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  1. 1. Multichannels A Publication of the School of Communication College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Cleveland Is Our Canvas Cleveland State University Communication Students Take to the TownSchool of CommunicationCollege of Liberal Arts & Social SciencesMusic and Communication Building, MU 233 20112121 Euclid AvenueCleveland, OH
  2. 2. Staff Table of Contents Levine takes career leap News from alumniCo-EditorsKristen Mott Cleveland is our canvas . ..... 1 and lands in South Korea Ashley Rockhold (2008 B.A., CITYHoward Primer By Jordan Stevenson ried and very soon have their children, Journalism and Promotional Communication students take “the city is our campus” and and then they get into buying their first Communication and a con-Photo Editors “engaged learning” to heart. Read how in this collection centration in Public Relations) “I needed a change. I wanted an ad- house with a heavy mortgage. If ourDeAnna Harris of stories highlighting work done by CSU students resides in Washington D.C.,Colleen Reynolds venture, so I took the leap,” says Daniel graduates pursue a life cycle like this, in the Greater Cleveland area. they will find it very difficult to have where she is the communica- Levine, a 2010 Journalism and Promo- tions manager for the “To-Online Editors tional Communication graduate. an opportunity to experience the world • Location stories introduce students to Cleveland’s past outside while things everywhere these bacco Free Kids Campaign,” aDerek Amrich • CSU researchers examine imprisoned women’s communication Leap is exactly what Levine did. OnlyLauren Solarz days are increasingly global.” non-governmental organization • Research study leads to exploration of film documenting family relations months after graduating, Levine packed that encourages public policy • Ingenuity Festival gives students real-world experience up his life in Cleveland and moved to While nothing could prepare Levine SCHOOLFeatures Editor • AWC targets domestic violence as club service project for the excitement of a new culture and on tobacco control at a federal, South Korea, where he teaches Eng- state and international level.Gabriella Tomaro • City journalists discuss emerging media lish to young students. Despite the language, his experience as an America • Play-doh and spaghetti help students understand hearing loss Reads tutor, as well as his involvement fast-paced career placement, the seeds K.C. McKenna (2005 B.A.,Staff • Students help on promotion for Web show in several internships in Cleveland andMuji Abang of teaching abroad were planted years Communication with Journal- New York gave him “invaluable ‘real-Ashley Ammond in advance through shared stories and ism certificate) is the directorJoey Fulgenzi School.................................... 9 experiences. “During a CSU class, Dr. George Ray world’ experience” and an important sense of professionalism. of marketing and admissionsLaramie Hedrick Following the “honeymoon phase” of at St. Edward High School inSherifatu Kafaru Graduates explore a tight but interesting job market; CSU boosts told me about his son, who traveled adapting to new surroundings, Levine Lakewood. McKenna activelyKelsey Mercurio Health Communication; change expected with new director. abroad to teach,” says Levine. “At that manages the school’s branding finds comfort in a daily routine, whichMandy McCollum time I thought, ‘Who would want to do includes preparing lesson plans of dif- and marketing and implement- FACULTYAmanda McIlwain • Moving onto the job market such a thing?’ Then, while I was in NewJames O’Malley • Blazek suggests tips for getting started ferent vocabulary expressions and ing prospective student recruit- York City over the summer for music searching for appropriate class materi- ing and retention programs.Justin Papcun • Health Communication: expects broader role • Cleveland State plans expansion gigs and internships, I came across peo- als. Despite living in a large “radicallyColleen Reynolds ple who also traveled abroad to teach.Anthony Sambula • Perloff recalls many accomplishments as school director different” city, he feels close to home as Larry DeAngelis (1989 B.A., • Ray sets goals as school director Even though I was familiar at this point it is a more slow-paced environment. Communication and a minor inJessica Smith • Alumna has tips for being the perfect intern with teaching abroad, I still wasn’t inter- The former Public Relations Student Psychology) is senior vice presi-Lauren SolarzJordan Stevenson ested until I started to research.” Society of America, Cleveland Chap- dent in account management in Facing the tough economic crisis andAndrew StengerRachel Tuma Faculty................................. 