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  • Acknowledgement:A special thanks to Prof. Sunanda Sangwan for giving me this opportunity to work on this amazing topic. This project would not have been completed without her guidance and support…
  • Introduction continued…
  • Introduction continued…
  • Introduction continued….
  • Some facts about Digital MediaMore Facts – 34 percent of marketers have generated leads using Twitter. (Digital Buzz, 2012)In 2012, 1 million accounts are added to twitter every day. (Blog.sironaconsulting, 2012)43 percent of people prefer Pinterest to associate with retailers or brands; 24 percent chose Facebook (Lafferty, 2012)48 percent of fortune global 100 companies are now on Google+. (Social, 2012)
  • Digital Media Options
  • Themes Of Digital Media
  • Emotions and Advertising
  • THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECTFor more details about this campaign just right click on this slide title : “THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT” – (red one) and press “Open Hyperlink” or follow the link -
  • Volkswagen Thefuntheory.comFor more details about this campaign just right click on this slide title : “” – (Black one) and press “Open Hyperlink” or follow this link -
  • Fantasy and Advertising:Advertising is actually sort of like a fantasy factory, taking our desires for human social contact, and reconceiving it, re-conceptualizing it, connecting it with the world of commodities, and then translating it into a form that can be communicated
  • Dove Evolution (2006)For more details about this campaign just right click on this slide title : “Dove Evolution (2006)” – and press “Open Hyperlink” or follow this link -
  • SMELL LIKE A MAN, MAN. Old SpiceFor more details about this campaign just right click on this slide title : “SMELL LIKE A MAN, MAN. Old Spice” – and press “Open Hyperlink” or follow this link -
  • Activity (Customer Engagement) and digital mediaThe reason of this method is being so popular is that customer become aware of the product attributes, new launches, new schemes and about company as well. This not only helps in building the repo and trust for the company but increases the numbers in sales also…
  • Tourism Queensland | The Best Job In The World (2009)More Results – 34,684 video applications from 201 countriesOver 6000 news stories worldwideMedia coverage valued at over $80 millionFor more details about this campaign just right click on this slide title : “Tourism Queensland | The Best Job In The World (2009)” – (Blue one) and press “Open Hyperlink” or follow this link -
  • Social Message and Digital MediaThis advocacy can be focused on a single issue or part of an ongoing effort. Many nonprofit organizations are also working based on this platform.
  • Melbourne transit Authority – Dumb Ways to DieWithout any media spend, the transit authority was able to get huge exposure to their campaign by using clever social tactics.In addition to making sure the song was very catchy, the transit authority used multiple platforms to spread their message – originally posting the video on YouTube, offering the song for download on SoundCloud, creating a separate Tumblr and launching an interactive site.For more details about this campaign just follow this link -
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  • Social / Digital Media - A Presentation on New Trends

    1. 1. IntroductionCustomerCompetitorEmployeeSocial media is a platform where everyone is present. Customers,Competitors and Employees everyone is on social media.Continued…
    2. 2. Not only marketing campaigns of companies but and are alsobecoming social and digital. Most popular are usingsocial media and online space for spreading their Indians use social media platforms (Statistics,2012)sites in India are social networking sites (Recent Posts, 2012)4 out of top 10Celebrities and social figurespoliticsprotest3 out of 4Continued…
    3. 3. In today’s times it has become crucial for small and mediumenterprises to have an online marketing strategy for Effectivepresence on online space.Continued…
    4. 4. Some facts about Social Media3 out of 4 online Indians use social media platforms (Statistics, 2012)A whopping 77 percent of B2C companies and 43 percent of B2Bcompanies acquired customers from Facebook. (Jorgensen, 2012)80 percent of social media users prefer to connect withbrands through Facebook. (Jorgensen, 2012)488 million users regularly use Facebook mobile. (Cohen, 2012)More than 1 million websites have integrated with Facebook invarious ways. (Statistics, 2012)Social media is Indian women’s favorite online destinationFacebook currently boast of 4m Indian users and has grownby 300% in last 8 months.The image-based social network has grown 4,000% in the past six months,now boasts more than 4 million users (Social Media Marketing facts, 2012)4 out of top 10 sites in India are social networking sites (Recent Posts, 2012)
    5. 5. Mobile PhoneBlogsSocial Networking SitesVideosPodcastsEmail
    6. 6. Themes ofdigital media
    7. 7. (Fun, Fear, sadness, love, affection, cheerful, relaxed etc.) Consumers emotions have a significant influence overconsumer behavior. So it is the favorite choice of digitalmedia marketers while making a digital mediacampaign. By capitalizing on these and similar past experiencesthrough the firms advertising efforts, the marketer ofconfections can either attempt to alleviate negative, oraccentuate positive emotional feelings directed towardthe brand or product class.
