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Od interventions


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organizational development

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Od interventions

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: OD interventions are sets of structured activities. Selected organizational units engage in a task or sequence of tasks. Interventions constitute the action thrust of organization development.
  3. 3. OD Interventions: OD interventions has four sets of attributes to the organization setting;1. A set of values2. A set of assumptions3. A set of goals4. A set of structured activities.
  4. 4. Classification of OD Interventions: Interventions are just one component of the OD formula. OD Interventions are classified on the basis of;1. The objectives of interventions2. The targets of the interventions.
  5. 5. Major families of OD Interventions: Diagnostic activities:1. Fact finding activities designed to ascertain the state of the system.2. Data collection methods are interviews, questionarie surveys meetings and examining organizational records.
  6. 6. Major families of OD Interventions: Team-building activities:1. Activities designed to enhance the effective operation of system teams.2. Different kinds of teams are formal work teams, temporary task force teams newly constituted teams and cross functional teams.
  7. 7. Major families of OD Interventions: Inter group teams:1. Activities designed to improve the effectiveness of independent groups.2. They focus on joint activities and output is considered as a single system.3. When more than two groups are involved , the activities are called organizational mirroring.
  8. 8. Major families of OD Interventions: Survey feed back activities:1. Activities that rely on questionnaire surveys to generate information.2. Groups analyze the data regarding their performance and design action plans to correct problems.
  9. 9. Major families of OD Interventions: Education and training activities:1. Activities designed to improve individual skills, abilities and knowledge.2. The activities may be directed toward technical skills required for performing tasks.3. The activities may be directed toward leadership issues, responsibilities and functions of group members.
  10. 10. Major families of OD Interventions: Techno structural and structural activities:1. Activities designed to improve the effectiveness of organizational structures and job designs.2. The activities may take form of; --- experimenting with new organization structures and evaluating their effectiveness --- devising new ways to bring technical resources to bear on problems.
  11. 11. Major families of OD Interventions: Process consultant activities:1. Activities that help the client to perceive understand and act up on process events.2. These activities perhaps more accurately describe an approach.3. Primary emphasis is on process such as communications, leader and member roles in groups and intergroup co- operation and competition.
  12. 12. Major families of OD Interventions: Grid organization development activities:1. Activities developed by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton, constitute a six phase change model involving the total organization.2. Internal resources are developed to conduct most of the programs which may take 3 to 5 years.
  13. 13. Major families of OD Interventions:1. SIX PHASE: Upgrading individual managers Skills and leadership abilities Moves to team improvement activities Intergroup relations activities Planning for improvement Developing implementation tactics Evaluation phase