Digital & Social Tools for Election Coverage


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An overview of liveblogs, live tweeting, Twitter/Facebook lists, crowdmapping, curation and crowdsourcing ideas for local newsrooms to use for elections coverage. Given to Gatehouse Media on 9/7/2012.

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  • HuffPost Pol liveblogDFM RNC liveblog/chat
  • Go to two liveblog
  • Ask, get a program CONFIRM SPELLINGBackground reporting, bill text, quotes, prepared statements
  • Go liveFind sources by location, education, workplace, keywordDo zanesville Avon searchHanover utz search
  • Go to congress list
  • Digital & Social Tools for Election Coverage

    1. 1. Digital and Social Tools for Election Coverage
    2. 2. Live Campaign Coverage
    3. 3. On Liveblogging• Short, frequent takes• Curate content from a variety of sources• Can be short or long-term• Promote liveblog before, during and replays on site & social media• Make it interactive
    4. 4. Think Beyond Text• Videos • Audio• Photos • Tweets• Slides • Source• Social Media documents• Polls • Maps
    5. 5. CoveritLive/ScribbleLive
    6. 6. Use What You HaveUpdates in (time-stamp, reverse-chronorder) in your blog or story template
    7. 7. Live Event Prep• Get names, titles in advance when possible• Set scene & your role• Describe your circumstances, vantage point: At event, watching on TV, curating tweets• Get background materials
    8. 8. Live Tweeting• Mix play-by-play with context, background• Pass on quotes, who is there, add in photos• Use tweets as your notes for later• Note significant pauses and stops• Check facts before you hit “tweet”• Take questions, respond when possible
    9. 9. #Hashtags can…• Group tweets from the same event• Expand your audience• Tap into a national conversation
    10. 10. Add Readers’ Voices Into Your Story • Can pull in tweets, Youtube videos, Soundcloud audio, public Facebook comments, photos from Flickr & Instragram • Curate local reaction to national events • Combine local and national materials
    11. 11. Tracking the Campaigns
    12. 12. Search for Conversations•• Use keywords, location, hashtag
    13. 13. Organize Your Twitter StreamMake sense of incoming tweets
    14. 14. Build/Follow Twitter ListsMake sense of incoming tweetsLists to build:• Local/national campaigns• Campaign reporters• Local politicos, tastemakers
    15. 15. Finding who to list• By subject/location:,• (for finding journalists)• Check out others’ Twitter lists•
    16. 16. Facebook Search
    17. 17. Build Facebook Lists• Follow politicians and campaigns without “fanning” pages• Group pages however you’d want
    18. 18. Reader-Contributed Coverage
    19. 19. Google Docs• Gathering info using Forms• Results flow into a shareable spreadsheet• Can do surveys
    20. 20. Collect Reader Contributions
    21. 21. Crowdsourced map: MapaList
    22. 22. Crowdsourced audio: Soundcloud