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Cose presentation deck 3


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Published in: Career, Education, Business
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Cose presentation deck 3

  1. 1. The Internship Program – Case Study
  2. 2. OUR TEAM • Emily Boylan • Meredith Horrigan • Kayleigh Joyce • Mandy McCollum
  4. 4. SITUATION STATEMENTThe Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) is ingrained in theminds of Cleveland’s business community as a conduit to healthinsurance savings. Unfortunately there are problems with this.First, the level of health insurance savings COSE member’sexperience have declined significantly.Second, health insurance reform is causing concern forpotentially drastic changes in how COSE is utilized. By2014, small business will no longer be required to provide healthinsurance to it’s employees.Therefore, COSE must attract new audiences through offeringnew programs and opportunities that benefit a broader targetaudience.
  5. 5. OUR CONSUMERCONSUMER• Primary Audience: • Undergraduate and Graduate Students; 18-30• Secondary Audience: • College ProfessorsRESEARCH• Primary Research: • Survey • 25 College Students/graduates • 10 College professors • Focus Groups • 5-8 students in 2 separate groups • One-on-one interviews with 4 professors• Secondary Research: • Forrester
  6. 6. Persona Andrew
  7. 7. Persona Brian
  8. 8. ClimateUNEMPLOYMENT RATES• Decrease in Ohio unemployment went from 9.0% to 7.7% in 2012• Creation of more jobs could mean fewer people are starting small businesses.CORPORATE TAX REFORM• Proposed elimination of corporate tax loopholes to cut tax rate from 35% to 28% could raise tax rates for small business owners.• This elimination of loopholes puts COSE in a good position to be a small business advocate.
  9. 9. ClimateHEALTH CARE REFORM• Small enterprises of 50 or less will not be required to provide employees with insurance.• COSE can serve as a thought leader in this time of uncertainty.• Small enterprises can receive a tax credit for providing insurance for its employees.• COSE can use health care reform to attract potential customers.• Many in large organizations without insurance may leave to start their own business.• COSE can help to cover missing positions, such as human resources.
  10. 10. Competition DIRECT COMPETITION • Employee Resource Council (ERC) • Cleveland Chamber of Commerce • National Federation of Independent Business(NFIB) • SCORE (Small Business Counseling) • US Small Business Administration • NYS Small Business Development Center INDIRECT COMPETITION • American Express Open • Dell-Americas Favorite Small Business • The Kauffman Foundation
  11. 11. Top CompetitorERC (Employee Resource Council)• Insight: ERC Health claims to be Ohio’s leading organization dedicated to HR, workplace programs and practices, training, health insurance and consulting.• Audience: Small business owners• Ecosystem: Website, Call Center
  12. 12. Case Studies: ConciergeApple Genius Bar• Insight: One-on-one technical support for Apple products from specially trained “Geniuses” with the ability to schedule an appointment online or in person.• Audience: Apple product owners• Ecosystem: Apple Store app, website and in-store
  13. 13. Case Studies: ConciergeLexus Link®• Insight: Lexus Link®, which is much like OnStar®, is a feature that can put a driver in contact with an advisor who can provide you with safety, security and convenience services.• Audience: Wealthy, middle-aged consumers• Ecosystem: Website
  14. 14. Case Studies: MembershipAARP• Insight: AARP is a membership organization leading positive social change and delivering value to people age 50 and over through information, advocacy and service.• Audience: Men and women ages 50 and over• Ecosystem: Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  15. 15. Case Studies: MembershipCostco• Insight: Costco is a membership warehouse club, that offers convenience of specialty departments and exclusive Costco services. Costco offers three types of membership based on the shoppers needs.• Audience: Personal use shoppers, business owners and managers, and frequent and wealthy shoppers• Ecosystem: Website, In-store, Facebook, Mobile Apps
  16. 16. Case Studies: RewardsStarbucks• Insight: A coffee shop that offers a rewards card. Every time you purchase a coffee you gain a star. As you earn stars you gain levels and better rewards.• Audience: middle to upper class men and women• Ecosystem: Website, In store, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Mobile Apps
  17. 17. OUR TARGETED SCHOOLS Entrepreneurship University/College Student Population Institution type Entrepreneurship Center Minor/Major Education Consortium Minor in Interdisciplinary Ohio State University 64,435 4-year Public The Center for Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Fitzgerald Institute for Entrepreneurial University of Akron 24,119 4-year Public EEC Entrepreneurship Minor Studies Cuyahoga Community College 23,234 2-year Public Certificate-Virtual office Assistant Center for Technological Entrepreneurship University of Toledo 23,000 4-year Public and innovation/ Center for Family and Entrepreneurship Major Privately Held Business Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Kent State University 22,924 4-year Public EEC Innovation Major and Minor in Entrepreneurship Wright State University 18,304 4-year Public EEC Certificate Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in High technology Youngstown State University 15 4-year Public SIFE/ The Monus Entrepreneur Center Certificate in Entrepreneurship Cleveland State University 15,139 4-year Public EEC Miami University 14,936 4-year Public The institute for Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Minor Bowling Green State University 13,354 4-year Public Entrepreneurship Minor Great Lakes Innovation and DevelopmentLoraine County Community College 11,124 2-year Public Enterprise: Innovation Fund Case Western Reserve University 9,814 4-year Public EEC Entrepreneurship Minor Lakeland Community College 9,017 2-year Public Entrepreneurship Center Business Management/International Ashland Community College 6,490 4-year Private not-for-profit EEC Business/Entrepreneurship Major and Minor Baldwin-Wallace College 4,374 4-year Private not-for-profit EEC Entrepreneurship Major
  18. 18. Positioning StatementCOSE needs to encourage undergraduate and graduatestudents between the ages of 18-30 to join their tierprogram as a means to reach their entrepreneurialaspirations. The College Student Tier Program is alearning tool that provides knowledge expansion,advocacy and connection building..