15 feeling the “pressure to immediately ter vice president encourages CSU stu- dents to take an interest in the campus. the Cleveland office of Doner, one of the largest indepen- jump into a major career,” Levine, with Levine stresses networking and building dent advertising agencies in the Research articles and books are highlights of faculties the support of Cleveland State Com- ALUMNIFaculty Instructor relationships with professors as well as country.Betty Clapp production in the past year. munication faculty, including Cheryl being involved on campus and creating • Diversity leads Dalisay to CSU Bracken, Ph.D., Gary Pettey, Ph.D. and a career plan at least six months prior Mike Kezdi (2005 B.A., Com- Ray, grappled with the decision to travelPhoto credits • Updates on Communication Faculty across the world. But it was the advice to commencement. Much like his CSU munication with a Journalism professors and mentors, he also sup- certificate) is assistant editorFront cover of Professor Emeritus Jae-won Lee ports global exposure to travel and ca- and Brecksville reporter for TheMuji Abang (building) Alumni. ............................... 17 . that may have cemented his decision to teach abroad, as the South Korean na- reer opportunities. Sun-Star Courier, and the assis-Ashley Ammond (car) “I believe that the experience you get tant editor for both the Bruns-DeAnna Harris (art) Get advice from those who have already been through it- tive and International Communication in another country, whether it be study- wick Sun and the Medina Sun.Back cover Alumni share their stories of success after earning a degree course professor encouraged Levine to ing abroad, being employed, or leisureBill Reiter from Cleveland State. “think in a broader context.” traveling, is a great way to open your Michael C. Butz (2006 B.A., “(Daniel) was in my class in his final eyes to what else is out there,” Levine Journalism and Promotional The School of • Dreams becoming reality for alumnus Dawson semester, where many students were says. “You can only get so much infor- Communication) enjoys his po-Communication’s • Being involved at CSU helped Peck follow his dreams in Journalism very concerned about their immedi- mation on the television, radio, or even sition as the editorial page edi-Spring 2011 Editing and • Interest in health leads to a career at ClinicGraphics class produced • Maria Keckan finds herself at the top ate future like securing a job,” Lee says. in a book about another part of the tor for the northern Ohio news-Multichannels. • Levine takes career leap and lands in South Korea “Many students graduate at the age of world. The first-hand experience is like paper The News-Herald. • News from alumni 21 or 22, land a job somehow, get mar- none other.” 21
  3. 3. Maria Keckan finds herself at the top Cleveland is Our Canvas Alumna used unpaid interships to pave way for her future Communication students CITYCITY and their professors By Kelsey Mercurio When Keckan graduated, she knew embrace CSU’s ‘engaged what she wanted to do and whom she Advice for graduates Maria Keckan has shown how hard wanted to work for, but also knew it learning’ slogan with projects work and dedication have helped her was going to be hard to get a high posi- “Do everything you need to that benefit Greater Cleveland. become the president of Cinecraft Pro- tion at the company she wanted. do to get the job you want duction Inc., a video production com- “I knew when I was graduating from to get,” she stresses. “Don’t Here are some of their experiences pany that has been operating for more CSU that my first choice would be to underestimate the old tried and painting the town green. than 65 years. work at Fairview Hospital, because it true answers”: SCHOOLSCHOOL Keckan and was the only local hospital producing • Get on the Dean’s list her husband • Ask people for help in making bought the com- pany in February broadcast-quality medical videos,” Ke- ckan said. “I had been waitressing all through college and I just kept on wait- contacts • Shake hands firmly and make Location stories 1986, and have kept the com- ressing while I worked as an intern for free – my intention was to make myself eye contact • Be willing to work harder and introduce students pany strong even through the eco- indispensable so they would end up hir- ing me.” listen harder than anyone else • Be persistent and pleasant to Cleveland’s past nomic struggles. This is exactly what Fairview Hospi- • Attitude goes further than “Our company skill By Justin Papcun One of the archives students will use in this course is tal did. She started at Channel 5 as an Cuyahoga County property records in the county admin- FACULTY Maria KeckanFACULTY just had the best intern, but then moved to Fairview • You can teach employees istration building, which will take students quite far back in Professor Leo Jeffres, Ph.D., uses projects in his Advanced year it ever had,” Hospital where she knew she wanted to what skills they need, but you Reporting class to send students into the community to use Cleveland’s history. Keckan said. “We’ve been blessed with start her career. can’t give someone a good all of their reporting skills. Students can also use the Western Reserve Historical Soci- plenty of business, great employees and Even though she started just writing attitude – he has to bring that Students focus on learning reporting skills: observing, ety archives, which have all sorts of records, references, files, customers who keep growing and com- scripts, the director of the media de- himself. interviewing, information gathering, looking up public re- recent census data, maps, a city directory and many other ing back for more of what we do.” partment saw the skills Keckan had and cords, using electronic databases and learning by doing. kinds of material. Keckan graduated from Cleveland “You can lecture about reporting skills but, like lecturing Jeffres