Mobile Tools for Journalists


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  • Who has a smarthphone?
    Phone with web access?
  • Android is the most common smartphone platform, followed by iPhone and Blackberry devices
    83% own cell phones
  • Who is on Twitter?
    Best tool for mobile news
    Report directly from the scene
  • Regular people do it too
    Verification is important
  • We’ll start with some examples of why Twitter is a valuable breaking-news tool. Most will, of course, remember that Twitpic had the first shot of the Hudson landing.
  • You can pull in via Twitter's widget or CoveritLive, Scribble Live
  • Search for local keywords, especially when news is happening
  • Demo it with your phone
    live video from a scene
    embed your channel online
    save videos
    publish to youtube/Twitter/FB
    UStream works in similar fashion
  • syncs notes across all devices
    share and collaborate on notes with others
    record audio and take notes at the same time
  • Free
    live chats
    multiple participants
    can add audio, video and photos in real time
    great for live events
    readers can ask questions too
    # do with sources
    # staff
    Show off Zville story
  • Blogging on the go. 
    Advanced looking sites
  • Blogging on the go
    Can blog by audio calls
    Publish by Email
    Easy without an app
  • Press 4 to record call
    announces to everyone it is recording
    saves as an mp3
    Free texts, transcribed voicemails
    Can get a local #
  • Access your computers from iPhone, iPad
    See them as if you were there
    Free, but to move files around you need to upgrade to $40 option
    Also can use on Desktop
  • Access files on the go, across computers
    Can even share as a group
    Great for shared reporter docs and media
    Works on computer too
  • trends not an app
    search in most twitter apps
  • Instapaper app
    save long stories for offline
    Research to read later
  • Mobile Tools for Journalists

    1. 1. Smart Phones, Smart Journalists Mandy Jenkins, @mjenkins Phoenix Newstrain #PNTmobile
    2. 2. U.S. Smartphone Use of American adults have a cell phone Source: Pew 83% 35% of American adults have a smartphone
    3. 3. Breaking News on Twitter
    4. 4. Breaking News Tweeting • Consult with your staff to develop a hashtag (if there isn't one) • If more than one person is tweeting, pull in their tweets to your site
    5. 5. When Live-Tweeting • Warn followers in advance • Mix play-by-play with context, background • Mix in photos, quotes • Take questions when it’s possible • Note long pauses
    6. 6. Newsroom Workflow • Reporters tweet/liveblog details, quotes and media • Web producers/editors start a story from those tweets • Reporters use tweets as notes to write longer form
    7. 7. Search by keywords, location, time Can be done in desktop, mobile apps Search quickly - before the stream is taken over by reaction Search.Twitter.Com
    8. 8. When You Find Leads • Connect with eyewitnesses, get contact info • Have them wait for a reporter on scene • Verify!
    9. 9. Mobile Reporting Tools
    11. 11. QIK (LIVE VIDEO)
    12. 12. EVERNOTE
    13. 13. Mobile Publishing
    14. 14. COVERITLIVE
    15. 15. WORDPRESS
    16. 16. TUMBLR
    17. 17. Productivity
    18. 18. GOOGLE VOICE
    19. 19. LOGMEIN
    20. 20. DROPBOX
    21. 21. Tools to Manage The Insanity • Trends and searches Live search
    22. 22. Tools to Manage The Insanity
    23. 23. Try it Out
    24. 24. EXERCISE • Write a post on this session in email. Publish by email to • Take photos or audio. Publish by email to • Send tweets with hashtag #PNTmobile
    25. 25. Your work seen here!
    26. 26. QUESTIONS, FOLLOW-UP Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins More resources and such at: