A Digital Vision for Scotland - LINX Peering Event


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A Digital Vision for Scotland - LINX Peering Event

  1. 1. A Digital Vision for Scotland Dr Trudy NicolsonHead of Broadband Policy Scottish Government 27 March 2013
  2. 2. Our vision for 2020Scotland is a world class digital nation by 2020 www.scotlandsdigitaldialogue.org
  3. 3. Scotland’s Digital Strategy Digital Connectivity Public Service Delivery Scotland is well positioned to take full advantage of all the opportunities ofDigital Participation the digital age Digital Economy
  4. 4. The Virtuous Circle A better More users internet generating experience more traffic Increased Innovation,investment in applicationsinfrastructure & services Increase take up & demand
  5. 5. Connectivity• By 2020, a future-proofed infrastructure that supports any device, anywhere, anytime connectivity• A longer term plan with the right mechanisms, partnerships and commercial models in place• Delivered in a sustainable way and in partnership with industry
  6. 6. Making a a Step Change by 2015 Making Step Change by 2015 • £240 million Government investment • At least 85% of premises across Scotland able to connect to NGB • A minimum of 75% of premises in each Local Authority able to connect to NGB • No premise to have a slower connection than 2Mbps
  7. 7. Delivering LocalProjects Delivering Local Projects• Demonstrations and pilots of new technology and its practical application• Community Broadband Scotland
  8. 8. Economy• leading digital economy where our research base and companies are recognised internationally, are supported and encouraged to grow• a workforce which has the skills and confidence to exploit digital technologies attractive destination for investment
  9. 9. Strengths and OpportunitiesStrengths and Opportunities Big data Telehealth Big data Cloud Gaming
  10. 10. Smart Communities Smart Systems m2m of aImage courtesy of Telefonica UK
  11. 11. Demand Stimulation• Will increase take up rates• Accelerate adoption of web based practises• Allow greater delivery and uptake of online public services• Create more “internet savvy” businesses and individuals
  12. 12. All of which Supports the Virtuous Circle• Means faster access for more which increases traffic A better More users• More traffic = increase in internet experience generating more traffic size of the market• Creates a Scottish market for Increased Innovation, Scottish services investment in infrastructure applications & services• Allows greater consumption Increase take up & of commercial and public demand online services
  13. 13. Internet Exchange for Scotland Internet Exchange for Scotland• Is a key component of the Scottish Government’s vision for a world class digital nation• Can put us on a path to world class now• Partnership with industry leading and public sector supporting• Feeds the virtuous circle by………… …….improving the experience of Scottish users driving take up, usage and subsequent investment in infrastructure, local content distribution and associated development of services and applications.