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  1. 1. “How To Get 100 Free Visitors Every Day To Any Website You Want With Only 10 Minutes Work A Day Or Less!” This Free Report Brought To You By A Proud Member Of Congratulations! You have Free Giveaway Rights to this PDF!You may share this PDF with anyone you want to online. The only restriction is you cant modify thecontents in it. Give it away to your subscribers, your twitter followers or as a bonus on your thankyoupage!You might be interested in getting the free re-brand rights to this report first so you can be a part ofthis brilliant free viral marketing system and get a ton more free traffic for yourself.Keep reading for full details!Legal stuff:The Publisher has striven to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this report,notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within areaccurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the Publisherassumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional.This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. Allreaders are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting, andfinance field.Page 1 of 17
  2. 2. IntroductionCongratulations! Youre about to discover a 100% free viral traffic system that is so powerful yet sosimple that anyone can do it in one afternoon and see the results almost instantly!Its so simple that you might think its too simple to work but trust me, if you follow the steps you willsoon be a believer!The whole system revolves around a free website advertising resource at www.StartMyTraffic.comBut dont sign up there yet!Joining is only the first part of this amazing system.What is My Traffic, or SMT as I like to refer to it is an all-in-one website advertising system for internetmarketers who mainly want to advertise their business opportunity but can be used for any niche.Its totally free to join and you can start advertising your sites and banners etc right away.You get 50 free website hits, 200 banners and 200 text link impressions just for joining!Some of the ways SMT will generate traffic for you is with its...Manual Website Surf Exchange – simply put, you browse other members websites in exchange forthem viewing your website(s). When you join and activate your account, you will be able to add theURLs of your favourite websites and/or affiliate links.Page 2 of 17
  3. 3. Banner Ad Exchange system – banner advertising is still a very effective way to advertise online. Assoon as you join SMT, you may add your banner ads (big range of banner sizes accepted) for yourwebsites or affiliate programs.Text Link Ad Exchange system – you only have to look at the likes of Google to see that text link adswork! SMT has a similar text link advertising system in place. As soon as you join, you can create yourtext link ads and have them displayed to members surfing and on various other websites around theweb.And thats just for starters! There are a ton of cool features available for you to us free of charge as amember of Start My Traffic. You can also purchase traffic at very affordable rates.But, the real effortless traffic comes when you invite others to join SMT!Start My Traffic has a built-in affiliate/referral system that is perhaps the most powerful feature of all –and again its free for all members!When you join SMT, a unique referral link is generated for you on your Make Money page. And withthat referral link you can invite others to join SMT under you in your downline.For every person you invite to SMT and place in your downline, you will earn... • 25 free website credits,Page 3 of 17
  4. 4. • 50 free banner impressions, and • 50 free text link ad impressionsThere is actually more to it than just free credits when you refer others.You also earn bonus credits when your downline members surf and you can earn 50% real cashcommissions of any upgrades and purchases your direct referrals make.But this report is not about how to make money, its about how to get 100 free visitors a day. Of courseany money made along the way is an extra bonus!So can you see how powerful referring others can be for getting a ton of free automated traffic?Just 4 sign ups a day is all you need and you will have your 100 website visitors a day!So the next question is, how do you get 4 sign ups a day?Well, Im going to show you a very simple plan to get 4 sign-ups a day with a brilliant system that youcan set up in one afternoon and will work for you on auto-pilot 24/7!The “4 Sign-Ups-A-Day” Plan!Getting 4 people to sign up is going to be very easy!In a nutshell, youll get your 4 sign ups a day by rebranding this report with your unique referral IDand giving it away so others can follow the system!For one, everyone wants free traffic and when they see that they can easily duplicate this system forthemselves there will be no stopping them joining up under you! Click Here To Re-Brand This Report For Free!Click on the link above to sign up to SMT and access your free one click Viral PDF rebranding tool!You can then give it away copies of your branded report and when others see how easy and effectivethis system is, they will want to copy you, resulting in free traffic for you and free traffic for them.Its a real win-win situation!But, rebranding this PDF is only the first step to your “4-sign-ups-a-day” plan. I will show youhow to give away copies of your free report so getting your 100 hits a day will be walk in the park.NOTE: When you sign up to SMT, make sure you verify your email by clicking the verify link in anPage 4 of 17
