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R.S. Rathee
Independent Candidate for Gurgaon Constituency
in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha Election 200...
2.      Creation of Gurgaon Development Authority
Presently the district administration in Gurgaon is divided into many en...
8.      Villages to be connected with Basai Canal water. Proper water supply in all
All village areas must also be c...
15.    Proper maintenance of roads
The roads of Gurgaon are damaged annually during the rainy season because effective
21.    Completion of community facilities in private colonies and HUDA sectors
Long delayed community facilities like disp...
29.     Improved postal system
In certain areas of Gurgaon like the new colonies around Sohna Road, post is not being
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Election Manifesto R S Rathee


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Mission Gurgaon Development, Local Government, Change

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Election Manifesto R S Rathee

  1. 1. ELECTION MANIFESTO R.S. Rathee Independent Candidate for Gurgaon Constituency in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha Election 2009 Election on Tuesday 13th October 2009 Born on 12th January 1965, R.S. Rathee is a son of the soil from a modest agricultural background in Nindana, District Rohtak. A civil engineer and post-graduate in Construction Management, R.S. Rathee has vast experience in the development and maintenance of civic amenities and community facilities, having worked for 15 years with DLF Limited. Over the last eight years he has devoted much of his time in public service as president of DLF Qutab Enclave Residents' Welfare Association (QERWA) and Gurgaon Citizens' Council (GCC), in bringing together various Residents' Welfare Associations (RWAs) and Village Panchayats, and in the evolution of Mission Gurgaon Development. Gurgaon is the financial capital of Haryana, 46% of the state revenue - amounting to Rs. 8,500 crore per year - being generated from this city. Seeing this, successive governments have treated it as a cash cow, misappropriating and diverting the money paid by the citizens of Gurgaon. The results of this grossly unfair and discriminatory attitude are visible all over in the woefully inadequate infrastructure, choked and chaotic roads, filth and squalor, and deep sense of insecurity. The hopes and aspirations of the residents have been dashed years ago, and there is now only despair and cynicism. Successive MLAs of various political parties made no serious effort to develop Gurgaon in the manner promised all these decades. The present infrastructure is able to provide for only 30% of the population of Gurgaon which is now around 20 lakhs. In this dismal scenario R.S. Rathee's only agenda is development of civic amenities. ELECTION MANIFESTO 1. Planning Board for Gurgaon Under the veneer of a planned city, Gurgaon is actually a planned mess. The various private builders follow a policy of profiteering to the detriment of the interests of the citizens. HUDA is a law unto itself, creating low-quality facilities. The newly-formed Municipal Corporation is a non-starter. The old city area is left to languish, while the villages have zero infrastructure. There is no harmonious or holistic planning for the city and the rural areas. It is, therefore, essential to constitute a planning board that will draw up a vision for a modern city with pockets of model villages.
  2. 2. 2. Creation of Gurgaon Development Authority Presently the district administration in Gurgaon is divided into many entities which are directed from the state secretariat at Chandigarh. There is no co-ordination or cohesion among the various arms of the administration. The concept of local self-government enshrined in the Indian Constitution has been completely defeated. For expeditious redressal of grievances of the people and bringing about efficiency in the administrative system, a single empowered authority is needed. All the essential services like roads, water supply, sanitation, education and medical facilities should be operated under the auspices of this umbrella authority. 3. Bhagidari of Government with Residents' Welfare Associations (RWAs) and Village Panchayats Citizens are tax-payers as well as beneficiaries and hence bhagidari, or sharing of power, is an essential part of governance wherein the needs and aspirations of the people are reflected, and resources allocated in a manner that benefits the greatest number. Flexibility and speedy remedial measures are the other features of such a mechanism, all of which is not at all possible in a totally bureaucratic set-up. Implementation of bhagidari is a pre-requisite for what is often touted, and rarely practised as good governance. 4. Setting up of Haryana Urban Regulatory Commission A mechanism is required to regulate the activities in private builders colonies. Regulation is required in terms of implementation of norms regarding open and green areas, public amenities, community facilities and parking, and to ensure a proper delivery system. Similar is the case with HUDA colonies where the facilities provided are inadequate and of poor quality. This commission will assess the quality of life in the old city and evolve measures to improve it substantially. Haryana Urban Regulatory Commission will ensure that residents are provided all the facilities that are due to them. 5. Upgrading of Electrical Distribution Systems There are frequent breakdowns of power supply due to inadequate electrical distribution systems in terms of insufficient transformers of required capacity, improper sized cables and inefficient upkeep. Upgrading the electrical distribution systems in all areas of Gurgaon is an urgent necessity. 6. Streamlining of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited The grievance cell of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (DHBVN) should be relocated to Gurgaon from Hissar to avoid unnecessary travel by citizens. The chief engineer of DHBVN should also be posted at Gurgaon for proper functioning of the Nigam. Gurgaon is the highest payer of electricity revenue in all of Haryana and it is time that this fact is recognized and proper delivery of power is ensured. 7. Office of Haryana Electricity Regulatory Nigam Limited In Gurgaon The office of Haryana Electricity Regulatory Nigam Limited should be relocated to Gurgaon for speedy disposal of issues.
