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Wirlpool ppt


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Wirlpool ppt

  1. 1. The vision of Whirlpool Corporation is “EveryHome...Everywhere with Pride Passion and Performance” The Mission of Whirlpool Corporation is “Everyone...Passionately Creating Loyal Customers for Life”
  2. 2. Whirlpool Corporation is the worlds leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances. The company manufactures in 13 countries and markets products in more than 170 countries under major brand names such as Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Roper, Estate, Bauknecht, Ignis, Laden, Inglis, Brastemp and Consul. Whirlpool Corporation is also the principal supplier to Sears, Roebuck and Co. of many major home appliances marketed under the Kenmore brand name.
  3. 3. PEST Analysis
  4. 4. Political Influence:• Federal election law allows corporations to establish Political Action Committees (PACs)• The WCPAC is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Whirlpool employees• WCPAC uses six criteria to evaluate a candidate before PAC dollars are contributed: – Pro-business philosophy – A favourable voting record or position on key issues of importance to Whirlpool. – Constituent relationship with Whirlpool – Campaign finance need – Chances of winning and closeness of race – Committee affiliation
  5. 5. Economic Influences• Revenue ↑US$ 18.366 billion (FY 2010)• Operating income ↑US$ 1.008 billion (FY 2010)• Profit ↑US$ 619 million (FY 2010)• Total assets ↑US$ 15.584 billion (FY 2010)• Total equity ↑US$ 4.320 billion (FY 2010)
  6. 6. Social Influences• Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance became a focus of business and society; Whirlpool Corporation employees were conducting business with integrity and extending a helping hand to stakeholders in times of need.• Throughout the years, Whirlpool has built a culture of doing the right things based on living up to our commitments to stakeholders and by quietly working behind the scenes to strengthen the economic and social fabric of the communities in which we operate
  7. 7. Technological Influences• Design and built in Germany in 2001, the award winning Whirlpool duet fabric care system remains the best selling and most popular front loading washer in North- America.• Following are the new technologies: – Whirlpool Cabrio Fabric Care system – Maytag Epic Fabric Care System – 6th Sense Technology
  8. 8. Threat of New EnterantsBargaining Industry Bargaining power of power of Buyers competitors suppliers Threat of Substitutes
  9. 9. • Consumer Oriented Products.• Global operating platform.• Strong Brand name.• Expert in driving channel sales.• First company to introduce top loading automatic washer.• Market share leadership.• Good HR policies, work culture and values in the organization.
  10. 10.  Whirlpool is industries which require constant innovations that are sometimes hard to come by. It tied up with Sears, the largest retailer of white goods to produce goods for them, only to be sold under Sears’ private brand label Kenmore. Consumers generally did not associate a brand name of the parent company if the two weren’t the same. Whirlpool failed to capitalize on its Dominant Consumer Franchise initiative which added special features to existing products. It failed due to cost & service issues. Poor after Sale Service Reducing profit
  11. 11.  Innovation Product and services expansion To arrange Capital Growing Asian Market Ac and Microwave category are larger and fast going categories Providing attractive schemes By 1980’s, Whirlpool became the second largest white goods maker in the US after acquiring Kitchen Aid.
  12. 12.  Increase raw materials cost LG, Samsung, Kenwood and other companies are most competitors Patents on innovation are short lived. New EU Directives Threat of cheap goods from other countries especially Japan Other companies looking to acquire whirlpool for consolidating the industry. Longer lifespan of products slowing “replacement demand”.
  13. 13.  Stay focused on consumer needs. Create new markets & tie-ups to increase sales & revenues. Look at acquiring companies that pose threat.
  14. 14. Technological• It has award winning design and technology.• With latest 6th sense technology consumer can achieve significant savings in time.
  16. 16. Political• Canada is politically stable so there is always positive impact on business.
  17. 17. Economical:• Canada has grooving market.• Customers are well educated so they know what to use and not.
  18. 18. Social• It can impact on customer’s life by making it easy with 6th sense technology.• It shows life style of customers
  19. 19. Team plans to do to enhance salesvolume: Company should increase the warranty period of their product which is less than others in the market. Company could encase brand name by giving little bit more profit margins to retailers in comparisons to others. Company should improve their post sale services where it is lacking behind.
  20. 20. Company StrategyCompany strategy is relies on six steps: o Selecting a market or product category for study o Choose a bases or basic for segmenting the market o Select Segmentation Description o Profile and Analyze Segment o Select Target Market o Design, Implement, and Maintain appropriate marketing mixes
  21. 21. Competitive Strategy For whirlpool, Success literally depended on it, given the goal for an on-demand, self-service model for assets retrieval and distribution. Meeting the goals would allow whirlpool to support different use cases according to customer type, setting the stage for broad internal and external user adoption. This approach would be demonstrating customer satisfaction and in turn increasing whirlpool competitive advantage.
  22. 22. Thank You