  5. 5. email you get from the site and then continue to log in. Dont worry about activating your account oradding your websites, banner ads etc. at this stage. There will be plenty of time to do that later.Go and download your Viral PDF Kit which youll find the link for on the Make Money page insidethe members area and do through the steps to rebrand your PDF.Then come back here to see how to give away your Viral PDF. STOP HERE!I highly recommend you stop here and come back to this report only AFTER you....1. Sign up for your free account with (1 minute)2. Verify your email address (30 secs)3. Download the Viral PDF kit (30 secs)4. Go through the re-brand process (run the software, save your branded PDF) (10 minutes)Once you have your rebranded Viral PDF, we can then move on to creating your engine that will makeit easy to give away your Viral PDF and get 4 sign-ups a day!How To Give Away Copies Of Your Free Viral PDFTo get 4 sign ups a day, youre going to have to find a way to give away your viral PDF and get them toread it. Once they start to read it, your job is done. The report will then lead them the rest of the way!How many copies do you think you need to give away to get 4 people to sign up?I would love to say that everyone who downloads and reads this report will sign up and jump on thetrain, but in reality, Id say that 50% to 70% of people will. Still a very good number!So lets just say you need to give 8 copies away per day. Just 8!How hard can giving away 8 free PDFs a day be?Not very hard at all and Im going to show you.. 1. How to set up your free landing page for your free report (including free hosting for your PDF) and 2. How to get visitors to that landing page – again, for free but will require a little bit of time each week to keep the traffic up.Of course this step is optional. If you have your own website already then you can give your brandedviral pdf away from there or if you have an autoresponder, you can add a follow up email to it with alink to your branded pdf.Page 5 of 17
  6. 6. But if you dont have a website, these steps will help you create an effective landing page for free!Creating Your Landing Page (30 minutes or less)A landing page is a web page that youll create which will explain and compel people to download yourViral PDF. Its also the page that youll be sending your visitors to so they can download it and start theviral process.For this step, you dont need to have a website, you dont need to pay for hosting or anything likethat. And you dont need to know anything about building web pages.The system that Im going to show you is so easy to do that anyone can do it in less than 30 minutes.The only thing you will need is a free account with our good old friend Google!Get a Free Google Account here (or sign in if you have one already)If you dont have a Google account already, I suggest you go now and sign up. Google is going to hostyour viral pdf and host your landing page, all for free! So thats the first step, go sign up with Google!Once youve logged into your Google account, the first thing you want to do is create your free landingpage using Google Sites!Its a really simple process. If you can use Word or similar text editor, then you can use this. Here arethe steps to take to create your free Google Site landing page in around 5 minutes.Step 1. After logging in, go to “more > Sites” which youll find at the top of the page.Step 2. Then click on the button on the top left hand side that says “Create new site”.Page 6 of 17
  7. 7. Step 3. Youll then come to the site creation page. Fill out the information similar to what I have donehere. Fee free to choose an original name for your site e.g. “Gregs 100 Free Visitors A Day System”NOTE: Make sure you leave the site as “Blank template”.Step 4. Choose your theme. I highly recommend the “Blank Slate” theme. Youre landing pagedoesnt need to be pretty. The more simple and fewer distractions you have on it the better. Let thePage 7 of 17
  8. 8. words and your download link on the page do the work.Page 8 of 17
  9. 9. Step 5. Create site. Make sure you type in the capthca letters and then click on the big blue button hereto create your site. Next were going to add the text and download link to your landing page.Step 6. At the next page, click on the “Edit page” button in the right top corner.Page 9 of 17
