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  1. 1. DIMENSIONS Please list inches, feet, pixels, or paper size. GRAPHIC DESIGN CREATIVE BRIEF CONTACT Name: Email: Department: DUE DATE A production schedule will be developed based on this deadline, which will include draft deadlines and feedback deadlines. WHAT ARE YOU PRODUCING? In only one sentence, please explain what you want made (i.e., a multi-page report on child survival rates in South Sudan). BACKGROUND Are there past projects to build from and improve? If there are, list them here. HOW DO YOU WANT THAT DONE? Now that we know what you’re making, please check the medium (select all that apply): WHAT KIND OF FILE DO YOU WANT? Please select all that apply: COLOR SCHEME Please select all that apply: INSPIRE US! Please list three (3) examples of designs we can use as inspiration. These can previous PSI designs or anything from the internet. DESCRIBE IT Please list three (3) adjectives that describe the nature and tone of the project (i.e. bold, technical, modern). When you are ready to submit the brief, please schedule a 30 minute meeting with Karen Sommer Shalett and Sophia Greenbaum in ERC and the PSI staff responsible for the design project’s management and final approval. Please be sure to complete this form in Adobe Acrobat and not your browser. Logo Powerpoint Multi-page booklet Word doc Postcard .eps Infographic Map E-newsletter/invite .jpg PSD Poster .gif .png 1 or 2-pager .ppt PSI Branding If you are not using the PSI colors, please describe the color scheme you need. If possible, please provide color swatches, CMYK or RGB color codes. Printed ad PDF Other Other (please explain) Other (please explain)
  2. 2. OTHER Please list anything else in this section that you think will help us. The more we know, the easier it will be to create the product that best suits your needs. Details about audience, messages, and/or design features may go here. PHOTOS Please attach all photos to this document. If photos will not be provided, please fill out the attached “Photo Search Form” to describe the photo(s) you require. Applies to stock photography and to the PSI photo bank. A NOTE ABOUT DESIGN WORK Do you love the style of that original document? Do you want something new? Or maybe want to meet somewhere in the middle? We’re trying to keep PSI’s collateral fresh, innovative, and up to date with design trends by experimenting with design features such as the color bar. Please check-off how the overall document should appear to its audience. HAVE FEEDBACK? Please feel free to give us your feedback on design work. Come talk to us or send us an email at and I WANT SOMETHING NEW! I’M HAPPY WITH THE CURRENT LOOK OF THE DOCUMENT! LET’S MEET IN THE MIDDLE!
  3. 3. QUANTITY GOT PHOTOS? PHOTO TYPE BUDGET If requesting a stock photo, please share the maximum dollar amount that the photo(s) cannot exceed (i.e.– must be no more than $30). One stock image is typically $15-30. COUNTRY If you have a specific country requirement, please list below. Please note: the PSI photo database does not include photos from all of the countries we work in. SPECIFICS How many people would you like in the photo? AMBASSADORS & EXECUTIVES If you need photos of a specific celebrity/ambassador or of someone from the executive team, please list their name here. Please fill out the attached Photo Search Form to describe the photo(s) you require. Applies to stock photography and to the PSI photo bank. If the photo is specific to a health area, please select all that apply below. Is there a specific product/brand that should be visible? GENDER & AGE RANGE ACTION What are the people in the photo doing? PSI photostock photo REGION Caribbean HIV/AIDS watching a demonstration Latin America TB family portrait Southern Africa IDU doctor’s visit RH outside infants pneumonia in a restaurant toddlers West Africa child survival village life Asia malaria 1 Eastern Europe diarrhea 2-3 4+ Other: Other: Other: Other: Please explain Central Africa nutrition in a large group male motherhood mother & child teenagers yes MSM on the streets adults no East Africa safe drinking water inside female OTHER Please list anything else in this section that will help us find a suitable photo. Details about audience, messages, and/or additional photo elements may go here.