also advises students to use Cleveland libraries. In moved her to a higher position. With all the Cleveland Public Library downtown, students can find about writing, the best thing is to learn by doing,” Jeffres State in 1979 with a focus in Mass Me- of her hard work and passion for what becoming the president right away says. an extensive photo collection, and they can find the Cleve- dia Communication, even though that’s she did, Keckan was promoted to pro- would be good, it came with a lot of Taking this course lets students use a set of skills they can land Press collection in the CSU special collections. These not what she wanted to do in the first ducer. headaches. apply in a media context. libraries have rare materials and sources students might not ALUMNI place.ALUMNI “I worked as an intern (for free), “I started at the top, not as great as “The goal is, build one’s portfolio and diversify it to show be able to find anywhere else. She hoped to go into physical therapy, first at Channel 5 (ABC) as an assistant it sounds,” she says. “A new owner the breadth of your skills,” Jeffres says. Another assignment students do regarding their location is but realized she was unable to put the producer and editor, then at Fairview coming in to run the company was Over the years, one of Jeffres’s favorite projects is what observation. This involves students using all of their senses time and money into the program. Ke- General Hospital, writing scripts for not what the other employees wanted he calls a “location” story, in which he picks a news story to collect information about their story. ckan then planned to somehow incor- centered on a location. Jeffres started teaching this course when the college con- medical educational videos,” she recalls. and in fact, the day my husband and Sometimes this story might be obvious and, other times, verted from quarters to semesters in 1997, and he has been porate film/video with her interest in “The director of the media department I took over, one of the employees teaching Advanced Reporting for roughly 14 years. Jeffres wants students to do a little research to find a good the medical field. liked my writing so she created a posi- handed us a letter signed by almost ev- story. The course did not always involve getting the students out Through her years at Cleveland State, tion for me – as a secretary (that was eryone on staff listing 17 changes that Jeffres likes using neighborhoods in the Cleveland area into the community. This concept is something that Jeffres Keckan had a good experience while all she could get the budget for) -- and they wanted to see happen under new where things are happening to a structure such as foreclo- began. earning her degree. “My experience at I wrote assistant-produced videos while management or they would all leave. sure, a new business opening, or anything that will raise This class will evolve as time goes on. “This really is what CSU was great,” she notes. “I loved the being the department’s ‘second’ secre- Hence, the night that was supposed to questions regarding the history of a location. engaged learning is all about, and CSU has been doing this majority of my coursework. I got along tary until someone above me quit and I be a celebration was the beginning of After picking a location, students use their skills in using way before the ‘engaged learning’ slogan,” Jeffres says. well with most of the professors and re- was promoted to producer.” a long, uphill trek.” property and public records that will be needed for the story. Jeffres notes Cleveland is a good area for this course. “Use “I usually pick an area of the city that is very old that I your environment and enjoy it for all it can provide,” he spected them all. I felt I was getting an After Fairview, Keckan and her hus- Even though the start of her career at happen to live in, too, and I have some background, too, says. education as good, or better, than most band took over Cinecraft, where they Cinecraft was tough, now the company although I have not always done that,” Jeffres says. “Gen- As the class evolved, so did Jeffres. As his knowledge of my peers who had gone off to col- both held top positions in the com- is doing very well and Keckan says she erally, I pick the areas so students can use all the wealth of grew about the surrounding area he was able to incorporate leges away from home.” pany. Even though it may seem like believes it will do well for many years. archives that are available in the Cleveland area.” more ideas into the class, he says. 20 1
  4. 4. Cleveland is Our Canvas Interest in health leads News from alumni This year brings visitors to a career at Clinic Dr. Kristin Cardinale (1992CITY CITY BA, Communication and 1994 By Lauren Solarz “If I would have gone to John Car- Med Adult Learning) is the au- By Rachel Tuma roll or Miami of Ohio, I might not have thor of the best- Stephanie Jansky, a Communication been able to intern at either of those seller “The 9-to-5 Cure: Work The Association for Women in Communications invited Melissa Newman, an and Public Affairs manager at Cleve- places,” she said. on Your Own Terms and Re- award-winning journalist and writer, to the campus to speak with students March 4. land Clinic reflects on her early years of Growing up in Parma, Jansky had invent Your Life,” an innova- Bill Guentzler, artistic director