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Proximity Marketing Solutions | Beacon Technology


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Appectual IT Solution presents Beacons App and CMS to help your business implement Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Solutions providing benefits like customer engagement, Increased ROI.

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Proximity Marketing Solutions | Beacon Technology

  2. 2. PROXIMITY MARKETING VOUCHERS & COUPONS INDOOR STORE LOCATION CUSTOM NOTIFICATION WHAT IS PROXIMITY MARKETING? 02 Also called hyperlocal marketing Cellular technology for message sending Customer engagement within a beacon range The market defined with bluetooth or wifi Key to success: Customer Engagement
  3. 3. Through UUID, digital profile is created HOW CAN WE ACHIEVE PROXIMITY MARKETING? User privacy is assured Profile is Informed & updated continuously Customer 03
  4. 4. Small wireless sensors Attach to any location or object Broadcast tiny radio signals (BLE) Smartphone : app : receive and interpret 04WHAT IS BEACON? Micro-location and content on spot
  5. 5. BEACON ADOPTION ANALYSIS 05 Less than 3% of retailers are equipped o identify customers walking into a store , but 72% plan on being able to do so within five years 3% 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Retailers will have 3.5 million Active beacons installed by the end of 2018 72% Status of Beacon adoption among retailers
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITIES FOR CUSTOMERS 06 Accurately locate customers in store Deliver targeted messages and notifications Offer contextual information for deals and promotions Collect customer data to enhance experience
  7. 7. RESEARCHES ON BEACON Beacon Hardware market will grow to 60 million units by 2019 ABI research predicts that beacons will be installed in 30,000 indoor locations by end of this year Big Brand Retail Stores already have Beacons installed to help within store 07
  8. 8. HOW BEACON NOTIFICATIONS ARE HELPING BRANDS 08 20 16.5 6.4 Times Times Times increased user interaction with in-app advertised products greater app usage for users who received notifications v/s who did not more likely users will keep an app on their phone
  9. 9. 09WHAT YOU OUGHT TO KNOW 77% Consumers are willing to share location information provided they get value in return 80% Smartphone owners want mobile-optimized product information while they are shopping in store 41% Consumers feel the mobile shopping alerts they receive are not relevant to interest or location
  10. 10. HOW BEACON WORKS? In store beacon transmit location information Configured smartphone app listers for beacon signal, which triggers delivery of targeted content & monitors user activity Marketing console (CMS) allows marketers to create, manage & analyze campaigns Marketing console (CMS) allows marketers to create, manage & analyze campaigns AUTOMATIC CHECK-IN CONTACT LESS PAYMENT INDOOR NAVIGATION PROXIMITY MARKETING 10
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