  10. 10. Step 7. Create the ad copy on your page.(Hint: Swipe my sample landing page copy from the .doc file inside this zip file by simply copying andpasting it to save you time- but feel free to modify or add your personal touch to it :))Remember to save your page after youve got the copy in place.NOTE: Were going to come back and change the text “Click Here To Download The Report” into ahyperlink that will link to your branded PDF after the next few steps so leave this window open. Congratulations! Landing page creation done!The next step is uploading your Viral PDF and adding the download link to your landing page.Page 10 of 17
  11. 11. Step 8. Uploading your branded Viral PDF to Google Docs. Google will let you upload your pdfand host it for you so others can download it.Look at the top menu while youre logged into Google for the “Documents” page and go there.Step 9. Click on the “Upload...” button in the top left corner.Step 10. Click on the “Select files to upload” link and browse your hard drive and select your brandedSMT viral pdf.Page 11 of 17
  12. 12. Step 11. Change the privacy level on it by first clicking on the “Private” button at the bottom and thenselecting “Public on the web”. We want to allow anyone to view your viral PDF.Page 12 of 17
  13. 13. Step 12. Then click on “Start upload” to upload your report to Google docs.Step 13. Grab the url to your pdf by right clicking on your mouse over the link and selecting “CopyLink Location”. The url will then be saved to your clipboard and ready to be pasted into the downloadlink on your landing page.Page 13 of 17
  14. 14. Step 14. Go back to your Google Site landing page and click on the edit button again.Step 15. Hyperlink the line “Click Here...” by highlighting it and then selcting the Link button fromthe top of the editor.Page 14 of 17
  15. 15. Step 16. Select “Web address” and then paste in the location of your PDF on Google docs. Hit OK tocomplete this step.Step 17. Save your page again.Page 15 of 17
  16. 16. Congratulations! Your landing page is now complete with your download link to your Viral PDF andyou are ready to send people!Step 18. Right after saving your page, youll find the URL to your landing page in the address bar ofyour web browser.Its a good idea to bookmark it or write it down somewhere for easy future reference as this is goingto be the page that you want to send visitors to so they can download your viral pdf.Which leads us on to the next stage – getting visitors to your landing page!Getting Visitors to Your Landing Page! (10 minutes a day)So now that we have the engine built to give away your free viral PDF, we need the fuel. And that fuelis getting traffic. As you know, all internet businesses thrive on traffic.As I mentioned earlier, youll probably need to give away 8 copies of your report to get your 4 sign upsa day. So how many visitors a day do you need to give away 8 downloads a day?Similarly, we could probably expect 50% of visitors to the landing page will click to download yourreport. And thats being extra conservative. You could well get close to 100% from very targetedtraffic.So lets put a rough number on it and say you need to get 20 visitors to your landing page per day.Just 20! Im sure you could get 20 visitors a day without any help from me, but if youre not sure, Imgoing to share some cool ideas to get 20 visitors a day.Free Traffic Generation Methods • Twitter (tweet your link a few times a day) • Facebook (post your link, create a fan page, create a group etc) • Forum signatures (warrior forum, digital point forum, money maker discussion forum, etc) • Email signatures • Youtube videos • Squidoo lenses, Hubpages, etc.Page 16 of 17
  17. 17. • Traffic exchanges (not because that will be redundant) • Free classified ads (, etc) • Social bookmarking (stumble upon, digg, mixx, newsvine, etc) • Article submissions ( etc)Paid Traffic Generation MethodsIf youve got some money to invest in advertising, you can get a heap of cheap traffic with things like... • PPV (per per view at places like • PTC (paid to click at places like • Solo email ads • Ezine/newsletter ads • Banner adsNow Im sure that you can get at least 20 visitors a day to your landing page by doing some of those fora few minutes a day.But of course why stop at just 20? The more visitors you can get, the more sign ups and moreadvertising credits at SMT you can get!But remember, its super important to send traffic to your landing page.Because getting just 20 hits a day to your landing page can easily turn into 100 hits a day for you touse on any website you like thanks to the viral power of this system.So, if you havent done it yet...Sign Up & Access Your Free One Click Re-brander Tool For Your Own Copy Of This Viral PDF From Now!That is the first step to grasping this amazing system for generating 100 free visitors a day with 10minutes work a day.All the steps are laid out here for you and you can get this system set up in less than 30 minutes, soget started and experience the power of this system for yourself!Thanks again and best wishes!This free report brought to you by a proud member of www.StartMyTraffic.comPage 17 of 17