from the Cleveland International Film Festival, college and how she ended up where close access to the city. She lived at tive guide discussing strategies spoke to the Documentary Form in Film and Television class on March 7. she is today. home with a commute to the university, for optimizing employment in Justin Boyd spoke about job searching in Professor Jennifer Eden’s Advertis- “All of my friends were going to John which took no more than 10 minutes any economy. In her book, Car- Carroll so I took a look at the num-SCHOOL on most days. Her main focus has al- SCHOOL ing Copywriting and Layout Design class, as did Tiffany Myroniak, who works for dinale coined a new term for Cleveland Magazine. bers,” says Jansky. “I had a scholarship ways been health care and the wellness freelancer, “patchworker,” an Professor Robert Abelman’s Media Criticism class had a number of speakers, in- to CSU, so I started out there for finan- of human beings. expression recently recognized cluding Tony Brown, theater critic for The Plain Dealer, Mark Dawidziak, TV cial reasons. My financial decision later When Jansky began graduate school, by The New York Times. A ca- critic for The Plain Dealer, Scott Spence, artistic director for Beck Center for the on led to an academic decision.” she did a media production internship reer coach, speaker, consultant Arts, Fred Sternfeld, artistic director at Fairmount Performing Arts Conservatory, Jansky graduated from Cleveland State at Cleveland Clinic. She helped create and optimist, Cardinale holds and Richard Leder, an independent filmmaker. in May 2000 with her Bachelor of Arts programming that was appropriate for multiple job titles, allowing her In Assistant Professor Robert Whitbred’s Strategic Communication class, Mark in Communication. Exactly two years children by holding an in-house educa- to “(pursue) enjoyable work in Crowley, director of internal communication for Sherwin-Williams, discussed the later, in May 2002, she graduated with tional show. abundance and insulating (me) strategic communication program that Sherwin-Williams follows. her master’s in Applied Communica- Now in her 30s, Jansky found her- from sudden and total job loss, Pete Hamill, distinguished writer in residence at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism tion Theory and Methodology from self back at Cleveland Clinic, only thisFACULTY readily found in the traditional FACULTY Institute at New York University, spoke to Professor Craig Sanders’ Principles of CSU. time with a permanent position. In No- 9-to-5 work world.” Public Relations class on April 26. In addition to his journalistic career, Hamill is also Starting out as an undergraduate, vember, 2009, two years before Jansky a novelist, essayist, editor and educator. Jansky began as an English major but returned to the Clinic as a communi- Rita Jermann (2000 BA, Com- decided a double major would broaden cation and public affairs manager, the munication with a focus on au- her skills. As a result, she ended up ma- Clinic started a Wellness Institute and dio/video production and 2005 joring in English and Communication. was looking for someone with a public MEd, Adult Education) began Cleveland State researchers examine As an undergraduate, Jansky nabbed an internship with the Cleveland Browns relations background. Jansky, who sup- ports a more organic lifestyle for her- her career with CSU as a stu- dent employee in the University imprisoned women’s communication in the team’s community relations de- self, found the Clinic position to be a Events Office. She has worked partment. good fit. on committees for the inaugura-ALUMNI ALUMNI She began her internship in 1999, the When Jansky began working for the tion of both President Michael By Gabriella Tomaro teach a parenting program with Har- has discovered what incarcerated same year the Cleveland Browns re- Clinic, she began promoting the Clinic’s Schwartz and President Ronald bor Light, a correctional pre-release mothers, such as the women at Har- turned to the NFL for football fans all wellness initiative in the media. M. Berkman. She now can be A professor, a part-time instructor facility focusing on women, located on bor Light, want to achieve through a over the area. found in Julka Hall, where she “We are trying promote all the ben- and three Communication graduate Prospect Avenue in Cleveland. parenting program. Jansky worked with community and works for the College of Edu- efits of a healthy lifestyle - everything students are trying to help female pris- Research questions focus on incar- They want training in anger man- alumni relations to try to create a new cation and Human Services as a oners become better mothers. from improved persnoal health to po- cerated women’s communication with agement, how to listen, how to cope history for the city of Cleveland. Al- public inquiries assistant. CSU graduate students Janelle Franz, their children. The students conduct tentially decreasing our national health- with issues of trust and how to de- though she had a great experience Paul Palisin and Alicia Romano, Part- interviews from a variety of correc- velop patience. care costs,” Jansky says. interning for the Browns, Jansky says Melanie Murphy Miller time Instructor Claire Gross, and tional facilities in the Greater Cleve- They have found that 75 percent of she didn’t