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A complete web development and Application Development company

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Sybrant Technologies Company Presentation

  1. 1. Development Centers Asia Beijing ChennaiEurope Customers North America Sybrant Delivers Globally
  2. 2. Management TeamAn experienced management team consisting of  V. Thiyagarajan (Founder and CEO)  Successful Serial Entrepreneur with 15 years of high technology experience  Frank Goller (COO)  Seasoned Program Manager with 15+ years of application development and integration experience  Rick Platzek (VP of US Operations)  Veteran Business Development, Program Management, and Application Development Executive with 20 years experience  Venkatesh Velayutham (Chief Architect)  Technical Guru with over 15 years experience architecting and developing highly sophisticated applications
  3. 3. Advisory Board  Ed Ekstrom (Founder of vSpring Capital)  High Tech Pioneer and former Executive with Intel Communications Products, and Software Development divisions  Chandru (Former CTO at McAfee)  Technology Thought Leader and Experienced Application Architect  Sudhir Rao (Founder of Karvy)  High Tech veteran and one of the “fathers” of the Indian Capital markets  Ramakant Chokhani (Leading Merchent Banker)  Financial management executive with 20 years of High Technology experience
  4. 4. A Company is Only as Good as its Talent  Sybrant recruits talent from the top quartile of leading technical institutes  Sybrant provides both technical and business training  Sybrant retains talent by providing a free-thinking and creative environmentSybrant’s OngoingTraining Programs Business Communications • Best Practices Training • Agile • Code • Business • Waterfall • Business Optimization Processes • Extreme English • Industry • Technical Standards Documentation Technical Project Training Training
  5. 5. Services and Industry VerticalsSoftware Education Internet Logistics Finance (ISV) eLearning Web LCMS Web 2.0 Scheduling eCheckSecurity LMS Social Tracking CRM Testing Distance Loan and QA Learning Auction Distribution Service Mobile Platforms – Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian
  6. 6. Technology and ToolsOpen Source Microsoft Mobile Adobe
  7. 7. Project Management ApproachSybrant is experienced withmultiple project managementmethodologies: Waterfall Agile / Scrum Rational Unified ProcessWe believe in maintaining highlevels of transparency throughreporting on progress, issues,roadblocks and project decisions.We continually strive for clearclient communications.
  8. 8. InfrastructureChennai Beijing15,000 Square Feet 5,000 Square FeetTech Park Designed for IT Tech Park Designed for ITFiber Backbone Network High Capacity NetworkRedundant Power Back Up Redundant Power BackOption on additional 15,000 Sq Ft Option on additional 10,000 Sq FtLunch, Recreation and Daycare Lunch and Recreation Facilities3 Levels of Security 2 Levels of Security
  9. 9. Zinch currently has over 2 million student users who are matched with 800+ colleges and graduate schools who actively recruit using Zinch.Testimonial Tools and Technologies"Sybrant has helped Zinch a lot from ourinitial stages to date in rolling out our initial  Visual Studio 2008product to the latest release, they have been  SQL server 2008awesome and flexible to work with.  Ajax, JavaScriptI am sure companies can gain immense  HTML, CSSvalue in using Sybrant services and can save  XMLlot of time and money."  Web Services (SOAP, WSDL)- Cache Merrill,CTO, Zinch
  10. 10. Takoma is a product development and communications agency focused on corporate communications, training, documentation, audit ing, consulting and information structuring.Testimonial Tools and Technologies"Sybrant has provided Takoma with very  Flex 3.0good people from conception to the final  Action Script 3.0test of our product to our fullest  Java 1.5satisfaction. We have been able to deliver  Nuxeo 5.2 GAhigh quality eLearning products tocorporate customers with Sybrant’s  Jboss Server 4.2.3support."  PostGreSQL- Serge Anton  Maven 2.0.9Head IT, Takoma
