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DockDogs Press Release


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DockDogs Press Release

  1. 1. Written by DockDogs AdminJun 13, 2011 at 12:00 AMFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Medina, OH - June 13, 2011 - DockDogs invades Americas River Festival, an event that hasbeen entertaining residents for the past seven years. Residents poured in to watchDockDogs and welcomed the competitors with open arms.The organizers of Americas River Festival worked side by side with DockDogs to put on anamazing National show presented by Royal Canin with dogs coming all the way from Alaska tocompete. The dogs came in all sizes and breeds; from a 200 pound Great Dane named GreenBean to Skippy a Shitzu Spaniel mix weighing only 12 pounds. And with the dogs camecompetitors of all ages ranging from nine years old and up.Big Air wave #1 kicked off Friday afternoon with enthusiasm and energy. Zeke and KristinaSchaffhausen took the wave with an amazing jump coming in at 211"; followed by Bella andKathy Hennek jumping 176" and coming in third were Riley and Jen Firziaff leaping into a 17jump. Big Air wave #2 starting a 6:00 pm brought in the heat and Im not just talking about theweather. This wave started at six oclock and was dominated by Speed Retrieve WorldChampions, Jordan and handler Sean McCarthy with a 257" jump! This was followed by, Zekeand Junior Handler Kristina Schaffhausen with a 211" jump. Coming in third was Attie and RickLaes with an 184" jump. Friday night ended with amazing jumps and a great show performed byChicago, which thanks to the generous people at the Americas River Festival, all the competitorsgot an opportunity to view for free.Saturday sped in with our first Speed Retrieve wave at 1:30pm. Montana and Lee Hall captured aspeedy victory with a score of 5.785 seconds. Finnegan and Janice Hicks slid into second placewith a score of 6.515 seconds. And coming in a close third was Attie and Rick Laes with a scoreof 6.575. As the day continued we had our Big Air wave #3 at 11am. Again Jordan and SeanMcCarthy towered over the competition with a high flying jump of 25. Obi-Wan and MikeSalem followed in second with a jump of 217". Coming in third were the long time competitorsButch and Dave Breen. Big Air wave #4 was at 1 pm and Jasper Jax and Scott Christophersonstole this wave with an amazing jump of 255", who said dogs couldnt fly? Jordan and SeanMcCarthy had a slam dunk coming in second with their jump of 253" and in a close third wasObi-Wan and Mike Salem with an awesome leap at 217". Big Air wave #5 ended the day with abang as Jordan and Sean McCarthy jumped into first with a whopping 252" jump, Jasper Jax andScott Christoperson excited the crowd with a 2310 jump. Indy and Jeff Salisbury rocked secondwith a 22 jump. This night ended in disco lights and the musical stylings of KC and the SunshineBand, which again thanks to the Americas River Festival crew all the competitors got a chanceto view for free.The most exciting event of Saturday was the 5:30 pm Extreme Vertical where first time ExtremeVertical competitors Indy and Kelsey Wehr took the win starting at a height of 46" and jumped a
  2. 2. total of 15 times before they secured their victory with a final height of 610"! Trying for apersonal best the bumper was set at a height of 7, but an exhausted Indy who tried hard but justcouldnt reach it, would stay at a personal best of 610". Chopper and Lee Hall came in secondwith their highest jump at 68", and in third was Zeke and Junior Handler Kristina Schaffhausenwith jump not far behind Chopper at 68".Sunday brought in an amazing crowd to watch the days festivities. The day kicked off with BigAir wave #6 at 9:30 am where Indy and Jeff Salisbury got the crowd going with a jump of 226".Close behind in second were Iowa locals Burleigh and Mary Schuenemann with a 219" jump,Finnegan and Janice hicks tied Burleigh at 219", but due to tie breaker rules came in arespectable third place because Finnegans first jump was shorter than Burleighs. The last BigAir Wave of the weekend, wave #7 at 11:30 am, had Jordan and Sean McCarthy flying in andwinning the event with a 252" jump. The crowd was roaring with awe and amazement! Not todisappoint, Jasper Jax and Scott Christopherson also had the crowd screaming as they slid intosecond at 237". Finnegan and Janice Hicks who were fueled by the electric crowd jumped to228".Immediately following Big Air was our last Speed Retrieve competition before the Finals. In thecrowd you could hear the hum of anticipation as they discussed the event to come. And the dogswere sure not to disappoint with Jordan and Sean Mcarthy racing to the bumper with a time of5.885 seconds. Attie and Rick Laes took second with a time of 7.050 seconds. And in third wereIndy and Jeff Salisbury with a time of 7.064. That ended the regular events for the weekend.As the stands filled to capacity and the ground around the pool was filling up with excitedspectators we started the Speed Retrieve Finals at 3:30 pm. As expected World Champion SpeedRetrievers Jordan and Sean McCarthy, took home the win with an amazing time of 5.554.Montana and Lee Hall, who gave it their best, came in second with a time of 6.249, and comingin third was an excited Addie with handler Dan Schimpf.As that event ended and we prepared for The Big Air Pro Finals the crowd shifted inanticipation. And being sure not to let the crowd down were the Pro Finals winners Jordan andSean McCarthy - flying high at 2410"! Watching these two and their energy was an amazingspectacle for all ages! The second place team who was also full of love for the sport and energywere Jasper Jax and Scott Christopherson sailing in at 238". Indy and Jeff Salisbury soared intothird place at 228", from the point of view of a DockDogs newbie these dogs didnt cease toamaze and excite!The Semi Pro Finals were next up and these dogs were yelping with a want for the water. LeeHall and Montana came into first with a high flying jump at 216". And in a very close secondwere Zeke and Kristina Schaffhausen determined to prove she could give the adult handlers a runfor their money with a jump of 215". Forcing their way up to third was Obi-Wan and MikeSalem who, floated up to 2011".Last but most definitely not least were the Amateur Finals and though the crowd had thinned thedetermination of the competitors had not. Tanner and Shannon Conner, Iowa natives, took firstwith a jump of 173". Showing not an ounce of lack in energy Shannon came right back on the
  3. 3. dock to take second place with her other dog, Bella leaping to 1610". Then proving once againthat Youth Handlers can hold their own Fire and Miranda McClaine took third pouncing to aheight of 169".The first place Iron Dog winners of the Americas River Festival event were Semi-Procontenders Montana and Lee Hall with score of 3003.24. Coming in second place was Finneganand Janice Hicks with a score of 2987, and in third was Zeke and Kristina Schaffhausen with ascore of 2963.92.This weekend was an amazing display of what DockDogs is capable of doing, with the gracioushospitality of Iowas residents and the help of the Americas River Festival organization the eventwas nothing but an outstanding success. We hope to come back for an amazing 8th year inDubuque, Iowa, bringing the dogs and excitement back to the people of Iowa.