feel that sports was her She also credits her mother for moti- (2008 BA, Film and Digital Me- School of Communication Professor land Area. The research project started women interviewed said their com- niche. vating her interest in a healthier lifestyle. dia and a minor in Journalism Jill Rudd, Ph.D., are working in a col- in 2008 and is still in progress. munication has changed since their in- In addition to her internship with the “My mom was always a very healthy and Promotional Communica- laborative research project to explore The goal of the project is to help carceration, and of that percentage, 56 Browns, she also obtained an internship person,” she says. tion) wrote for the Cleveland communication in families who have mother-child communication as they percent said it worsened. at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jansky advises Communication stu- Stater. She is now a competitor incarcerated mothers. re-enter themselves into family life The researchers are working on a pa- Jansky credits CSU for the reason she dents is to do internships. “Paid or un- for the Mrs. America crown. Funded by a Faculty Research De- upon their release. per to support a request for additional was able to experience two great intern- paid, it’s the only way to enjoy what you continued on page 21 velopment Grant, it will develop and Through their research, the team grants to further their research. ships. do,” Jansky says. 2 19
  5. 5. Being involved at CSU helped CLEVELAND is Our Canvas Peck follow his dreams in journalismCITY CITY After completing an internship, Peck receives reporting offer By Ashley Ammond A self-proclaimed workaholic, he put a public relations firm in downtown his time and effort not only into his full Cleveland where he had the opportu- Journalism is often referred to as a schedule of classes, but also into an in- nity to sharpen his skills. tough career field in which to find jobs. ternship. “Again, it took up a lot of my time, Luckily, for recent Cleveland State Uni- but because I like to remain busy, it was versity graduate Cody Peck, it was not. just an extra thing I wanted to do,” heSCHOOL “Get involved in SCHOOL Peck graduated from CSU in Spring says. After completing his internship with 2009. After transferring to CSU from something. It is a lot the firm, Peck was offered a reporting Cuyahoga Community College, he decided to succeed he would have to easier, and I think job by The Sun Sentinel and The Sun become more involved in on-campus it gives you a little Star-Courier in January 2010. He moved to the Lakewood Sun Photo by Colleen Reynolds activities. He says the CSU Advertising Association is what helped him enjoy more confidence to Post-Herald in 2011. Rachel Campbell works on a lit review for Professor Rudd in her office. college even more. move forward in your He reports on police and writes sports “Get involved in something,” he sug- education .” and feature stories. gests to incoming students. “It is a lot He says he is always trying to improveFACULTY FACULTY easier, and I think it gives you a little as a reporter, and views his work as a more confidence to move forward in -Cody Peck way to continue his education. your education.” Debbie Sutherland, a Republican run- ning for commissioner of Cuyahoga County, had internship positions avail- able during her 2008 campaign, and Tips for students Research study leads to exploration Peck wanted to take it. “It was just an extra thing that I really wanted to do,” Peck says. when they graduate of film documenting family relations For those graduating this year, By Gabriella Tomaro their family and center on the effects Rudd’s passion for learning more After helping the Sutherland cam- Peck has this advice:ALUMNI ALUMNI of incarceration on mother-daughter about women and family issues paign, Peck put his time back into the • When you graduate, be con- Faculty members Jill Rudd, Ph.D. and relationships from the daughters’ per- through a relational communication Advertising Association and he be- fident that you will find employ- Kim Neuendorf, Ph.D. are making a spective. perspective is the driving force behind came secretary his senior year. ment. It is a tough job market, A key question in their research the documentary. Rudd says she wants biographical documentary highlighting That year, Peck, along with the oth- and you have to work hard Rudd’s past research with incarcerated covers how incarceration influences to share her research and interviews in er members, traveled to Charleston, sending out your resumes and women and their relationships with the way mothers and daughter talk a different medium. W.Va., where they presented their ad- doing research on companies. their families, particularly relationships before, during and after incarcera- Rudd and Neuendorf have different vertising campaign to a panel of judges, • Make sure that you are do- tion. goals for the documentary based on with their daughters. and placed fourth in the regional com- ing whatever you can to meet In Spring 2011, they began to shoot their academic expertise. Using Rudd’s previous research on petition. people, and surround yourself incarcerated women and Neuen- the first interviews with one family in Neuendorf wants to achieve a full- “It was a challenge, but it was a chal- with good people. Be sure to dorf ’s digital media expertise, they