The crucible trivia game


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The crucible trivia game

  1. 1. A statement will be shown. Choose the correct answer Track your points: Every correct answer = 10 points
  2. 2. Who was it that Abigail had an affair with? a. Robert Putnam b. Reverend Parris c. Giles Corey d. John Proctor
  3. 3. John Proctor
  4. 4. Why did Abigail accuse Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft?? a. To gain control of the town b. To manipulate the Reverend c. To have John Proctor to herself d. To become a better Puritan
  5. 5. To have John Proctor to herself
  6. 6. Where does Elizabeth want John to go? a. To go apologize to Abigail. b. To go help Parris with Betty. c. To go into Salem to tell the authorities that the girls are lying. d. To go convince Tituba to make the girls tell the truth.
  7. 7. She wants him to go into Salem to tell the authorities that the girls are lying.
  8. 8. What is considered"mistrustful" about Proctor and his family? a. Proctor does not attend church b. His youngest son has not been baptized. c. He does not know all the commandments. d. All of the above
  9. 9. Proctor does not attend church
  10. 10. What type of confession did Elizabeth make to John? a. Involved with witchcraft. b. Had an affair. c. Hoped Abigail would be killed by an angry mob. d. Feels responsible for his affair with Abigail.
  11. 11. Feels responsible for his affair with Abigail.
  12. 12. Guess the who, what, or where of each statement
  13. 13. I was fired by Elizabeth Proctor for having an affair with her husband
  14. 14. Who is Abigail
  15. 15. I am an expert on witchcraft and have been sent to observe Betty
  16. 16. Who is Rev. Parris
  17. 17. I loathe hypocrisy and will not confess the truth to have my reputation ruined
  18. 18. Who is John Proctor
  19. 19. My brother-in-law was prohibited from being the minister because of Francis Nurse. I dislike him.
  20. 20. Who is Thomas Putnam
  21. 21. I am starting to wonder why my wife is always reading and hiding the books
  22. 22. Who is Giles Corey
  23. 23. Betty wakes from her coma when she hears?
  24. 24. What is The Lord’s Name
  25. 25. Abigail suggests to the Reverend that Tituba summoned
  26. 26. Who is the devil
  27. 27. In the beginning of “The Crucible”, we are told the Rev. caught Betty and her friends..
  28. 28. What is dancing in the woods
  29. 29. Abigail drank liquid in the woods
  30. 30. What is blood
  31. 31. John Proctor declines to attend church because he believes the Rev. only preaches on..
  32. 32. What is hellfire and bloody damnation
  33. 33. In 1692, 19 people and two animals were convicted and hung for
  34. 34. What is witchcraft
  35. 35. Setting of the play
  36. 36. What is Salem, Massachusetts
  37. 37. The author of The Crucible
  38. 38. Who is Arthur Miller
  39. 39. Group of people who worked hard and would not accept improper behavior
  40. 40. Who are the Puritans
  41. 41. The Crucible was created during the time of an important movement
  42. 42. What is McCarthyism
  43. 43. Year which The Crucible was wrote by author
  44. 44. What is 1953
  45. 45. Discussion Questions
  46. 46. How would you have handled being accused by the Puritans?
  47. 47. Can you defend your position on the strengths of the Puritan Values?
  48. 48. What influence does the Puritan and Salem Witch trials have on our lives in current society?