How to: Advanced Social Media Techniques


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A lesson for journalists in curation, crowdsourcing, storytelling and covering breaking news using social media tools.

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How to: Advanced Social Media Techniques

  1. 1. Telling Stories With Social Media Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins mjenkins@digitalfirstmedia.comLANG Extravaganza, March 2012
  2. 2. Breaking News
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Local Twitter
  5. 5. Breaking News 101● Consult with your staff to develop a hashtag (if there isnt one)● If your staff is tweeting, pull in their tweets to your site● Watch keywords, RT important tidbits (even from competitors)
  6. 6. Live Tweeting● Don’t transcribe; observe, report and give context● Pass on quotes, who is there, add in photos● Use tweets as your notes● Note significant pauses and stops● Check facts before you hit “tweet”
  7. 7. Say what you don’t know
  8. 8. Link to fresh content
  9. 9. Link to fresh content
  10. 10. CoveritLive
  11. 11. QIK (Mobile LIVE video)
  12. 12. Search.Twitter.Com/advancedSearch by keywords, location, timeSearch quickly - before the stream is takenover by reaction
  13. 13. When You Find Leads● Connect with eyewitnesses, get contact info● Have them wait for a reporter on scene● Verify!
  14. 14. Ask permission
  15. 15. ●“Mayor” is great source about abusiness or venue (employee orcustomer)●See who has checked in for breakingnews story
  16. 16. Crowdsourcing...●Finds sources fast●Saves you time●Engages your community●Brings more (and new) voices to yournews reports
  17. 17. Before Crowdsourcing●Build engaged community (followpeople, converse with them)Use multiple platforms (Twitter,●Facebook, website, newspaper, IRL)
  18. 18. Find Sources Fast
  19. 19. Ask for What You Want
  20. 20. When Crowdsourcing●Say what you know●Say what you don’t know●Say what you want/need to know●Don’t spread rumors●Vet sources & information●Ask questions as you gather info●RT with context, note if its verified
  21. 21. Authenticate & attribute●Ask: “How do you know that?”●Check links, tweets & backgroundinformation on sources●Contact sources directly (IRL, phone)●Link to original source & attribute●Corroborate with other info
  22. 22. Google Docs● Gathering info using Forms● Get results● Results flow into a shareable spreadsheet
  23. 23. Crowdsourced map: Google Maps
  24. 24. CrowdmappingFree, fast and reader-friendly
  25. 25. All Our IdeasFeature Example - TBDNews Example - HuffPost
  26. 26. Storytelling
  27. 27. Telling A Story Through Tweets● Tell anecdotes and reported observances in multiple updates● Make it a narrative● When promoting a long story: Tweet highlights with a link
  28. 28. Storytelling on Facebook● Add milestones to your timeline for notable dates● Include photos if you can, highlight them● Create Facebook Pages for specific projects to use the Timeline● Add videos
  29. 29. Tell Your Story Here● Write short stories and updates apart from your stories or blog right on Facebook● You have a lot of space, so go for it!● Tag those involved
  30. 30. Tell Your Story Here
  31. 31. Mix it Up
  32. 32. What is curation?Museum curator: Journalism curator:●Studies topic ●Studies topic●Chooses relevant ●Chooses relevantcontent (other content (socialsources & museum media, blogs, staff)collection) ●Authenticates●Authenticates ●Groups related●Groups related itemsitems ●Provides context●Provides context ●Presents collected●Presents exhibit content
  33. 33. What to Curate● What youre reading to inform your work● Tweets, Facebook posts, videos and other content from other sources and your readers● Items you may want to blog about● Stuff to read later
  34. 34. How to find it● Keep open searches on search.Twitter. com for local keywords● Establish a hashtag for readers to send you info/photos● Make keyword alerts for content:
  35. 35. Curate Via Your Social Feeds● Share relevant info and links from you and others● RT others tweets on the subject (pending verification)
  36. 36. Social Bookmarking
  37. 37. Publish from
  38. 38. Storify● Can pull in tweets, public Facebook comments, photos from Flickr & Instragram● Pulls in video from Youtube or via some embeds● Embeds story previews with links● Can import other Storifys (or parts of them)
  39. 39. Use the Storify Plugin● Easiest way to save specific tweets and Facebook updates● Save stuff for later, for research● All things saved go to your Storypad
  40. 40. Your Storypad● Easiest way to save specific tweets and Facebook updates● Save stuff for later, for research● All things saved go to your Storypad
  41. 41. Other curation tools●Twitters Tweet embed feature●Chirpstory●
  42. 42. THANKS! Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins Blog: Zombiejournalism.comThese slides & more at slideshare. net/mandyjenkins