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Social Media for Photojournalists

Tips on using social media tools and image-sharing sites for news photographers. Originally presented for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, March 2012.

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Social Media for Photojournalists

  1. Social Media for Photographers Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins March 2012 LANG Extravaganza
  2. What Social Media Does for Photogs• Gets your work out to a wide audience quickly• Post photos on the go• Increase your SEO for freelancing• Provides a portfolio space online for free
  3. Social Media Tools
  4. Slide on copyright
  5. On every social network you post photos….Read the Terms of Service!
  6. Watermarking
  7. From PhotoShelter:• Regularly sharing your photos, adding captions, and filling out photo details including the dimensions of your photo, the specific camera you used, exposure, ISO speed, and focal length, adds to your credibility as a professional photographer.• If you are frequently posting new and interesting photos, it will be a constant reminder to your network that you are an active photographer with current work to show.
  8. • Send your photos quickly to the newsroom• Become a source of breaking news• Get your photos spread fast• Instant feedback
  9. Its All About Who You Follow
  11. Find Who to Follow• By subject/location:,• Follow photo hashtags (#photo, #dailyphoto, etc.)• Look at others’ follows/followers• Spy on Twitter lists•
  12. • When tweeting a photo, say where it is and what is happening• Note the time/date if not today• Tweet followups• RT reporters who are with you to give context• Share newsy photos with relevant hashtags
  13. Profiles Pages• One place to manage • Completely separate everything presence from profile• Control your privacy • Completely public• Timeline design with • Timeline design with large image large image• Could mix • Detailed analytics to personal/professional see who visits • Can sell there, if you’d want
  14. Facebook Page Analytics
  15. Target Your Updates
  16. Create An Engaging Presence
  17. • Use Facebook page or profile as a portfolio space for your favorite photos• Use Timeline to highlight your best recent photos• Attach older photos to dates on your Timeline with milestones
  18. FB Tips from Photoshelter• If you aren’t comfortable posting images to Facebook, post a link to them (make sure the thumbnail works)• Update often and mix it up with links, photos, albums, etc.
  19. • Use Creative Commons licensing• Many mobile options• Can prevent downloads• Lots of storage, with upgrade option for more• Join groups to share photos around a theme, place
  20. • Circles: Post updates, photos and albums to certain groups (or public)• Upload photos and albums (using Picasa)
  21. G+ Tips From Photoshelter• Have a good profile pic• Post regularly and mix it up with links, photos, albums, etc.• Interact on others’ pages too, share others’ work• Share newsy photos with relevant hashtags• Participate in daily Digital Photography themes using G+ hashtags (search to find them)
  22. • Create pinboards of your photos• Grouped by subject, location• Pin others’ photos for ideas
  23. • Make your slideshows into videos• Embed in stories, blogs
  24. • Connect with other photographers• Help your SEO• Show your work via apps
  25. Tumblr
  26. Instagram/Hipstamatic
  27. About.Me
  28. More Advice•’s tips for photographers on social media• “Twitter tips for journalists” & a listing of Twitter resources on:• These slides (and many more) at• (my blog)
  29. THANKS! Mandy @mjenkins Blog: These slides & more at