M ICHAEL B. E NGLAND                                                Gaithersburg, MD 20878                                ...
•     Established distributor agreements for the importation of medical products for resale in Afghanistan -      Z-Medica...
International Market Manager – Africa, Israel, and South Asia, Hach Company - Loveland, COOwner/General Manager, DUSTOFF M...
Owner – Export Management Corporation specializing in selling and marketing anesthesia, orthopedic, andemergency medical e...
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Michael B England ~ Resume ~ 16 Vii 2012


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July 16, 2012 - Resume

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Michael B England ~ Resume ~ 16 Vii 2012

  1. 1. M ICHAEL B. E NGLAND Gaithersburg, MD 20878 571.214.6888/301.825.5515 michael.b.england@gmail.com P ROFESSIONAL S UMMARYExperienced global/international medical device marketer with broad-based experience working in developed andemerging markets to achieve stated and strategic goals for healthcare service providers and manufacturers, aswell as trade development experience for medical device manufacturers and suppliers.• Managing foreign distributors/clinicians • Multilingual international sales and marketing skills• Strategic planning, analysis, decision and logistics • Extensive experience working in export pricing and management for global healthcare markets and quotation process, documentation, shipping and applications methods of payment• Product management, design, and introduction for • Trilingual negotiation, account management skills – foreign clinical settings English, French, and Spanish LANGUAGES: E NGLISH , F RENCH , AND S PANISH E XPERIENCE AND A CCOMPLISHMENTS2009 – 2012: England & Company – Principal; Professional service firm providing businesses, governmentaland non-profit organizations with contract management & marketing and consulting services, contractsincluded:Under Contract with Central Asian Solutions – 2011 – 2012General Manager and Project Director responsible for development and implementation of CASbusiness plan in Afghanistan and North America providing logistical services to Afghan and foreignorganizations throughout Afghanistan. Conducted market survey of healthcare systems and organizationsneeding logistical services importing pharmaceutical and medical devices into Afghan market, later assigned toUS market.Under Contract with Guardian Medevac – Kabul, Afghanistan - 2010 – 2011Country Director primarily responsible for all in-country operations including operations, finance, andmarketing for the providing of evacuation services, medical/clinical services, and supply of medical equipmentand supplies to client companies throughout Afghanistan.• Established, organized, and managed clinic utilizing MDs and RNs in both clinical and marketing roles to moving facility to profitable operation• Developed and implemented system of utilizing contracted physicians to extend clinical capabilities beyond Kabul to other cities in Afghanistan• Managed and maintained essential contract with GIZ (German aid organization) resulting in extension of contract
  2. 2. • Established distributor agreements for the importation of medical products for resale in Afghanistan - Z-Medica (QuickClot) and Microdermis Corporations; conducted completed market study for Microdermis infection control products in Tajikistan and ColumbiaUnder Contract with Four Horsemen International, Inc. (FHI) – Kabul, Afghanistan - 2009 –2010Deputy Country Director/Director, Business Development primarily responsible for marketing and assistingCountry Director for 700+ employee organization resulting in the extension of $1.8 million postal contract2006 – 2009: Diagnostic Health Corporation – Representative; responsible for calling on family practices,internists, neurologists, oncologists, rheumatologists, orthopedists, and other physicians using computerizedtomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging with and without contrast (MRI and MRA), and x-ray services intheir practices• Established, organized, and managed marketing/sales program to increase physician referrals in Montgomery County, MD• Exceeded sales goals within first six months of employment, over a three year time period consistently increased sales, ranked first in CT sales for the company, first in sales for the month of May, 2009• Presented, installed, and trained physicians and physician’s staff on the use and application of digital imaging and reporting system• Developed mass marketing system to announce facility’s Sunday service relating to cultural sensitivities in Montgomery County, MD• Handled all customer services issues for Hispanic patients in Spanish2004 – 2006: England & Company – Principal; (see above - description of England & Company) contractedservice in Afghanistan, engagements included:Under Contract with Afghan Resources Group – Kabul, Afghanistan – 2005 – 2006Contract business development and sales manager – marketing services and turnkey solutions to USgovernment and NATO contractors in English and FrenchUnder Contract with GroupSat (Montreal, Canada) – Kabul, Afghanistan - 2004 –2005Contract business development manager marketing internet and VOIP systems throughout Afghanistan2002 – 2004 – United States Department