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Demo teaching final


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Published in: Education
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Demo teaching final

  1. 1. DEMO TEACHING Teacher manilyn
  4. 4. Courtesy of
  6. 6. Choose the meaning of the words inside the computer screen. 1. Rix was astounded when she saw a big elephant in her room. 2. She is considered to a netizen of his generation. 3. Technology, is it friend or foe? 4. One will lead us right, the other astray. 5. He did not heed the warning that was given.. 6. Using technology properly is your redemption. surprised wrong path Wonderful give attention A user of internet Enemy own good or decision
  7. 7. READ THE POEM SILENTLY (3 minutes)
  8. 8. Lines : Stanzas: Rhyming: 25 LINES 5 STANZAS YES
  9. 9. Technology , is it a friend or foe? Does it help or mislead you, would you know? Is it good or bad? Do you consider it rad? Do you use it wisely or just for show?
  10. 10. Technology has made great leaps and bounds It has enhanced sights, it has refined sounds. It has linked people closer, But has brought loved ones farther. Its influence in our lives so astounds.
  11. 11. “Netizens” they’ve named our generation, The net our constant preoccupation. Our world revolves around it Different world to inhabit, But how we use it , that is the question.
  12. 12. There are two roads before us , this I say One will us right, the other astray, Your choice, there is no question, Should lead to your redemption, But do you know for certain, which way?
  13. 13. The net has much as use . No doubt. Yes, indeed. It has eclipsed books as knowledge’s seed. It should then be used wisely. Log not for leisure only. Gamers, chatters, net dependents, take heed.
  14. 14. COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS 1. What are the two roads explained in the poem? 2. Who do you think is the speaker of the poem? 3. What does the persona trying to tell us about technology? 4. What is the term used for the youth today? 5. Who do you think is responsible to answer the first stanza?
  16. 16. Light bulb car Printer T.V Camera Refrigerator AIRCON Internet CELLPHONE Flash drive Direction: Identify the technology as referred by the different features below. Choose your answer inside the box. 1. An electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world. 2. Small in size but can store data like files, music, videos and etc. from computer. 3. It has wheels and use to travel in different places. 4. Use to watch movies, news, and advertisements. 5. It has a lens and can capture images. 6. Makes the temperature cool when it’s hot. 7. It can accept and receive calls and text messages. 8. It can keep your food for a longer period of time, To store and keep food fresh and drinks cold. 9. A device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper. 10. It gives light during night in different houses.
  17. 17. ASSIGNMENT Research 2-3 famous authors andtheir masterpieces.
  18. 18. FOR LISTENING !!