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  1. 1. Mexico’s Religion  In Mexico there are many religions and in Mexico about 89% of the population identifies itself as roman Catholic. The ancient Mexican religion is called Nahua religion or in other words the religion of the Nahutal were the first natives of Mexico. Its believed to be a mix of many different Mexican religion it was practiced by many native tribes for example Mayans, Toltecs, Zapotecs, and Olmecs and more and those were absorbed by the Aztec created by Nahua
  2. 2. Mexican Culture  Mexican are proud of there native heritage and have preserved many of there traditions most of them are music which resembles the music from the Aztecs drums. May one of the form of expressions to there culture is Mexican paintings. Outside of Mexico there paintings are still very popular. Another famous Mexican culture is Mexican legends for example like La loran( the weeping woman) a which was a woman whose spirit still cries for her lost son.
  3. 3. Mexican Geology  Since Mexicans are the decants from powerful Aztecs and the crafty Mayas and several others. And since Hispanic elements introduced to by the conquers made Mexico have a unique bend of social, religions, and cultural charsets blend together to make a county that has options for every one of its visitors.
  4. 4. Mexico’s Food  Mexican food has be considered to be very spicy which has been might have been true. It has been told that Mexico has gave the world chocolate, vinnila, peanuts, tomatoes, beans and cocunuts. Ever since Spain Conquers came into Mexico it influenced there cuisines
  5. 5. Mexican People  Mexican people are decedents of the Aztecs and Mayans and have great pride in their heritage and are known for their kindness and hospitality . Ever since Spain conquer have came to Mexico the peoples primary language had changed into Spanish in the name of the Spanish Crown
  6. 6. Mexico's History  Before Europeans arrived in America the ancient Civilization of Mexico had many advance in military strategy, , Mathematics and agriculture. The Olmec culture was the mother of all Mesoamerican Civilization they lived from 1200 BC to 800 BC and since they were among there achievement in numbers, which helped made one of the greatest invention ever the Maya Colander
  7. 7. Mexico's Sports  In Mexico they play many famous and traditional sports that are very famous in and outside of Mexico. One Major Sport they play in Mexico is soccer and as you know soccer is very famous in and out of Mexico but in Mexico soccer can literally paralyze the country and especially the rivals. Another famous sport id known as masked wrestling that’s where one comprador wrestles another while where masks
  8. 8. Mexico's Currency  In Mexico the currency that they use is peso and peso was the first currency in the world. In Mexico they use 50 cent coins, 1$ coins, 5$ coins, and 10$ coins and they rarely use 5cent, 10cent, 20cent, 20$, 50 $, and 100$ . And in bills the have 20$, 50$, 100$, 200$, 500$, and 1000$ like in the picture below.
  9. 9. Mexico's Tourist Attraction  There are many reasones why people come to mexcio for vaction for many reasones one reasones why they come to Mexcio is because what mexcio offers people to see the Aztecs and the Mayans art and culture they also come to see the bueatiful beaches and other exotic sites
  10. 10. Mexico School  In Mexico a daily day in school is that every Monday morning they sing Himmno Nacoinal Mexicao medicos national anthem but they only sig the first verse because the song is very long and the schools have first pre-school then primary which is 1-6 grade and finally have middle school which is 7- 9 grade.
  11. 11. Mexico's Daily Life  In Mexico children usually go to school to learn and when they come back home the do chores like cleaning sweeping and in the morning they eat breakfast and then walk to school
  12. 12. Interesting Facts About Mexico  Mexico City is the Largest city in the world  In the central Highland regions of Mexico there are many volcanoes  Corn is the main food crop grown in Mexico  About 5000 BC the Indians finally learned how to grow corns
  13. 13. Credits  BY- Manhajudin Miraki  Class- 802  Date-10/9/10  Information web- and