Mycem cement


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Mycem cement

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Total capacity of Indian cement industry is 220 million tones per annum in 2010.• Second largest producer after china.• Mycem cement is a product of Heidelberg Cement India Ltd.• Mycem cement leading producer of building material worldwide.• Employees around 46000 people in more than 20 countries• Committed to provide high quality products and provide best possible services to its customer.
  3. 3. BOARD OF DIRECTORS• Mr. P. G. Mankind (Chairman)• Dr. Bernd Scheifele• Dr. Lorenz Nagger• Dr. Albert Schemer• Mr. Ashish Kumar Gotha (Managing Director)• Mr. Amitabha Ghosh• Mr. S. Krishna Kumar
  4. 4. HISTORY-1• Heidelberg Cement India Limited was promoted in 1958 by a Karnataka based industrialist in technical and financial collaboration with Kaisers of USA as a Public Limited Company.• The first one lace ton per annum dry process cement plant with an investment of Rs.220 laces at Ammasandra Dist. Tumkur, Karnataka was commissioned in 1962• Immediately plant expand its capacity to 2 lace tpa in 1966 at an investment of Rs.170 lace.• Late Shri.G.D. Birla became the Chairman of the Company in 1966.• the Company again doubled its capacity from 2 lace tpa to 4 lac tpa in 1968 at an investment of Rs.390 lacs .
  5. 5. HISTORY-2• In 1983, Heidelberg Cement India Ltd. Set up new plant in the North India at Damon in Madhya Pradesh with an investment of 2950 lace.• That was the first Preheated based technology plant in the country which help in maximizing thermal efficiency.• Again in 1989, a new plant was set up in Jhansi dist. Uttar Pradesh at an investment of 5900 lace.• At the end of financial year 2000, total capacity of Heidelberg cement India ltd is 23 lace ton per annum.
  6. 6. VISION• To become most trusted cement company of the country.• To provide environment friendly product to its customer.• To protect the stake of shareholders and investors.
  7. 7. MISSION• Supply high quality product.• Best possible service to its customer.• Constantly upgrading the plant efficiency by employing modern method and latest technology.• Reduce cost and improve productivity.• Supply products that meets the needs and expectation of consumers.• Develop environment friendly product that contribute sustainable development.
  8. 8. COMPETITORS• ACC Cement – 33.33%• Prism Cement – 10.00%• Jayee Cement – 23.33%• Birla Gold Cement – 16.67%• Birla Samrat Cement- 3.33%
  9. 9. GRAPHIC COMPARISION35.00%30.00%25.00%20.00%15.00%10.00% 5.00% 0.00% ACC Prism Jaypee Birla Samrat Birla Gold Mycem
  10. 10. SWOT ANALYSIS• Strength – Better quality and goodwill in the market, timely available of products, less price and better packaging.• Weakness – Great need of strategic way for promotion and advertisement for both dealer and customer.• Opportunities - Strong infrastructure requirement for the development of the country and the country is developing in the utter pace. Institutional market like corporate and government offices, school society complexes are growing in large scale, which will increase the requirement.• Threats - Other brands like Birla Samrat and Birla Gold provide maximum profit to the both customer as well as to the retailers. It was found from my survey that ACC maximum market share is due to brand loyalty. Dealers expect more margin and gift to sell of the cement.
  11. 11. CONCLUSION• Mycem cement is a well known brand of cement.• This is the result of the good quality that mycem cement along with their effective marketing effort which covers the whole market.• Customer of mycem cement are highly satisfied with the use of it as they do not face any problem after using it.• Because of good marketing effort, mycem cement is able to grasp some share of various other brand.
  12. 12. THANK YOU..