are hopes of using the footage to apply feature documentary, not just a series lenge that I enjoyed,” Peck says about network. working in collaboration with Rachel for outside funding through financial of interviews. his ability to juggle school and the Ad- • Lastly, work hard. That is the Campbell, Rudd’s graduate assistant, grants. Rudd wants the first interview to vertising Association. most important thing. Believe Photo Courtesy of Cody Peck and Tiffany Rathforn, Communica- For their qualitative approach on the open the door to attain outside fund- Because it can be difficult to find a in what you are doing, put your subject, the research team hopes to at- ing and to use the finished documenta- Cody Peck is a 2009 graduate of tion graduate student on the project. job in journalism, Peck opted for an- head down and just work hard. Cleveland State. Their documentary will focus on tain funding for research on incarcer- ry as a tool in the incarcerated women’s other internship after graduation with incarcerated women’s re-entry into ated women’s parenting. parenting program. 18 3
  6. 6. Cleveland is Our Canvas Dreams becoming reality News from alumni for alumnus Dawson Jennifer Boresz, (2004 B.A., CITYCITY Communication, with a certificate By Colleen Reynolds Myrtle Beach. He then moved on to work at The Plain Dealer as a copy edi- in Journalism and focus on audio/ tor and designer, then moved to Stack video production), an Emmy- Cleveland State University alumnus magazine to work as an associate edi- nominated and award-winning Ryan Dawson is proof that with hard tor and writer. In June 2010, Dawson journalist, enjoys the spotlight in work, dedication and confidence, a stu- returned to The Chronicle-Telegram, front of the camera as an actress dent’s dreams and goals can become where he is the Accent Editor, dealing and host. She is the TV commer- reality. with the arts and life section. cial spokesperson for Crestmont Dawson, raised in Westlake, decided to Dawson describes his role as Accent Cadillac, a Northeast Ohio-based start an undergraduate degree in Eng- car dealership. SCHOOLSCHOOL lish at Denison University. While taking Editor as challenging, inspirational and a break from school, he started a band, fun, and offering insight about his typi- cal work day. Anita Woodward (1988 B.A., toured the country and released three “As the Accent Editor, my challenge Organizational Communica- CDs. is to keep the section engaging and en- tion and 1999 MBA, Healthcare tertaining while keeping a firm grasp on Administration), president of our integrity,” he says. “I am the only A. Woodward & Associates and person in this department, and I use a previous CSU part-time faculty handful of freelance writers in my at- member, possesses more than 20 tempt to keep content local and fun years of health care management (and educational, too).” expertise. Previously presiding as FACULTY Photo by Amanda McIlwain the president of the ExecutivesFACULTY “I design six two- to six-page sec- Kaitlynne Yuhas (front) and Wanda Jackson (back), interview models from Vir- Ryan Dawson displays design tions per week, write a short column Association of Northeast Ohio, a ginia Marti College of Art and Design at Ingenuity Fest. chapter of the American College work he did for the Cystic Fibro- four days a week, choose the stories, sis Foundation of Northeast Ohio. edit them, write the headlines, manage of Healthcare Executives, Wood- Ingenuity Festival gives students After seven years, he decided to con- a freelance budget and am constantly searching for better ways to tell stories ward recently moved to Green Valley, Ariz. where she is a mem- ber of the Arizona Health Execu- real-world work experiences tinue his education at CSU with a major in Communication and a focus in jour- nalism. He knew this is what he wanted and sell more papers,” he says. “I doubt I’ll do this for the rest of my career,” he adds. “As much as I enjoy it, tives. By Mandy McCollum During the 1920s-themed speakeasy, to see if they do in fact like their major. I’m always searching for new creative Ben Sabol (2005 B.A., Commu- to do and saw himself as a sports col- nication) is currently a marketing ALUMNIALUMNI students dressed in period garb and It can also lead to other exciting op- umnist after graduation. Dawson liked outlets. So we’ll see.” Life as a student can become mun- interviewed guests, asking questions portunities. In addition to his writing job, Dawson communications representative in the opportunities that came with a big- dane and repetitive. Professor John about whether they knew about In- Students also created promotional also does design work for the Cystic Fi- the University Marketing depart- city campus and used it to his advantage. Ban is changing that by taking his stu- genuity Festival before the fundraiser, video materials to help create aware- brosis Foundation in Northeast Ohio ment at Cleveland State Univer- After relentlessly sending out writing dents out of his Specialized Topics in and what they like about the space be- ness of the upcoming Fall 2011 festi- and puts together an 80-page event pro- sity. clips to newspaper and magazine in Media Arts and Technology class and ing used for the festival. val. Northeast Ohio, Dawson started do- gram each spring for the Chef ’s Fantasy into the heart of the city. Kaitlynne Yuhas, a