Curation for Journalists


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Tips and ideas for journalists to use their skills to curate their expertise for an audience using an assortment of online tools, including a step-by-step guide to Storify.

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Curation for Journalists

  1. 1. Curation 101Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins #norcalsoc April 2012
  2. 2. What is curation?(n) The act of organizing and maintaining acollection of media and information around aparticular subject or area.
  3. 3. Museum curator: Journalism curator:•Studies topic •Studies topic•Chooses relevant •Chooses relevantcontent (other content (socialsources & museum media, blogs, staff)collection) •Authenticates•Authenticates •Groups related•Groups related itemsitems •Provides context•Provides context •Presents collected•Presents exhibit content
  4. 4. What to Curate•What youre reading to inform your work•Tweets, Facebook posts, videos and other content from other sources and your readers•Items you may want towrite about•Stuff to read later
  5. 5. How to find it• Keep open searches on for local keywords• Establish a hashtag for readers to send you info/photos• Make keyword alerts for content:
  6. 6. Curate Via Your Social Feeds • Share relevant info and links from you and others • RT others tweets on the subject (pending verification)
  7. 7. Social Bookmarking
  8. 8. Storify• Can pull in tweets, public Facebook comments, photos from Flickr & Instragram• Pulls in video from Youtube or via some embeds• Embeds story previews with links• Can import other Storifys (or parts of them)
  9. 9. Other curation tools•Twitters Tweet embed feature•Chirpstory•
  10. 10. Step-by-Step Guide to Storifying Via Deb Petersen, San Jose Mercury News
  11. 11. Getting Started• Go to• Create an account. It is easiest to link it to your Twitter account.• Create a profile with your photo and a description of your position/beat at the newspaper.• Add editors: deborapetersen• Pick a topic and get started
  12. 12. Hit "Create Story" to reach this opening page.The searchable content is on the right, and yourstory is on the left.
  13. 13. Type the main headline in the top box on the leftsection, and then type a short story descriptionin the next box.
  14. 14. You want your first slide to be a photo becausethis image will appear as its cover. Here, Iclicked on the Twitter logo, and "images”.
  15. 15. Pick a photo by clicking on it, and then hold anddrag to your story on the left. The cutline of thephoto will come along too.
  16. 16. Add each entry by searching the sponsoredproviders and dragging your selections to yourstory.
  17. 17. Done? Hit the "Publish" button pictured below inblue. (Next to the save now" button which youshould be clicking as you work your draft)
  18. 18. Your page will look like this. Notice tothe right of the headline, the "embed"button. Click on that.
  19. 19. Your embed code will appear in a box. Then,click on the Notify" button to the right of thepublished button.
  20. 20. This is how the cover of your stories appear inStorify. It also tracks the total number of views.