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  1. 1. Write these words in your spellingbooklet.Fiery MovementFireworks MysteriousMagic StrangeMetaphor WhirlingMiracle
  2. 2. What is the connection betweenthese two items?Fireworks Flowers
  3. 3. Fireworksby James Reeves
  4. 4. They rise like sudden fiery flowersThat burst upon the night,Then fall to earth in burning showersOf crimson, blue and white.Like buds too wonderful to name,Each miracle unfoldsAnd Catherine Wheels begin to flameLike whirling marigolds.Rockets and Roman Candles makeAn orchard of the sky,Where magic trees their petals shakeUpon each gazing eye.
  5. 5. This poem uses lots of similes. similesWhat is a simile? simile
  6. 6. A simile compares one thing withsomething different. It uses the words:“like” or like“as …… as ……”. ……
  7. 7. This poem uses the “like ……” type ofsimile.She leapt over the fence like a froghopping over a branch
  8. 8. In groups, find three similes used tocompare the fireworks with flowers.
  9. 9. “They rise like sudden fiery flowers”“Like buds too wonderful to name”“Like whirling marigolds”
  10. 10. In groups, find what two things thefireworks are said to be in verse three. “An orchard in the sky” “Magic trees” These are NOT similes. similes Do you know what they are?
  11. 11. They are metaphors. metaphorsWe use a metaphor when we say onething IS something that it is not.
  12. 12. The eagle soared through the sky, amissile ready to hit its target. “Missile” is a metaphor for the eagle.
  13. 13. “An orchard in “Magic trees”the sky” What do these metaphors tell us?
  14. 14. In groups, find two words thatsuggest there is something strangeand mysterious about thefireworks?“Miracle”“Magic”
  15. 15. In groups, find a word in verse onethat suggests the fireworks areonly beautiful for a short time?“Burst”
  16. 16. In groups, find a word in verse twothat describes the movement ofthe Catherine Wheel?“Whirling”
  17. 17. TaskUse the quotations we have foundto answer the questions about thepoem.
  18. 18. Name Fireworks DateForm
  19. 19. Number your answers.Answer each question in a full sentence – do not begin sentences with “because”.Use quotations from the poem in each answer.Use “quotation marks” around words taken from the poem.Read the questions carefully. Some
  20. 20. Example1. In verse one Reeves compares the fireworks to “…………”. In verse two he uses the similes “…………” and “…………”. In verse he uses the metaphors “…………” and “…………”.1. The two words that suggest there is something strange and …………