Making a perfect pitch to prospective client v1


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Presented at Freelancers Fair, Hyderabad on 7th August 2011

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  • How many of you in this room hate selling? (Would be more than 50% …that’s the case in most audiences) Most People hate selling so much that some folks have even gone ahead and written books on the syndrome and how they can help bring people out of this hatred. How much such books have helped is a question mark, especially considering a majority in this room still don’t like selling 
  • Instead of finding ways to LOVE selling, lets find reasons why people don’t like selling. 1. Multiple personalities of the buyers – some will be happy with your product, others will be sad, some will grin looking at you and others will go blind seeing you 
  • And most of us don’t like selling because we fear rejection from the client
  • Most sales people have their doubts on the product or service they are selling and hence there’s always this fear while selling the product which comes out naturally.
  • Can ask more reasons why they fear on selling ….
  • Listening helps! Cat and a dog can be friends because dog is willing to listen  Listen and Learn what your customers what and then give them what they need rather than moving all around
  • It’s all about confidence. Share some examples. confidence and overcoming fear of rejection, by talking about how practice, knowing your product and mastering your material makes you a master of your trade. (Proper Prepartion Prevents Piss Poor Performance).  This is a big key to your audience.  Just like Sachin becoming the greatest Cricket player ever, a master sales person must practice his trade through repetition, research, etc. to be the best.
  • You don’t tell lies to your wife, this is what happens if you do  . Don’t tell lies, neither to your wife, nor to mine nor to anyone. Only tell truth but make it fascinating. Bring the value of product out Examples…apple, redbus from a startup perspective in india, flipkart..
  • Sell in steps, when it s the first connect/call/mail ask for meeting. Sell meeting and not offering. If you are meeting then talk about product etc.
  • It’s no more about sales its about relationship. Together sales/relationship manager and client should build value not products. Building long term relationships yields into long term business leads, referrals etc Examples
  • Making a perfect pitch to prospective client v1

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