student who In the fall, an advanced production Dinner & Auction, the foundation’s Stacey Vaselaney (1989 B.A., ing freelance work before graduation. A recent project by his Specialized worked on the event, says, “It was class videotaped many of the events largest fundraiser. Dawson says that he Communication) is a successful Upon graduation in 2001, Dawson did Topics in Media Arts and Technol- good to be able to participate in real- that occurred during the festival week- feels lucky to be on the executive com- owner of her own public rela- sports freelance work for The Chron- ogy summer class took his pupils into world experience rather than just being end. mittee for such a great cause. tions business titled SLV Public icle-Telegram in Elyria. He rapidly the Ingenuity Festival, an event that lectured on event planning. In gen- Ingenuity Festival Public Relations Dawson reflects on his CSU days. Relations. As a PR practitioner, moved up from part-time freelancer to highlights art, music and new ideas. eral, I would suggest taking a class that Director James Krouse says the stu- “When I was in the band, we played she works with editors in the me- full-time sports writer and editor. Even- Students helped program and video- mixes learning with an outside experi- dents were a pleasure to work with and hundreds of colleges and I found my- dia giving them information for tually, he became the front-page design- tape the festival’s summer fundraising ence.” he appreciates the help. self not missing the things I thought I readers that involve products or er and is the reason behind the paper’s program, The Speakeasy. This event Yuhas says students should take When asked if he would work with would. But I love learning and being in services. look today. mimicked secretive bars established in classes that offer experience outside Cleveland State students again, Krouse a classroom, so I do miss that part,” he continued on page 19 Dawson also moved to South Carolina the 1920s during prohibition. the classroom because this is the time says, “Anytime!” for a year to write for the Sun News in notes.4 17
  7. 7. Updates on Communication faculty Cleveland Is our canvas By Laramie Hedrick and Anthony Sambula Professor Leo Jeffres, Ph.D. has three recent Professor Richard Perloff, Ph.D. is included in a forthcoming book entitled AWC targets domestic violence CITYCITY articles in the process “The Persuasion Handbook” with his Professor Robert Abel- man, Ph.D. was one of 25 arts journalists in of publication. The arti- cles: “Acquiring knowl- edge from the media in chapter on Political Persuasion. Perloff also has two recent articles in Cleveland awareness as club service project Jewish News. By Muji Abang Knowing someone who was already work at the Domestic Violence Cen- the nation chosen for a the Internet age” for Communication involved with the organization made it ter directly. Rather, they collect do- National Endowment Quarterly, “Structural pluralism and the Associate Professor Leona Johnson, Communication easier to form a connection and begin nations and needed supplies for vic- for the Arts Institute urban context: How and when does Paul Skalski, Ph.D. major, is passionate about domestic their volunteer efforts, she explains. tims, such as diapers and cell phones. Fellowship with the Arts Journalism community matter?” for Mass Commu- published a study on the violence awareness. As secretary of Johnson explains that some mem- These items are later delivered to the Institute in Theatre and Musical The- nication and Society and “Viewing the effects of motion-con- Cleveland State University’s Associa- bers of the organization have personal center. atre at the University of Southern SCHOOLSCHOOL public sphere with influentials and citi- trolled video games on tion of Women in Communications experiences with domestic violence, Recently, AWC held a workshop fea- California. He also received top honors zens” for Qualitative Research Reports game enjoyment in New (AWC), she and her fellow group while others simply believe in the im- turing a speaker from the Domestic from Ohio Professional Writers, Inc. in Communication, are co-authored Media & Society. members have been involved with the portance of spreading awareness and Violence Center that targeted educat- for his reviews of community and pro- with several other Communication fac- He was also invited to speak at the Cleveland Domestic Violence Center helping those affected by it. ing Cleveland State students about do- fessional theater. ulty members. 2011 National Association of Broad- (DVC) of Greater Cleveland since fall Domestic violence is often thought mestic violence and raising awareness casters Conference to talk about ad- 2010. to be taboo, Johnson explains. But of the topic. They also provide valu- Associate Professor Cheryl Bracken, Associate Professor Guowei Jian, vanced video game technologies. CSU’s chapter of AWC, reactivated many people, both male and female, able information through the group’s Ph.D. with Gary Pettey, Trupti Guha Ph.D. published an article titled, “Artic- in 2009, considered several organiza- fall victim to it daily. Similar to rape, Facebook page. and Bridget Rubenking, published a ulating Circumstance, Identity and Prac- Robert Spademan, M.A., entered the tions before agreeing with the Domes- Johnson continues, victims