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Web designing trends for 2016


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Web designing trends for 2016

  1. 1. Web Designing Trends for 2016
  2. 2. “Websites are very important part of our life. We all go and search for websites if we want to know exact aspects of something. In websites, the quality always matters; it is all about the design, UI interface and content for a website and its look. The designers are great as they map the idea into website”
  3. 3. Microinteractions  Adjust a setting, sync your devices or data, put a reminder, sign in, put a status message or “like” something these allare microinteractions  Most appliances and some applications are built entirely just about one microinteraction  Micro interactions are good for: Interacting with a single piece of data such as the temperature Calculatingan ongoing process such asclip volume Adjusting a setting etc.
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  5. 5. Reliance on images over text  As web design developers, the significanceof high-qualityimages will only boost  Text works best for removing the ambiguity that visualmethods of communication are prone to.  Images is good option for SEO’s who want there content more attractive and effective
  6. 6. Designing with real data  It gives us an in-depth understanding of how a page willrespond  Designing with real content gives both writers and designers better insight into what they need to do  Webflow’s CMS facilitatesyou design functional prototypes with real content, providing both writers and designers a better thought of just how a website willutilize
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  8. 8. Conversational/bot apps and websites  Apps and other web services are using this more simple and likely access to make ordering food, getting financialadvice, or booking a hotel as easy as sending some text messages  Including, many tools have popped up to support non-coders make their own bots, so we’re probable to see lot more of these over the coming years
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