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Wedding Thank Yous


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Wedding Thank Yous

  1. 1. GEORGE B. FOUSSIANES A5 BROAO STREET NEW YORK. NEW YORK I OOO4 P E R S O N AA N D C O N F I D E N T I A L L Januarv 2003 21. Joe Bonacci Manhattan SwingOrchestras 244West 54th Street,Suite604 N e w Y o r kN Y 1 0 0 1 9 , DearJoe: Wow! Thank you g much for helpingto make our wedding celebration sucha wonderful memorable and event. Your help and supporton everything from musicselection event to planningwas invaluable and helpedto make our wedding-and the New Year's celebration---€verything we had hoped for that and more. !f Fran arrCi had a nickelfor everytir":re of the gueststold l:c one "greatband!", we'd be setfor lifel S e ey o ua g a i n . Sincerely, h-