out of anything. Even if he suffers the greatest failure, he doesn’t becomes nervous. On other hand he tries to find out the cause of his problem and tries to improve it. 6. Ability to rectify Mistakes:    The positive thinker never becomes nervous by his failures. He watches his track and see if he his right by thinking of each step he takes. If he feels he is going wrong, he immediately corrects the wrong. 7. Attainment of mental-physical soundness:   A positive thinker is not only mentally strong but also physically strong. He also sees that he is physically strong but proper exercise and carries out required mental exercise also.
  4. 4. 8. Development of sense of equality:     A positive thinker treats everyone with equality. Thus this gives him peace of mind. His views are always unbiased. He is more concerned of what the person does and not who the person is.