    8. 8. This is considered the best-ever social media campaign andone of the first viral marketing efforts.Methodology The Blair Witch Project was the story of youngdocumentary makers lost in the woods. Fake newspaper clippings about the disappearance ofthe movies main characters and police photos of theirmissing car were posted.Results Movie site Box Office Mojo reports that the film mademore than $29 million during its first week of widerelease. It has generated about $249 million to date worldwide atthe box office Fear
    9. 9. Objective: To be at TOM of the consumer andmaking it fun experience for people to usestairs. They wanted to see if making thingsmore "fun" would influence consumerbehavior.Methodology: They tried to get more people tochoose the stairs by making it fun to do?Results: 66% more people than normal chosestairs over the escalator• Fun can obviously change behavior for thebetter.• This is called Fun theory• YouTube Views- 14535 (on 4/2/2013)Fun
    10. 10. Fantasy and Advertising:(Being beautiful, rich, powerful, smart, intelligent etc.) Advertising reflects and creates our dream life. They translate our real desires for love, family, for friendship, foradventure, and sex. They translate those desires into our dreams.FantasyFactoryLove/FriendshipFamilyAdventure/Sex etc.HumandesiresforsocialcontactForm thatcan becommunicatedAdvertising
    11. 11. Objective: To create engagement by encouraging people to take part in the “dovereal beauty workshop for girls”Methodology:Results:YouTube Views- 15,626,863 (on 4/2/2013) and 25,184 people liked it.1• A normal looking girl was chosen to do make over.2• After the makeover her image was edited and photoshoped and advertised ona bill board.3• The purpose was to inspire and engage public to take part in Dove RealBeauty workshop for girls.
    12. 12. Isaiah Mustafa was chosen as a spokesman for Old SpiceApart from TV commercials, Mustafa’s job was to respond toquestions submitted by fans on Twitter and other social mediaoutlets in as many as 180 Web videos.• Objective- Generating engagement through direct responsequestions submitted by fans on social media by famouscelebrity like Isaiah Mustafa.• Results- Apart from the comedy value factor, total video viewstook just one week to hit 40 million and short term salesdoubled on the back of that.
    13. 13.  Engaging customer in the campaign activity has proven to be the bestway in the success of digital media and advertising campaigns. The reason of this method is being so popular is that customer becomeaware of the-CustomerAwarenessaboutProductAttributesNewLaunchesAboutCompany
    14. 14. In January 2009, Tourism Queensland hosted a contest,the winner of which would be put up in a posh hotel.The participant’s only responsibility was to tour theislands of the Great Barrier Reef and blog about it for six months. Alsothey would pay $150,000. Billed as “The Best Job in the World”Objective- Create international awareness of the Island ofthe Great Barrier Reef. And execute a global tourism campaign on aclassifieds budget.Results (at the end of the app stage - 6 weeks): received 4 million hits an hour on day one of thecampaign, 3,412,275 unique visitors to the website, 28,584,465 pageviews
    15. 15.  Digital media is widely used to contact, inform, andmobilize a group of concerned people around anissue or cause. This is also called digital advocacy. The purpose of digital advocacy is to galvanizesupporters to take action.
    16. 16. Melbourne Transit Authority – Dumb Ways to Die:The public transit authority in Melbourne, Australialaunched an extremely successful viral campaign earlier this year, whenthey release a cutely animated and catchy song “Dumb Ways to Die,”promoting safety tip around their public transportation system.Methodology- Promoting the video through funny andcute characters by showing public the crazy ways by which people candie.Objective- promoting safety tip around their publictransportation systemResults:YouTube Views- 44,687,420 (on 24 April 2013)Likes- 458140 (on 24 April 2013)
    17. 17. Conclusion New trend in digital media is to use a mix of manythemes and many mediums. To assure the reach of digital media campaign amarketer uses a balanced mix of all the digitalmediums. Proper and planned execution is key to the successof a digital media campaign. Social media simplified and revolutionizedmarketing. To reach your target audience just givepeople something nice to do or talk about and youare done.
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