Brand India - Strategies & Perspectives


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Brand India - Strategies & Perspectives

  1. 1. Presented By:Puneet MahajanMBA-HRM1500712BRAND INDIASTRATEGIES & PERSPECTIVES
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• In spite of the phenomenal strides India has made in the last 63years it is still viewed as a land of snake charmers, elephants andrope tricks.• Branding or re- Branding India is the only way out!
  3. 3. BRAND INDIA ASSETS• Culture• Spirituality & Divinity• Indian People and Religion• Industry
  4. 4. CULTURE• “AtitihiDevoBhava”: We believe in treating guests as god and so weserve them and take care of them as if they are a part and parcel ofour family itself.• “Aadar”: Respect all is another lesson that is taught to every Indian.Also whenever any elder is present we always believe in seekingtheir blessings before going ahead with our work.• “Saahita”: We believe joy and happiness when distributed amongstpeople tends to have a multiplied effect and we also share oursadness and pain with near and dear ones. We believe in lending outa helping hand to people and believe in the spirit of togetherness.MANAGING CROSS CULTURES
  5. 5. SPIRITUALITY AND DIVINITY• Even though the mediums of worship differ to a great extent whatbinds all of Indians together is the faith in God.• Our roots are strong and despite the westernization and access totechnology, we still celebrate festivals like Diwali or Eid withcomplete rituals so the Indianness is intact.• Indians are extremely secular and especially in the metros you willfind people belonging to different castes coexisting peacefully andhappily.‘Inspire to work collectively as a unit’
  6. 6. INDIAN PEOPLE AND RELIGION• The language, dance, religions, music, various customs andarchitecture form the rich culture of India.• It has been the birthplace of various religions of the world, whichinclude Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.• Some other important religions like Christianity, Muslims, Jews,Parsis are also representative of the religious culture of India.• India is a land of various languages. Every state of India isrepresentative of the respective language culture. One of the oldestlanguages of India is Sanskrit, which dates back to 1500 BC.Managing Diversity
  7. 7. INDUSTRY• The major economic sectors in India are the Agricultural Sector,Manufacturing Sector, Financial Sector, Services Sector, Industrialsector and infrastructure.• Agricultural sector is the mainstream of the Indian Economy and itaccounts for about 20% of our GDP.• While the Financial Sector is doing a great job of supporting theIndian Economy in all spheres, the manufacturing sector is taking theIndian Economy to new heights.Diversifying the Specturum
  8. 8. AGRICULTURE• India is seen as a land of agriculture though we also want to conveythat through scientific innovation we have revamped the entireagriculture landscape, revolutions like green & yellow revolution tothe current genetically modified seeds.• India ranked 10th when it comes to arable land of about 330 millionhectares.• India is the largest producer of coconuts, mangoes, bananas, milkand dairy products, cashew nuts, pulses, ginger, turmeric and blackpepper.• World’s second largest producer of rice, wheat, sugar, cotton, fruitsand vegetables.Innovation
  9. 9. MANUFACTURING• India is poised to become one of the largest manufacturing hub.• India is ranked 9th in Industrial production by UNIDO.• India is the only country after Japan which has the largest number ofcompanies that have been recognized for the excellence in quality byJapan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) committee.Striving for Excellence
  10. 10. SERVICES• India is hardly pausing for a breath when it comes to services; Indiais now proudly the capital of IT.• Fastest growing telecom market with over 630 million subscribersand growing at a rate of 26% year after year.Exploring New Markets
  11. 11. SPACE TECHNOLOGY & FIRE POWER• Successfully developed satellite launch vehicles like PSLV series.• Developed cryogenic engine for rocket propulsion, putting India in the elite clubof only five nations having the technology.• Most coveted mission Chadrayaan- The unmanned lunar exploration program.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• World’s 3rd largest standing military• Nuclear triad capability• Development of missile shield• Successful homegrown missile technology of all categories surface to air, air toair, water to surface, underwater. Nag, Prithvi, Agni, Brahmos to name few• India in the elite club of nations having Nuclear capable submarines
  12. 12. INDIA AS A BRAND• Prior to designing the brand strategy India must choose the marketsand the segments in which to compete. The branding strategy isabout marketing to promote India’s image, products, andattractiveness for tourism and foreign direct investment.• To establish India as a global brand, the communication needs to goout first to each and every Indian. Campaigns like Bharat Nirman,India Shinning, India Poised are examples in this endeavor.
  13. 13. • Country branding efforts should be an engaging partnership between thegovernment and the private sector. To build positive economic perceptionsof India globally as a primary objective India Brand Equity Foundation(IBEF), a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Commerce andIndustry, Government of India, and the Confederation of Indian Industry wasformed.• Brands are perceived differently indifferent countries and region adapt itsstrategy for different target markets. Visual images, symbols or a logo helpsin building brand awareness.• “Incredible India” is an example of umbrella logo used to leverageeverything together in the eyes of the country and the world.
  14. 14. Globalization, changing demography, technological revolution andwidening economic disparities are defining the New Worldlandscape.
  15. 15. ADVANTAGES OF A COUNTRY AS A BRAND• Strong brands evoke an emotive bond among people and nations.• This translates into huge benefits – from greater goodwill to an upswing intourism, from growing exports and increased investments.• Brands are what people buy into in a big way.• Brands generate trust, confidence and continued association.
  16. 16. BUILDING BRAND INDIA IS NOT AN EASYENTERPRISE• It demands vision and commitment.• It requires patience and conviction.• In the twentieth century, two names have become India’sunique brand ambassadors : Mahatma Gandhi and MotherTeresa.• Due to them, India has come to be identified for its courage,compassion and charisma.• But twenty-first century demands new brand ambassadors.• They should exude commitment to excellence, dynamism andmodernity.
  17. 17. INSIGHTS & CONCLUSION• Successful country branding does not stop with the launching of a successfulcampaign. You have to sustain the campaign by monitoring it, checking theBrand equity and then going for relevant brand extensions as timeprogresses.• Consistency is a key aspect of successful branding.• Every one of the billion plus citizens is a stakeholder in Brand India so thereshould be a strong Brand awareness within citizens before launching thecampaign globally.• While launching a new brand into the market is a daunting task, what isfurther more daunting is repositioning India as a brand since here we have tochange the already established perceptions in the minds of consumers andmake way for fresh new perspectives.
  18. 18. • While the current scenario of India looks encouraging, we must notrest on the laurels of limited number of people and companies.Steps must be taken to grab and consolidate on the opportunitiesthat might present themselves in the near future. We should notforget that despite the fact that India is attracting foreign investmentand scenario is bright, India still has a huge backlog of economicand social challenges that needs to be addressed.• Brand India with all the opportunities and growing sectors fusedwith fresh blood seems to be the next Big thing. All it requires is a360 degrees Branding effort to revamp it while keeping its coreIndianness safe and intact and make a mark in the Global arenaforever!
  19. 19. Phir Bhi Dil Hai HindustaniThank you…..