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Tap Into the Crowd


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How to use social media and onsite tools to locate expert and "real people" sources, for crowdsourcing using advanced search features on major social media sites, and how to curate social media content to augment your own content. Originally presented at APME's Newstrain in Springfield, IL.

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Tap Into the Crowd

  1. 1. •  Search by keywords, location, time•  Search quickly - before the stream is takenover by reaction
  2. 2. •  LinkedIn for Journalists – join the group.•  Premium service: free for journalists whodo a 35-minute webinar.•  Keep your profile current and robust sopotential sources can find you.
  3. 3. •  Gathering infousing Forms•  Results flow into ashareablespreadsheet•  Can do surveys
  4. 4. (n) The act of organizing andmaintaining a collection of media andinformation around a particular subjector area.
  5. 5. Mandy Zombiejournalism.comThese slides & more
  6. 6. Credits•  Steve Buttry contributed some slideimages•  Doug Haddix contributed Mappeo andBan.Jo videos