Building new age ecommerce portal using opensource technology platform


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Building new age ecommerce portal using opensource technology platform

  1. 1. Building new-age ecommerce portal using opensource platform By: Mangesh Wagh Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, Pune
  2. 2. Changing needs of basic ecommerce engineIt was about, Now it is also about, Product catalogue  In-built promotion engine Payment gateway  Ability to up-sell, cross-sell Inventory management  In-built engine for managing search engine rankings Shipping management  Intuitive content management system to manage Basic reporting static content Good looking design  Intuitive admin interface Less complex admin  Comprehensive analytics and reporting interface  And more… Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd 2
  3. 3. Now ecommerce platform is also about… Ability to do consultative selling without human interface Ability to create a mind-blowing user experience Demand just keeps growing. Unless your Ability to do sharp targeting ecommerce portal fulfills all Ability to pull an average web surfer to your or most of these needs, it product page becomes Ability to manage customers by groups very difficult to survive and sustain in present Ability to run intelligent loyalty programs competitive scenario. Being scalable to social commerce Being compatible for mobile got to do it. Problem now is: budget requirement and turn-around time. Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd 3
  4. 4. Solution: opensource, feature-rich platform There are number of opensource ecommerce platforms available – Magento, osCommerce, VirtueMart, CSCart to name a few. Plenty of platforms are available. Such platforms Among them, we believe, Magento looks like the most can be comprehensive and feature-rich platform. implemented, customized – It is most widely used. to our liking and made to – It can serve almost all new-age ecommerce perform. requirements. However, the key remains is how we utilize if not – It can be deployed quickly. exploit value out of them. However, choice of platform can only be firmed after analyzing the business needs of a particular ecommerce portal. A good partner, who takes consultative approach and helps you utilize value out of your ecommerce platform, is what you need. Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd 4
  5. 5. ApproachWhat and how we deliver value Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd 5
  6. 6. Preparation Understanding your vision, goals and expectations Understanding the product range Such preparation helps faster and effective Understanding profile of current buyers deployment. Analyzing the geographical-reach potential Analyzing direct and indirect competition Lack of preparation may Analyzing all that in the system-context not cost us a feature but it Workout a product and catalogue presentation strategy delays the progress. Workout promotion tactics More importantly how it Recommend and discuss with you worked out affects is - it does not strategies and tactics help utilizing the full value Prepare and publish deployment plan of the powerful engine. Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd 6
  7. 7. What you get – a snapshot of features Rich and intuitive admin interface  SEO engine Powerful marketing and promotion tools  Comprehensive in-built engine to make  Featured products the site search engine friendly  New products  Dynamic management of SEO activities from admin interface  Up-sell, cross-sell, related products  Intelligent maneuvering of search terms  Custom designs for different products possible  Catalogue level promotions  Multiple stores can be created from one  Product level promotions installation instance  Shopping cart level promotions  Multilingual stores views can be created Comprehensive catalog-management  Future ready for creating and managing engine iPhone/iPad and Android compatible sites Comprehensive and intuitive inventory from the same installation instance management mechanism Taxing rules can be easily configured  And many more… Shipping rules can be easily configured Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd 7
  8. 8. How it helps you – a snapshot of benefits Get complete control over the user experience, content, and functionality of your online channel Enjoy unmatched flexibility in intelligently managing your ecommerce site Get the power to create sites that provide an unrivaled and rich online shopping experience for your customers, tailored to your unique business needs Own an engine which is designed to be completely scalable Be assured of an extensive support And more… Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd 8
  9. 9. Unspoken benefit of good ecommerce site We generally tend to forget an important benefit of a good ecommerce portal, which is – bring more customers to your physical retail shop. Especially in India, where online buying habits are on sharp Bring more rise, many online enthusiasts try to have some ‘taste of it. customers to They may not buy online immediately; but they check your physical ecommerce sites and decide their ‘go-to’ shops. store People do make opinions about a shop based on its web presence. A good ecommerce site, thus, helps your brand, helps boost footfall in your shop and helps raise your revenue directly and indirectly, both. Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd 9
  10. 10. Engagement model It is tempting to standardize engagement model. However, that does not work too well for all customers. Scenarios can be different for different types of customers – – Well established or backed-by-funds company will have turnaround time and overall quality as major concerns than the budget and fund flow. – A company which does not have in-house IT staff will have more concerns about the support, maintenance and hand-holding. – A well-funded startup venture will have more concerns about ‘time to market’. – Any other startup would have budget as well as ‘time to market’ concerns. All such scenarios can not be handled by any standard engagement model. We focus on creating a win-win situation by being flexible in working out engagement model. Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd 10
  11. 11. Contact Mangesh Wagh Co-founder, DirectorSigny IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, PuneEmail: Cell: +919561096003