  3. 3. 8. Villages to be connected with Basai Canal water. Proper water supply in all areas All village areas must also be connected with the main HUDA line that draws its water from the Yamuna through the Basai Canal. For adequate supply, the entire water distribution system has to be redesigned by laying more trunk pipe lines, and special electric feeders at the main water works and boosting stations. 9. Mandatory rainwater harvesting In order to conserve water and prevent the rapid depletion of ground water, there must be comprehensive and mandatory rainwater harvesting. Laws for this exist but are not at all adhered to. This is all the more incumbent for an area like Gurgaon which has no natural source of water. 10. Improved security especially for ladies, children and senior citizens The most vulnerable sections of society, the ladies, children and senior citizens, need special protection, especially in view of the rapidly deteriorating law and order situation in Gurgaon. This can be achieved by proper vigilance, increasing police patrolling and rapid response during crisis situations. 11. Clean and healthy living conditions in villages Creation of clean and healthy living conditions in all the villages is a top priority. Sanitation, provision of sewage, drains, roads and community centres are matters that need urgent attention. 12. Regularisation of unapproved colonies One-third of the population of Gurgaon lives in unapproved colonies with primitive infrastructure. The residents live in a highly insanitary environment. All such colonies need to be regularized and provided with basic amenities like water supply, power, sewerage, roads, drains etc. 13. Connection of sewage to HUDA main lines Several areas of Gurgaon have still not been connected to the main HUDA sewage line. The sewage of these areas is being discharged in the open, creating highly unhygienic conditions. This needs to be corrected at the earliest. Old sewage lines are of inadequate size in many areas and most of them are choked. The problem will be mitigated only by redesigning the whole system and laying new sewer lines of adequate size. Modern machines have to be used for the cleaning operation of choked sewer lines. 14. Garbage disposal system Gurgaon is among the most unhygienic towns of Haryana. Three more modern solid waste management plants need to be set up. Mechanical vehicles should be introduced to ensure proper daily cleaning of roads. Collection and transmission system of solid waste has to be strengthened in all areas of Gurgaon.
  4. 4. 15. Proper maintenance of roads The roads of Gurgaon are damaged annually during the rainy season because effective drainage system has not been provided. Most of the roads need to be resurfaced with a proper drainage system. In some areas concrete roads need to be provided. Timely and systematic maintenance of roads must be carried out. 16. Efficient traffic management Traffic has increased manifold in the last decade and a half without a complementary traffic management system having been put in place. Many more traffic signals needs to be erected, the badly-designed small roundabouts should be replaced by traffic lights, streetlights and road dividers have to be affixed in many areas, footpaths and pedestrian overbridges need to be built, flyovers and underpasses are required in some areas, traffic policemen have to be trained and there must be supervision to ensure that they perform their duties properly. 17. Integrated transport system Gurgaon has no transport system in place. An efficient and comfortable transport system for inter-city travel to Delhi and NCR, and intra-city travel within Gurgaon are an urgent necessity. This would include low-floor and air-conditioned buses, CNG taxis, auto rickshaws in certain areas, and cycle rickshaws within colonies, among other measures. 18. Drainage system The drainage system is so poor that it takes just a day or two of rain for Gurgaon to be flooded, with large parts becoming virtually inaccessible. In many areas there are no storm water drains, in others they are not connected with the HUDA main drainage system, still others are choked, and in several the water simply does not reach because there is no connecting channel. Drains are not cleaned before the monsoon. All this not only causes traffic snarls but also severely damages the roads, which are then not repaired for several months. This issue has to be tackled urgently. 19. Upgrading of civic amenttiea in the old city of Gurgaon The civic amenities in the sadly neglected old city of Gurgaon are almost non-existent. Even though Gurgaon has attracted huge investment in the last three decades, the old city has received step-motherly treatment to the extent that it is unlivable. Comprehensive and immediate overhaul of civic amenities like electricity, water supply, roads, drains, sewage, sanitation and community facilities has to be done in this part of the city. 20. Building of modern markets for grain, vegetables and fruits Prices of vegetables and foodstuff are soaring in Gurgaon because the administration has not taken any step to introduce the concept of Apni Mandi in the various sectors and colonies. This system of modern mandis has become very popular in Chandigarh and Panchkula. The endeavour will, therefore, be to set up four modern grain-vegetable-fruit markets in Gurgaon with economical rates and high quality.
