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Mobile Tools and Apps for Journalism


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A list of some suggested mobile apps for various platforms to help journalists work better from the field.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Mobile Tools and Apps for Journalism

  1. 1. Smart Phones for Smart Journalists Mobile Tools to Know and Download* Photo Tools Photoshop Express: Crop images, apply filters, lighten/darken. Upload to Twitpic, Flickr or Photoshop online. iPhone, Android Flickr: Photo uploading, geolocation (for mapping images), photo publication online. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, WAP, upload by email. 360Panorama: Capture 360-degree panoramic shots that can be embedded onto your site. iPhone, Droid. $ Video Tools Tout: Record, upload and share 15-second videos across your social networks. iPhone, Droid, web. Qik: Live streaming, record and upload to many sites. iPhone, Droid, BB, Palm & some dumb phones. $ UStream: Live streaming and sharing with many sites. iPhone, Droid, Nokia. Audio & Notetaking Tools Evernote: Record audio and/or typed in notes that sync together, allow for easy publishing. $ option. Most devices. Cinch: Audio recording and sharing, ideal for podcasting and reposting. iPhone, Android, call-in option for other phones. Voice Recorder: Audio recorder for Droid. HT Professional Recorder: Audio recorder that picks up sound at a distance, can skip silence. $. iPhone. Compiled 3/13
  2. 2. Mobile Publishing Tumblr: Quick blog posts in a short-form, shareable format. App for most devices (see or post by voice/email. Wordpress: Blog tool with many professional capabilities. Apps for most devices, or post by email. Storify: Curate social media and content streams on the go. iPad, web. Live Reporting ScribbleLive: Real-time chats & sharing, with photos, videos & audio. iPhone, BB, SMS option. $ Cover it Live: Real-time chats with photos, videos & audio. iPhone, mobile web. $ Social Media iPhone: Twitter, TweetBot ($) Blackberry: Twitter, Blaq ($) Droid: Falcon Pro ($), Twicca Hootsuite or Seesmic: Multiple account support. iPhone, Droid, BB. Facebook: Most smartphones, mobile web, update by SMS/email. On the Go Productivity Dragon (Nuance): Talk-to-text dictation for texts, emails and more. iPhone, Droid, BB. Omniture: View your website’s statistics on the go. iPhone, Droid, BB. LogMeIn: Access your computer, documents & programs on the go. $. iPhone, Droid. DropBox: Access and share files of all sorts on the go. iPhone, Droid, BB. Compiled 3/13
  3. 3. Scanner Radio/5-0 Radio: Public safety scanners on the go. Droid, iPhone. Skype Mobile: Free or cheap international calls, chats. iPhone, Droid, BB, Verizon dumbphones. Google Voice: Free or cheap international calls, free texts, records phone calls. iPhone, Droid, BB, mobile web at **Listed apps are free unless otherwise noted. Compiled 3/13