  11. 11. Resilient Network Systems new class of Internet servers extends the reach of the Internet to protected data and application content by introducing new methods of establishing trust and giving owners control over how their content is used.Testimonial Tools and Technologies"Sybrant has been an invaluable source  Tomcat 6 / MySQL 5.0of skilled resources to help my company  Flex 3.0developing Java software and integrating  Eclipse IDEit with the systems of our customers."  Spring 2.5,Spring MVC  Servlets 2.5, JSP 2.5, EL,JSTL-Andrew Gumperz  JAX-WS (Metro 1.4),JAXB,Axis 2.0.Director of Engineering,  FlexEYEResilient
  12. 12. Faceplant is a portal, which allows users to showcase their skills by uploading and creating tutorials in the form of videos, pdfs, power point presentations and audio files.Testimonial Tools and Technologies""We built a consumer based eLearningproduct, shopping cart & an online portal,  PHPwith the help of Sybrant Technologies. My  Smarty templatesbusiness began as a concept that I  MySQL 5.0believed in. Sybrant and their team of  Apache serverprofessionals, took my vision and allowed  Motionbox APIit to become a reality".  Infusionsoft API- Adam MitchellFounder & CEO, Faceplant
  13. 13. Nimbus IS is an early stage technology company that offers enterprise class application development and deployment in the cloud via the mobile platform. FleetFly, a remote asset management solution for small to large firms on a low cost, “pay-as-you-go” model.Testimonial Tools and Technologies"Sybrant has been such a great asset toour company. They have consistently  VB, .Net 3.5provided us with the requested resources  MS SQL server 2008to accomplish the development tasks  IIS 6 servernecessary to get our applications ready to  Microsoft virtual earthgo to market".  HTC windows mobile for win mobile- Jeremy Cunningham applicationVP Engineering, Fleet Fly  Red-Fly device, which acts as an inexpensive navigation screen
  14. 14. ENAiKOON provides the latest information in technology and applications related to the fields of voice, telematics, telemetry and telecommunication to the EU Market and Internationally.CRM Architecture Tools and Technologies  Java/J2EE Platform Spring/JSF Frameworks  Tomcat 5.xx and Tomcat 6.xx  Hibernate/MySQL  Richfaces/Tomahawk/MyFaces  Quartz Scheduling Framework  Jasper reporting framework  Linux and Windows Environment
  15. 15. THANK YOU!
  16. 16. Sybrant eCheck ProjectProject executed pre-Check 21 Regulations Digitally Signed Checks Support for all eCheck operations  Sign, CoSign, CounterSign  Endorse, CoEndorse, CounterEndorse  Deposit  Stop, Resend eCheck book Issuance/ Re-issuance from Bank Automated Clearing House Interface (ACH) Digital Receipts for eCheck operations Transaction Logs for Banks/Consumers Certificate based Login eCheck Service for existing Banking Infrastructure Integrated Solution for Banks Consumers/Corporate
  17. 17. eCheck Application Architecture ACH Provider Consumer ODFICorporation eCheck Server ACH Network Corporation Internet Consumer eCheck Existing RDFI
  18. 18. eCheck Server Block Diagram LDAP Server Bank Sybrant PKI eCheck Processor Mail Server + ACH ModuleCustomer
  19. 19. FSML 2.0 for eCheckFSML 2.0 forerunner of X9.37 Certificate Block Syntaxand X9.100-180-2006(R2009) <account> <blkname>namestring </blkname> <crit>true </crit> <vers>1.5 </vers> <bankcode>valuestring </bankcode> <bankacct>valuestring </bankacct> <cert> <bankser>numstring </bankser> <blkname>namestring </blkname> <custno>numstring </custno> <crit>true </crit> <expdate>valuestring </expdate> <vers>1.5 </vers> <accttitle>valuestring </accttitle> <certtype>valuestring </certtype> <accttype>valuestring </accttype> <certissuer>valuestring </certissuer> <bankname>valuestring </bankname> <certserial>number </certserial> <bankaddr>valuestring </bankaddr> <certdata>base64string </certdata> <bankphone>valuestring </bankphone> </cert> <bankfax>valuestring </bankfax> <bankemail>valuestring </bankemail> <acctrest>valuestring </acctrest> <sigrest>valuestring </sigrest> <certissuer>valuestring </certissuer> <certserial>number </certserial> <micrmaskc>valuestring </micrmaskc> <micrmaskd>valuestring </micrmaskd> </account>
  20. 20. FacePlant High Level Design 3RD Party APIs Expert Module Users Subscriber Module Admin Module Database