Online Networking: Finding People,Places and Things


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An overview of some of the interesting and useful social networking tools available today. This presentation was put together for an audience with little experience in these tools, with the goal of getting them comfortable to try some new things.

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  • Welcome - or Welcome Back!For those who attended our first session, anything new and exciting to share? Did you buy a new gadget? Try a new thing? App? Podcast? Suggestion from last class to provide some live demonstration of how to do things and/or use the tools we talk about. For some from the last session, I’m going to cover this in the next talk, but I did take the suggestion to heart and so today we WILL do a live demo during our time together – complete with ukulele sing-along. So I hope you’re ready for that.
  • Like last time, let’s just start with thinking about “Once upon a time…” Once upon a time, we found and built and used social networks in different ways. (Caveat: remember “once upon a time” was really only… last year or so. Okay, maybe 5 years ago. Stuff has changed REALLY fast.)Look at slide – images, text, story of finding Mrs. Wray’s picture.
  • We used to look for businesses in the yellow pages.We used to find classes or lawn care or babysitters from bulletin boards or friends in support groups. We used to find support in groups where we sat in the same room, right next to each other.We used to go to the library to discover the right government office to find the form we needed to do whatever it was we needed to do.
  • Of course, we still do all of these things. We still join clubs and play music in groups and get together to help one another out. AND we still go to the library (thank goodness, for my sake. Job security.) However, HOW (click) we locate these things – and how we sometimes do them, for example “gather together” – has changed over time.My colleague Donna shared with me the story of how she found a summer chauffer for her son, Sam. Tell story - Effort to find a driver – email = modern-day phone treeThat’s just one story. I bet we can all think of others. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today – some of the ways to use some of the tools that are out there today on the Internet to find and meet and share things online. Remember, fun is the theme, though I will show you a few tools that can help you both at work and at home.
  • First, however, a word about security.I am not going to belabor this point. Everyone knows that there are people in the world who use whatever means are out there at the time to take advantage of others. Our IS department can give us a very good, very lengthy talk on the dangers of the Internet, online information, patient information, safety, security and on and on. Please don’t hear me belittling the importance of that, but at the same time, for the purposes of using social media tools related to today’s talk, I only ask that you both (1) remember that it is important, but (2) also keep it in perspective. Gazillions of people use social media tools and the Internet daily and the overwhelming majority do NOT experience horrible things from it. Bottom line: Use common sense. Think of all those things your mother might have once told you: Just because everyone else jumps off the cliff doesn’t mean you have to, too. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Don’t hang your dirty laundry on the line for all of the neighbors to see.These things will take you far in keeping you safe on the web. Trust me.
  • One other thing I thought would be interesting to show, before we get into the nitty gritty of the tools themselves, are some statistics on the use of social media. These come from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. If you don’t know of the work of the Pew Research Center and you’re interested in how society is responding to all sorts of things – from the Internet to health care to the economy and education… you name it … they’re a wonderful resource to know about. Jot down the web address here and/or their Twitter names (something you might use once this class is over).Look at stats…
  • Let’s take another poll. Who knows of ______ and next, who uses ______.
  • See additional notes – Word doc
  • See additional notes – Word doc
  • See additional notes – Word doc
  • See additional notes – Word doc
  • Polling friends for “Wheelie Good Coffee” name
  • My stuff – some of it, anyway.
  • Let’s demo!
  • Online Networking: Finding People,Places and Things

    2. 2. Once Upon a Time Scouts Bowling Leagues Playgrounds & Parks Block Parties Community Orchestras Swim Clubs Garden Clubs Civic Clubs Community Centers
    3. 3. Still Today Join clubs Play music Exercise together Learn and share new hobbies Gather for support Go to the Library Use the telephone HOW? But… it’s different.
    4. 4. A Word about Security1. It is important.2. Keep it in perspective.
    5. 5. @pewresearch, @pewinternet  66% of online adults use social networking sites  Usage is most popular among:  Ages 18-49  Some college education  Household income of less than $30,000 per year  Women (69%) use social networking sites more than men (60%)  Reasons people use social media sites:  ~ 65% = staying in touch with current friends & family members  ~ 50% = connecting with old friends that they’ve lost touch with  14% = sharing hobbies and other interests  9% = making new friends  5% = following public figures  3% = finding romantic partners (November 2011, Februrary 2012)
    6. 6. Let’s Take a Poll  Facebook  Titan Pad My Space  I Done This  Meet Up  YouTube  Twitter  My Fitness Pal  Linked In Angie’s List
    7. 7. Finding, Meeting & Sharing OnlineTools for bringing people together:
    8. 8. Finding, Meeting & Sharing OnlineTools for sharing support:
    9. 9. Finding, Meeting & Sharing OnlineTools for spreading the news:
    10. 10. Finding, Meeting & Sharing OnlineTools for sharing the workload and getting more done:
    11. 11. SO, WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS?  Connecting or reconnecting?  Making life easier?  Finding hobby pals?  Planning travel?  Increasing productivity?  Others?
    12. 12. How it Works:One example = BALANCE
    13. 13. It’s as Easy as 1-2-3 IThe theme of the week is think, think, th announced (Sunday). ink for a song AHA!! that fits. (got it) Let’s PRACTICE Go!! SHARE! SAVE RECORD
    14. 14. The Moral of the Story