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Kicpl Prst


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Konsole Indya Communications Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT company providing web enabled and software services to wide variety of client base across Central India.

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Kicpl Prst

  1. 1. Co pany m
  2. 2. ABOUT US
  3. 3. ABOUT US
  4. 4. VISIO
  5. 5. Services Website E-Mail SMS S.E.O VOICE software
  6. 6. Products • • •
  7. 7. Services PUSH SERVICE Our Push Service is web-based service which sends SMS. It supports Numeric & Alphanumeric CLIs (Sender IDs) to promote products as well as companies throughout Mobile Media. Various interfaces for this service are: HTTP - This interface is used for the bulk of SMS up to 5,000 SMS per shoot. SMPP - This interface is used for the bulk of SMS up to 40,000 SMS per shoot. API - We provide API’s to interface with your products or software. SMS PULL SERVICE Our Pull SMS service is a Bi-directional service through which one can receive responses from client. One can send SMS to the particular short code likes 56677, 56263, 56070 etc. and long codes. The five digit text number short cut codes helps in receiving the responses and handling them automatically. It allows maximizing investment and improving the return on investment (ROI).
  8. 8. Services  Our Voice SMS allows users to send voice messages  in the form of audio files that are sent to the  recipients. The conventional "Store and Forward"  mechanism is used for sending these messages,  thereby ensuring messages only get sent during the  non-peak hours. Benefit from Voice Response : VOICE •Flexibility in pricing as compared to SMS or airtime  usage since Voice SMS can be positioned as a  premium service. •Customers can be offered better value, especially  for long-distance communication, thereby reducing  CALLING customer churn. •Service can be extended to conventional landlines  to increase the coverage. •Telecommunications, (ie the internet and  everything that flows on it).
  9. 9. Our designers develop focused, eye-catching, easy-to-navigate, remarkablesite and fast to load sites keeping yourbrand identity in mind.Our Web design Service includes: Website•Flash based animations (Banners, logo)•CSS based web pages•ASP.NET•Multimedia. developmen•Website hosting•Website promotions t•Website maintenance•Domain name registration
  10. 10. KONSOLE INDYA is a leading software serviceprovider among the offshore softwaredevelopment company in Chhattisgarh. KONSOLE INDYA has robust and world class software development methodology, main focus is to provide need based solution with added value  under budget. Essential phases of the softwaredevelopment process include:Market Evaluation•Gathering required information for finding the best possible business solution•Critical analysis of the requirement software•Designing a proper plan for achieving the targeted  developmensolution•Implementation of the plan t•Quality-check of created solution•Maintenance and fixing errors.
  11. 11. Effective, affordable and successful marketingfor business over Web media or Internet.Konsole Indya’s E-mail Marketing services allows to communicate more information, more often to global audience. One can use  Email Marketing services for customer promotions sale notifications,new service announcements E-Mailevent invitationsGreetingspersonalized messages and much, more via emails. 
  12. 12. Making your websites top in search engines S.E.OManaging Social Media.
  13. 13. Our USP
  14. 14. Our USP • Have strong goodwill in Market • Being local of Chhattisgarh gives privilege in relationships • Strong technical Team • Having Highly Skilled and experienced Technical team with strong work experience in MNC’s • Strong Sales Network across different Parts of India • Impressive Infrastructures and facilities
  15. 15. Our USP
  16. 16. Strong goodwill in Market
  17. 17. Strong technical Team
  18. 18. Having Highly Skilled and experienced workforce with relevant work experience in MNC’s
  19. 19. Strong Sales Team
  20. 20. Strong Market Network
  21. 21. frastructure and facilities
  22. 22. Gallery
  23. 23. Team structure  Technical Team  Sales Team  Operational Team  Accounts & Admin staff
  24. 24. TechnicalTeam
  25. 25.   Graphic Designers  Web Designers  coders Testers
  26. 26. Sales Team
  27. 27. Sales Team
  28. 28. Operational Team
  29. 29. And many more ….
  30. 30. Contact Us