  19. 19. GOALIf COSE wants to attract membership and foster creativityamong undergraduate and graduate college students thenCOSE must show undergraduate and graduate studentsthat COSE will lead them to success and self-expressionthrough:• A new college student tiered membership program.• A new rewards and incentives program.• A new student contest.• COSE integration in the classroom.
  20. 20. OBJECTIVESBUSINESS• Increase undergraduate and graduate student membership.• Increase enrollment in programs and services of new members.• Establish a clear value/benefit proposition for undergraduate and graduate students with the college student tiered membership program.• Establish a clear understanding of programs and incentives.• Attract new membership among undergrad and graduate students.
  21. 21. OBJECTIVESRELATIONSHIPS• Retain undergraduate and graduate membership, so that they. eventually upgrade to the small business package.• Train employees to be valuable COSE advocates, in and out of the college classroom.• Increase membership among undergraduate and graduate students.
  22. 22. OBJECTIVESMARKETING COMMUNICATIONS• Increase awareness of all the programs and services that COSE offers college level members.• Build value in membership to undergrad and graduate students.• Position COSE as the learning tool of undergraduate and graduate students.
  23. 23. STRATEGY No. 1IF COSE wants to motivate undergraduate and graduate students to sign-up for COSE and foster a community…..THEN COSE should create a platform through the creation of a mobile (smartphone and tablet) application where likeminded entrepreneurial students can interact, share stories, experiences, networking events and view testimonials from other students.
  24. 24. STRATEGY No. 2IF COSE wants to motivate undergraduate and graduate students to sign-up for COSE, based on the success stories of other college student COSE members…..THEN COSE should use college student video and print testimonials to tie together COSE membership and entrepreneurial success; through sharing their stories.
  25. 25. STRATEGY No. 3 IF COSE wants to obtain undergraduate and graduate student membership… THEN COSE should create a COSE college student tiered membership program based on the needs of college students.
  26. 26. • Company Start-Up • Advocacy Committee • COSE Bonus Card Checklist • Public Policy Agenda • Campus Bookstore• Small Business Shadow • Grassroots Discount Days eNewsletter • COSE iPad Rental• Tutorials & Workshops • COSE Day at Capital• Online Marketing • Learn how COSE will• Social Media represent you• 24/7 COSE Knowledge Center• Download COSE App
  27. 27. • Networking Events • How to: Generate Business • COSE Bonus Card• Small Business Mentor • Membership Directory • Campus Bookstore Program • COSE Advertising & Discount• Peer to Peer Advocacy Sponsorships • COSE iPad Rental Groups • Leads Group • Office Max Discounts• Arts Network • Local Business Recognition• Home Business Network Awards• NEOSA Technology Network• Membership Directory
  28. 28. • How to: Manage • How to: Manage Expenses • COSE Bonus Card Employees • Budget & Payroll • Campus Bookstore• Human Resources • Learn Legal Standards Discount• Employee Benefits & • Renting Office Space • COSE iPad Rental Insurance Options • Office Max Discounts• Handling Employee • Discounts on Benefits Concerts, Trips and Different Leisure Activities
  29. 29. STRATEGY No. 4 IF COSE wants to increase undergraduate and graduate membership and offer incentives to standout from competition… THEN COSE should create an incentives and rewards program that includes a COSE bonus card that offers discounts on merchandise of interest to college students, and incentives that offer discounts on trips and gift cards and other products.
  30. 30. STRATEGY No. 5 IF COSE wants to engage and create awareness through competition among undergraduate and graduate students… THEN COSE should create a contest through the Kauffman Istart program where students can share their COSE success.
  31. 31. STRATEGY No. 6IF COSE wants to integrate itself into the college classroom, show its importance and align itself with college professors to be recognized as a real world resource and expert…THEN COSE should create a college partnership, create a classroom advocacy program, put COSE in the class, and create a COSE curriculum.