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How to setup a DVR for Cheap 


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How to setup a DVR for Cheap 

  1. 1. DVRHow to setup a DVR for Cheap
  2. 2. What is a DVR• Modern day VCR!• Cable company or TiVo!• record cable & over the air tv to a hard drive!• Schedule shows & seasons to watch anytime!• Watch tv on your schedule
  3. 3. Why build your own?• Avoid renting a DVR from cable company - can cost $20-30 per month!• More capabilities - Eye TV can make automagically copies for iPhone/iPad/ATV!• Use your own equipment verses cable company!• Integrates with the computer applications such as front row, Hulu desktop
  4. 4. Hardware Needed?• Mac or PC!• TV Tuner - USB, PCI Card, Network!• Cable connection or antenna!• Either connect the Mac or PC to TV or use a 3rd party device to playback recording such as Apple Tv, Xbox 360, iPhone, ipad
  5. 5. Software: eyeTV• $80 or bundled with tv tuner hardware!• $5 iPhone & iPad app!• Mac only!• iTunes integration and iPhone/iPad integration!• AirPlay support for apple tv
  6. 6. Software: windows Media Center• Free with windows home premium and above!• Integrates with all your media on your pc!• Music, video, photo, tv with online scrapper!• Integration with xbox & windows home server!• Media center extenders
  7. 7. My Setup• Mac Mini setup at a server in my office to run itunes & record TV shows via Eye TV!• Apple TV to view recordings and movies server!• EyeTv on iPhone to remote schedule recording and view recordings!• Go out and try it!