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The Relevance Revolution - Social Media Tomorrow


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Mandy Vavrinak's presentation at Social Media Tulsa 2012 Conference on Relevance and social media. If you want to connect with your customers, post content that matters, grow a community, or just make better use of social media strategies and tools... this is content you need.

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The Relevance Revolution - Social Media Tomorrow

  1. 1. Relevance.New Old Ways of Looking at Your World Tweeting/+ing This? #SMTulsa @Mandy_Vavrinak
  2. 2. Searching isn’t something we do….It’s part of EVERYTHING online we do, every day.
  3. 3. Filters
  4. 4. In the Beginning…O TribesO Connections / NetworksO Geography and blood were the filters
  5. 5. Now… O Connections not tied to geography or family O Speed & Spread O Engagement O Access & Amplify O Personal Recommendations
  6. 6. A Visual
  7. 7. Social RelevanceO Facebook, Google, TwitterO Listen, respond, createO New realities, new approachesO No content just for content’s sakeO Relevance is key
  8. 8. Tuning Out
  9. 9. Where Are We Going?
  10. 10. Searching Together
  11. 11. SpecificsO Web history – What did you search for?O Actions taken – What did you interact with?O Time spent – How long did it hold your interest?O Connections – Whose recommendations do you trust?
  12. 12. Relationships MatterHey… I follow you onTwitter!
  13. 13. Content that MattersO Be Relevant.O The New 5 WsO And… How.
  14. 14. Questions?Twitter @Mandy_Vavrinak Facebook: Mandy Vavrinak LinkedIn: Mandy VavrinakCircle me on Google+ or Look for Crossroads Communications,LLC Email me: