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social production for social entrepreneurs


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For application developers and social entrepreneurs to be able to collaborate and develop applications that address social change there needs to be a communication link that enables an agile development process.

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social production for social entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Linnet Taylor - DPhil Student E-mail: Mark Herringer – Countryman Media
  2. 2. How do we spark the relationship between Social Entrepreneurs and Mobile Application developers? >> Social entrepreneurs and social change >> A case study from Ghana >>Trends and social production >>Open data and open platforms >>A working example
  3. 3. What is a Social entrepreneur?
  4. 4. Infopreneurs Photo: whiteafrican (flickr)
  5. 5. Social entrepreneurs and social change For social change to take place technology needs to be appropriate and rooted in local knowledge. Sokari Ekine – SMS Uprising
  6. 6. Mobile use and resulting trends 300 millions mobile phone users in Africa * mobile participation through citizens media * unprecedented local innovation around mobile tools and activism * a powerful tool for monitoring and transparency * decentralised networking for coordination and mobilisation Christian Kreutz – SMS Uprising
  7. 7. Ghana: a case study The digital divide is not vertical (rich vs poor countries) but horizontal (regions /groups within countries) Ghana’s horizontal inequality is reflected in its technological profile. Most people are entrepreneurs, and most have mobile phones. Diffusion of mobile innovations in poor areas is hampered by: - intermittent coverage - network-swapping - cost of handsets
  8. 8. Ghana: a case study ata: L. Taylo
  9. 9. Social production Industrial Information economy The Emergence of the Networked Information Economy An economy centred on information. A decentralised communications environment An increasing role for Social production.
  10. 10. Key characteristics of social software Applications that harness network effects to get better the more people use them Individual rationality drives adoption and contributes to network effects Leverages network effects for collective benefit - crowdsource Fast, iterative delivery - not mega-IT projects
  11. 11. Open data
  12. 12. Open platform development guidelines •Enforce standards for developing reusable widgets/applications. •Develop Service Oriented Architecture so that the applications/widgets can communicate with each other. •Provide users with widgets/applications for visualizing feeds and mashups. •Provide developers with tools for developing widgets. •Builders can connect to problem owners through an available marketplace.
  13. 13. How to connect with GSM based users in Ghana?
  14. 14. Harness social production for mobile application development
  15. 15. Data visualization
  16. 16. Social Mobiles Long Tail ..we need to think about low-end, simple, appropriate mobile technology solutions which are easy to obtain, affordable, require as little technical expertise as possible and are easy to copy and replicate. - Ken Banks - SMS uprising
  17. 17. Overview >>Developers - keep applications simple >>Platform developers - Include social processes in the open platform design >>Publish open data >>Represent data usage through visualizations >>Enable mechanisms for people to share data creatively
  18. 18. Thank you Linnet Taylor - DPhil Student - E-mail: