2 g scam


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2 g scam

  1. 1. 2G SPECTRUM SCAM… Presented by , M.HIMABINDU.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION:- 2G Spectrum:- 2G spectrum is new technology in the field of mobile. 2G means second generation wireless telephone technology . 2G spectrum technology was first launched in 1991 in Finland only in GSM mobile phones.
  3. 3. 2G SPECTRUM BENIFITS• SMS facility was first started with network.• Safe for use.• Environmental conditions were very good.
  4. 4. 2G SPECTRUM SCAM:- Regarding issue of license. Entry fee for spectrum licenses in 2008 pegged at 2001 prices. Rules and regulations were not maintained. Spectrum scam has cost the government 1.76 lk crores. Government has a loss up to 93.73%.
  5. 5. NO PROCEDURE FOLLOWED:- Rules changed after the scam had begun. Cut-off date for applications advanced by a week. License issued on first come first served basis. No proper auction process followed, no bids invited. A.Raja ignored advice of TRAI , law ministry, finance ministry.
  6. 6. PARTIES ACCUSED OF INVOLVEMENT:- Politicians and bureaucrats Corporations Media professionals
  7. 7. POLITICIANS INVOLVED:- A.Raja : Minster of communications & IT who sold the licenses. M.K.Kanimozhi : Rajya Sabha MP. P.Chidambaram : Then minister of finance & current minister of home affairs.
  8. 8. BUREAUCRATS INVOLVED:- SidharthBehura : Former telecom secretary. R.K Chandolia : Raja’s private secretary.
  9. 9. CORPORATE EXECUTIVES INVOLVED:- Gautam doshi : MD of reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group. Surendra pipara : senior vice-president of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group. Sanjay chandra : MD of Unitech wireless ltd. Sahhid balwa , Vinod goenka: swan telecom promoters.
  10. 10. CORPORATIONS ACCUSED:- Unitech group ----- A real estate company. Swan telecom Loop mobiles Videocon telecommunications ltd., STel Reliance communications
  11. 11. MEDIA PERSONS ACCUSED:- Niraradia --- corporate lobbyist. Barkha dutt ---- an NDTV journalist. VirSanghvi --- Hindustan Times editor.
  12. 12. SHORT FALL OF MONEY:- A.Raja arranged the sale of 2G spectrum license below their market value. Unitech group purchased license for Rs.1661 cr and the company board sold 60%. Swan telecom company bought license for Rs.1537cr, there after the board sold 45% of license at Rs.4200 cr. 9 companies purchased licenses and collectively paid Rs.10,772 cr. The amount of money expected for the licensing by CAG was Rs.1,76,000 cr.
  13. 13. SUBRAMANYA SWAMY:-  The credit of bringing this whole scam in to the public goes to Subramanian swamy, who is the chief practitioner for this case in the court of law.
  14. 14. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MEDIA &GOVERNMENT:- Media sources such as open & outlook reported that Barkha dutt and Vir sanghvi knew about the corruption. Corporate lobbyist Niraradia was influencing the decisions of A.Raja. This corrupt activity was supported and suppressed the new reporting the discovery of the corruption.
  15. 15. RESPONSE TO SCAM:- In early nov,2010..Jayalalitha accused the state CM M.Karunanidi for protecting A.Raja from corruption. By mid nov the controller vinodrai issued show- cause notice to Unitech, STEL, Loop mobiles, videocon to respond to this assertion. All 85 licenses granted to them did not have the upfront capital required at the time of application.
  16. 16. STEPS TAKEN BY GOVERNMENT AFTERSCAM:- Set up a special branch of CBI to look in to the matter.Telecom minister resigns his postafter the scam. A.Raja was also arrested by the police. CBI is also interacting with the brother of A.Raja & also some businessmen.