  5. 5. 21. Completion of community facilities in private colonies and HUDA sectors Long delayed community facilities like dispensaries, community centres, clubs, parks, playgrounds, post offices etc. have to be completed expeditiously in private colonies and HUDA sectors. There is also an urgent need to implement the concept of small office home office (SOHO). This will enable professionals to set up their small offices in residential areas without causing disturbance to the residents. 22. Efficient and economical maintenance services in private colonies and HUDA sectors While private builders are treating maintenance of the colonies as a high-profit making area maintenance in these areas as well as HUDA colonies is poor. A mechanism needs to be evolved to address this issue. 23. High Court Bench in Gurgaon In view of the importance of Gurgaon and the mounting number of cases, it is imperative to establish a bench of the High Court in Gurgaon. 24. Implementation of Haryana Apartments Ownership Act 1983 The Haryana Apartment Ownership Act 1983 must be implemented in letter and spirit immediately. Maintenance charges need to be rationalized and the apartment owners must have full rights over all common areas, including all income from them. 25. Simplified House Tax System There should be a simplified and rational house tax system, with provision for easy filing of self-assessment retums and payment oftax. 26. Green Gurgaon A massive tree-plantation drive has to be carried out. Many areas are without spacious parks and gardens, and those that exist are badly maintained. There are hardly any playgrounds either, and the few green belts that remain are encroached upon. A Green Gurgaon movement needs to be launched. 27. Easily accessible and economical medical facilities There should be a top-class five thousand bed hospital, and affordable and easily accessible medical facilities in the entire region, including 20 dispensaries and four general hospitals. 28. Top quality higher education All government schools are in terrible shape, while on the other hand private schools are extremely expensive and arbitrary. While the govt schools have to be upgraded substantially, private schools need to be reined in so that they cease to be exploitative and blatantly commercial. The number of colleges is woefully inadequate. Many more need to be built as per the norms relating to their ratio with the population. Top quality higher education institutions like IIT and IIM need to be set up.
  6. 6. 29. Improved postal system In certain areas of Gurgaon like the new colonies around Sohna Road, post is not being delivered for years. All the letters, it seems, are being thrown away in these areas. Even the working of speed post is inefficient. New post offices are required in several areas, and increase in staff in other areas. Overall the efficiency of the postal system has to be improved by a long way. 30. Holistic and harmonious development of rural and urban areas The aim has to be to build one modern Gurgaon with top-class facilities, not diverse, inequitable pockets comprising decaying villages, the forgotten and crumbling old city, the jagirs of private builders, HUDA colonies marked by bureaucratic apathy and decadence, and HSIDC's terribly neglected industrial estates. The ultimate goal is holistic, integrated and harmonious development of the rural and urban areas of Gurgaon. R.S. RATHEE'S APPEAL TO THE CITIZENS OF GURGAON IS • TO VOTE THIS TIME FOR AN INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE. • TO VOTE FOR A RESIDENT LIKE THEMSELVES. • TO VOTE FOR ONE WHO IS APPROACHABLE. • TO VOTE FOR ONE WHO KNOWS THE PROBLEMS. • TO VOTE FOR ONE WHO KNOWS THE SOLUTIONS. • TO VOTE FOR ONE WHO HAS THE ENERGY, DESIRE AND DEDICATION • TO WORK HARD TO DEVELOP THIS CONSTITUENCY INTO ONE THAT WILL BE A GLITTERING MODEL FOR OTHERS TO FOLLOW AROUND THE COUNTRY. • TO VOTE FOR HIM AND EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE. Vijaya Press: 9810098233 Qty:100