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  2. 2. CENTURY
  3. 3. CENTURY
  4. 4. Educational television or Learning show is the use of television programs in the field of distance education. It may be in the form of individual television programs or dedicated specialty channels that is often associated with cable television in US as Public educational and government access (PEG) channel providers.
  5. 5. The show encourages social interaction by having characters address viewers directly, asking them questions, and having them participate in saying special phrases or cheers. Mickey and his friends is a model of teamwork, positive interaction and encouragement to others that’s why many Filipino children loves this animated show.
  6. 6. The series' unique mix of elements is a can't-miss recipe: Take some of the world's most beloved animated characters, and have them talk directly to viewers and engage them in activities. Throw in a magical, fanciful, shape-shifting clubhouse; an exciting adventure; some elements of time-tested fairy tales; and a few modern, computer-generated gadgets to keep the show current. Add a dash of CGI, with its vibrant colours and characters that look as if they might jump off the screen at any moment, and kids are sure to be hooked.
  7. 7. What's really great is that, in addition to the dazzling visuals, the series keeps the viewer's brain engaged almost continually -- there's always something to count, find, identify, or compare. Mickey is constantly in your face (in a good way) -- asking questions, acknowledging viewers' answers, cheering them on, and giving kudos for a job well done. He and his pals make each journey so much fun that preschoolers will forget they're actually working their brain.
  8. 8. The experience of watching television has been competed against a lot of activities which a viewer can do whatever want to do at the same time. Each of the programs is compete against to the other programs which are broadcasted from other channels. The viewer can prefer shifting to other program(s) or to daily another activities instead of watching program if television program does not present any attracting or watchable subject for the viewer.
  9. 9. One of the important disadvantages of television that it does not provide instant feedback. It’’ s too hard to capture the viewers reactions about the program. For this reason, the producer does not have a chance to control if the program is not watched by the viewer. In the meantime, broadcast television isn’’ t interactive. So that participating of the viewers are getting low. Producer never forget these important disadvantages when producing an educational television program.