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  • Again, back to rule #1- People are Lazy. Give them as many detailed examples as possible. Write the tweets for them. Write the facebook posts for them. They will still probably not post, but important to try because they like to feel like included in the process. Plus if they don’t participate one reason for getting new people on volunteer groups.
  • Mandy stahl expo next

    1. 1. Content StrategyWhat the what? Mandy StahlCommunity Manager @MandyStahl
    2. 2. What?
    3. 3. Why content strategy?• How are you talking to your community/potential attendees?• Give them information they want/need to keep them engaged with you• Stop just asking them to buy from you• Make use of all of your resources• Unique experiences in each platform
    4. 4. Questions to ask yourself:
    5. 5. Where does content come from?
    6. 6. Where does content come from?
    7. 7. Where does content come from? Editorial Dept • Magazine + Onsite News Marketing Dept •Printed pieces + Website language Learning Dept •Session tracks and general session speakers Expo Dept •Logistics + special event information Public Relations Dept •What’s in the news about conference/industry Member services Dept •Volunteer activity Foundation/Policy Depts •Fundraising Events
    8. 8. Rule #1 Lesson for Working world
    9. 9. Rule #1People are inherently lazy.
    10. 10. Rule #1People are inherently lazy. Yes, you too. Me too.
    11. 11. Facebook
    12. 12. Facebook What?
    13. 13. Facebook
    14. 14. Facebook
    15. 15. Facebook• Write 2-3 sentences at most• Videos and pictures are essential• Links with thumbnail pictures• Ask open ended questions• Pull relevant news articles
    16. 16. Facebook Questions• What was your favorite part of last year’s conference?• What are you most looking forward to?• How will you be traveling to the conference?• What is your favorite takeaway from today’s general session?• What was your favorite “What ___ say meme?”• What is your favorite conference food?• Have you been to ____ city before? Have any suggestions for other attendees?
    17. 17. Great Facebook Resources•
    18. 18. Twitter• 140 Characters max (duh)• Leave room for RT characters so max at 120• Shorten your links• Use consistent abbreviations – Association International Conference – Assoc. Intl Conference – Assoc Int’l Conf• Always include conference hashtag• Use industry recognized hashtags• Ask questions
    19. 19. Website • Updated content keeps homepage from looking stale • Gives reason to visit site again • Chance to highlight other portions of event
    20. 20. YouTube• Can cross-promote on Facebook• Ask speakers to do own promotional videos for their sessions• Quality
    21. 21. Okay, now what?
    22. 22. Set expectations• Facebook – 1-2 posts per week – 2-3 posts per week for last 2 months• Tweets – 1-2 per week 6 months out – 3-4 for last 2 months• Website What’s New – 1 per week for last 2 months
    23. 23. Content List• Brainstorming with all teams• Shared content list• Talk through each platform for each week• Shared calendar with colors by post type• Work through writing for each platform with marketing manager
    24. 24. • Keep content team motivated• Share stats on previous weeks’ posts• Show them when their ideas work• Share updated list per week
    25. 25. Engage Volunteers• Detailed list of suggestions for interaction for both speakers and volunteer groups• Post on Twitter once per week using the hashtag #ASAE12• Like the ASAE Annual Page: – “I’m looking forward to #ASAE12 because I will get to see @MandyStahl!” – “When you are making your schedule for #ASAE12 make sure to put my session on XX at XX. It will change your life!”
    26. 26. Define Success• Facebook – # of likes or # of interactions• Twitter – # of tweets using hashtag• Private network – # of people – # of member lead conversations
    27. 27. After conference• Plan for wrap-up content• Emails• Tweets review• Continue to encourage attendees to share on FB• Okay if not going 100% all year
    28. 28. End• Take a nap. You deserve it.
    29. 29. Thank you!• Tweet me with any questions: @MandyStahl• Can also be reached on any of my social channels at