of Commerce – International Trade Specialist (Washington)responsible for business development activities for the Afghanistan Investment and Reconstruction TaskForce. Counseled and assisted Afghan and U.S. companies, met with U.S. and Afghan business leaders,delivered presentations, and prepared briefing papers to senior US Government officials. • Business Development - coordinated activities with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Embassy Commercial Section in Kabul, Afghanistan. Briefed Industry Sector Advisory Committees on the Afghan healthcare delivery system • Coordinated activities relating to the re-establishment of Afghanistan’s standards program, working with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); • Received two Special Act Awards for contributions to the rebuilding of Afghanistan Other Related ExperienceInternational Sales Manager – Asia, Europe, and Latin America, Brown Medical Industries, Inc. – Spirit Lake, IA
  3. 3. International Market Manager – Africa, Israel, and South Asia, Hach Company - Loveland, COOwner/General Manager, DUSTOFF Medical Group, Grand Junction, CO - Export Management Corporation(EMC) selling medical equipment and supplies in 26 countries – Africa, Asia, and EuropeSenior Trade Specialist, North Carolina Department of Commerce, International Division, Raleigh, NCInternational Sales Engineer, NL/Baroid Petroleum Services, Tripoli, Libya and Manila, Philippines Education, Military Service and ActivitiesMaster of International Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management; Bachelor of Arts - FloridaState University; French Language Program - Middlebury Language School; Spanish Post Graduate Studies:Bogotá, Columbia, Asunción, Paraguay, Granada & Barcelona, Spain; Graduate, US Army , Academy of HealthSciences (BOBC) Medical Service Corps; Captain (Honorable Discharge) - U.S. Army Reserve, Medical ServiceCorps; Member - Alliance Française , Toastmasters International, American Chamber of Commerce (Kabul,Afghanistan), and National Eagle Scouts Association (NESA) Michael B. England – Additional Medical Device and Laboratory Equipment International Marketing ExperienceBrown Medical Industries – Spirit Lake, Iowa 1998 – 2000Manager – International Marketing & Sales – Manufacturer of orthopedic products – specialty orthopedicsupport devices for the hands and feet, cast and bandages protectors, and digital splints; responsible for sales,marketing and collections utilizing a distributor network in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America,reporting directly to the president: • Identified key accounts in Europe during the last quarter of 1998 to increase total international sales by 17%; added five new distributors in Argentina, Canada, Italy, Spain and Sweden • Developed trilingual sales literature for entire product line in English, French and Spanish; training distributors and making sales and product presentations in English, French and Spanish • Worked directly with past due European distributors to collect 100% of all past due accounts, while maintaining a positive working relationship with these accounts; leading to the establishment of mutually agreed sales goals for the entire foreign distributor network which previously had not been company policy • Developed digital splint line for emerging world markets’ health care systems, specifically designed for African countries utilizing appropriate technology concepts .HACH Company – Loveland, Colorado 1995 -1998International Market Manager - Africa, Central and Southern Asia – Responsible for sales and marketing of wateranalysis reagents and equipment - spectrophotometers, laboratory and process turbidimeters, and on-lineprocess instruments - through a network of distributors within the region; calling on foreign environmental andhealth ministries supporting distributors in African and South Asian territory: • Developed and managed a foreign distributor network in Africa, India, Israel and Pakistan - increased sales17.1 % for Fiscal Year 1996, resulting in total sales of $ 1.2 million in 1998 • Set up ten new distributors within sales territory in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Eastern India (Calcutta), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe; successfully negotiated Indian distributor network to change from an exclusive to a non-exclusive distribution system • Implemented market testing and product introduction of new microbiological product for testing of E.Coli in water systems for tropical regions, training and making sales and product presentations in English and FrenchDUSTOFF Medical Group, Inc. – Grand Junction, Colorado 1988 - 1995
  4. 4. Owner – Export Management Corporation specializing in selling and marketing anesthesia, orthopedic, andemergency medical equipment in twenty-six countries: • Developed and managed a foreign distributor network in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, primary markets being - Australia, Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and Venezuela • On average increased client revenues from 4% to 23% through export sales, in a range of US $ 14,000 to US $ 120,000, representing on average 8 to10 U.S. and foreign manufacturers • Redesigned suppliers products and marketing programs oriented to foreign hospital and clinical needs