sometimes Johnson says that members of piece in the Journal of Media Psychol- tice: Toward a Discursive Cleveland State University “Engage” tic Violence Center because they had feel as though they are responsible for AWC were amazed at how much they ogy: Theories, Methods, and Applica- Framework of Organiza- posters in the American Advertising FACULTYFACULTY ties with the organization. Elizabeth what happened to them. As a result, learned from the workshop. When tions on the Impact of Audio, Screen tional Changing,” in the Federation Cleveland ADDY competi- Babin, Ph.D., faculty adviser for AWC, many are afraid to come forward and asked what her message is to victims Size and Pace. Bracken also co-au- journal, Organization. He tion where it earned Best of Show over has been involved with the Domestic never tell anyone about what hap- of domestic violence, Johnson says, thored four other publications includ- also published three co- 500 other entries. Violence Center for several years. pened, especially male victims. ‘Its not your fault. If you need help, ing one article on the channels of com- authored papers and pre- “The Domestic Violence Center Because of the sensitive nature of DVC can help. All you have to do is munication and the impact on mission sented three conference papers this year. Part-time Instructor M. Steve Talbott, is Dr. Babin’s baby,” Johnson says. the center’s residents, AWC does not ask." statement implementation in the 2010 M.A. recently published an e-book ti- City journalists discuss emerging media edition of PsychNology. Assistant Professor Yung-I Liu, Ph.D. tled, “How Much Should I Borrow for presented a conference paper titled, “As- College?” Term Assistant Professor Francis sessing Communication and Political He also published an e-pamphlet based Dalisay, Ph.D. presented two papers Knowledge in Political Campaigns from off the e-book called, “The For-Profit By Andrew Stenger gether and are proud to be able to provide students with the opportunity to meet people working in their field of interest ALUMNIALUMNI in 2010. The first, in Chicago, Ill., at the a Geospatial Perspective,” to the Politi- College Reality Check.” Midwest Association for Public Opin- cal Communication Division at the 60th The Cleveland State Chapter of the Society of Profession- and to get firsthand advice,” said Lara De Alba, CSU SPJ ion Research, dealt with attitudes of Annual Conference of the International Assistant Professor Robert Whitbred, al Journalists (SPJ) hosted an on-campus panel discussion president. U.S. military buildup in Guam. The sec- Communication Association in Singa- Ph.D. will have two entries in the up- April 21 on the topics of convergence and social media, The event included panelists Daniel Wolf, creator and ond, presented at the National Com- pore. along with the specific details on what Communication stu- owner of and CSU graduate; Kenny coming “Encyclopedia of Social Net- munication Conference in San Diego, dents need to know about working in the media industry. Crompton, feature reporter for Cleveland’s Fox 8; Debra working.” Calif., pertained to research on high Professor Kimberly A. Neuendorf, One is entitled “Quadratic Assignment “This panel discussion with the professionals on the cur- Adams Simmons, editor of The Plain Dealer; Dale Omori, school students in South Korea. Ph. D. received recognition for her Procedure” and the other is on “Affilia- rent state of the journalistic field will help the students un- deputy director of photography at The Plain Dealer; and work as a content methodologist when tion and Attribute Networks.” derstand on the one hand the new challenges in the fast Nick Camino of WTAM 1100, a 2010 CSU graduate. Part-time Faculty member Michael she was selected to present and discuss changing world of journalism,” said Anup Kumar, CSU SPJ “The fact that we had the editor of Plain Dealer and oth- Whitbred also wrote a piece for the up- Ferrari, M.A. won the Delacorte Year- at the Workshop on Social Science and coming edition of Human Communi- faculty adviser, “whereas, on the other hand it is an oppor- er senior journalists on the panel with young journalists, ling Prize for a middle-grade novel with Social Computing: Steps to Integration, cation Research entitled “From Micro- tunity to reiterate the role of journalism in a democracy.” who are just coming out of college, provided the audience his first book, “Born to Fly.” The book sponsored by the Air Force Office of actions to Macro-structure: A Structural The discussion took place in the atrium of the College of the opportunity to not only listen to the perspectives that is a WWII adventure about two kids, a Scientific Research, held at the Univer- Approach to the Evolution of Organi- Urban Affairs building, featuring panelists from different were grounded in years of experience, but also hear from girl who wants to be a fighter pilot and sity of Hawaii. Neuendorf co-authored zational Networks.” journalistic media, and provided students the opportunity to younger generation about how new journalism is adapting a boy who is a Japanese-American in- six studies and presented two confer- make connections with working professionals. to changes in technology and media convergence,” Kumar ternment camp refugee. ence papers this year. “We have worked very hard to make this event come to- said. 16 5