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Book review on stay hungry stay foolish

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Communication skill

  1. 1. Book Review- Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish -
  2. 2. Author Name: Rashmi BansalPrice: Rs. 125/-Publication: JAM Venture Publishing Pvt. Ltd. As we know, the tag line of the book“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish ” is derived fromthe Steve Jobs Speech , the founder of AppleCompany.
  3. 3. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a youth expert. co-founder and editor of JAM (Just Another Magazine). She writesextensively on youth, careers and entrepreneurship She has also been Consulting Editor with business news channelBloomberg UTV. A guest lecturer at various business schools includingIIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, ISB.
  4. 4. ABOUT THE BOOK The book is all about 25 IIM graduates who believed inpower of their dreams & became successful entrepreneurs. The author has definitely carried an intensive research &has put in much effort to get a masterpiece out.The Book is divided into 3 Segments” 1. The Believers 2. The Opportunists 3. The Alternate Vision
  5. 5. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE BOOK? I like the various inspirational stories of 25 graduates, whostrive hard for their dreams.This book inspire young graduates to look beyondplacements & salaries.It gives them courage to dream and also guts to believe inthe same. Example of Few Dreamers: 1. Deep 2. Sanjeev Bhikchandani- 3. Cyrus Driver – Calorie Care
  6. 6. WHAT I don’t LIKE ABOUT THE BOOK? It focuses more on IIM entrepreneurs.The Institute really does not matter…….take the exampleof our Dhirubhai Ambani. The Tag line is from Steve Jobs speech, whohimself was A COLLEGE DROPOUT. But still thebook has included thestories of IIM graduates…..