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Best practices to maintain your credit score


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Know the best practices to maintain a credit score. Get your free credit report online now just go through this link -

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Best practices to maintain your credit score

  1. 1. Best Practices To Maintain Your Credit Score November 21 2017
  2. 2. Objective When we apply for loan or any other financial services the first thing that banks or any other institution check was credit score online. By keeping in this mind to make the loan process smooth here are few recommendations on how to maintain good credit score. Services we offer : Good Credit Score = Right set of offers + Home loans + Personal loans = Explore now
  3. 3. Here are few best Practices To Maintain Your Credit Score ● Pay your payments on time: Making your payments on time will help you increase your credit score. Get Your Credit report for free ● Keep a credit low on your credit card: Put your credit card balance at 30% of your credit limit. ● Manage your debts: Return your loan account to repay all your debts from time to time to manage your credit score. Remember to always pay your most expensive loans first. ● Minimal loan applications: Do not apply for too many loans in a short period of time. This will definitely reduce your credit score. ● Keep track: Always remember to double check your credit report twice a year. This will help you learn your financial position and maintain a good credit score.
  4. 4. Thank You Visit - Get Your Credit report for free