100929 good practicetemplate effi spar


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100929 good practicetemplate effi spar

  1. 1. GOOD PRACTICE TEMPLATEProject-title: Effi SparName of the organisation: EnerMaTec GmbHStatus of the organisation: GmbH, private businessAddress: Bohlweg 8, 38100 BraunschweigContact person: Dr. Werner NeumannPhone: +49 (0)531 / 28859983 Fax: +49 (0)531 / 28859989E-mail: w.neumann(at)enermatec.deWeb site : www.enermatec.deInterest area  Public Sector X Private Sector  Large Industrial Buildings  Solar Plants  District Heating  OtherTarget Audience  Citizens  Households X Property owners  Policymakers  Local and regional authorities  Energy service company (ESCO’s)  Architects and engineers  Other
  2. 2. BACKGROUNDEffi Spar is a service to homeowners who are willing to improve the energy efficiency of theirhouse. It is directed at citizens within the region of Braunschweig. The idea is to providecustomers with an individually coordinated concept including all aspects of modernisationand thereby enabling them to save money through reduced heating costs.OBJECTIVESThe aim of Effi Spar is to reduce the amount of energy used and CO2 emissions produced forheating privately owned buildings. The objectives toward this aim are to realise energyefficiency potentials of individual buildings and to increase the share of renewable energiesused to heat houses. The strategies to achieve these objectives are enabling the customers tosave money through reduced heating costs and improving the room climate and overallquality of living. An additional positive effect is the stimulation of the local economy, since inmost cases local craftsmen will get the job to do it.PROCESSWith Effi Spar, EnerMaTec follows a wholistic approach providing the customer with onecentral contact person for the complete project. Reduction of the information deficit of theowner and starting with a high quality energy consultation are crucial parts of the process.This ensures that the homeowner is supported through every step of the process starting fromdetermining which changes are most effective, recommending skilled craftsmen andoverseeing construction.FINANCIAL RESOURCES AND PARTNERSEffi Spar is financed by the customers who are billed a fixed share of construction costs. Animportant part for credibility is the neutrality and no hidden sponsoring. Partners of theproject is the regional chamber of crafts, one of the regional technical colleges, some financialinstitutes and some others. To have partners from the public sector increases the reputation ofthe project a lot.RESULTSSo far Effi Spar has generated considerable interest in various sectors. Currently, plans forimplementation of different measures are being discussed with a demonstrating customer. Afinal evaluation including quantitative figures is not yet possible. A final conclusion should bedrawn after a several months or perhaps one year into the project when a few objects havebeen completed.LESSONS LEARNED AND REPEATABILTYIt has repeatedly become apparent that Effi Spar is a unique product which has been awaitedby many. Some of the difficulties during the process of creating Effi Spar were getting all theright people involved, convincing everyone of the name and coordinating the marketingactivities. Through persistent work and and patience it was possible to solve all theseproblems in the end. This type of project would probably make even more sense in southern
  3. 3. European countries with a warm climate where heating costs are added by cooling costs forAC in summer. In most countries which provide the necessary prerequisites, such as a strongnetwork of qualified craftsman businesses and a suitable local or regional residential structure,a project like Effi Spar could be successful.PHOTOS: