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Empika Agritech - My Village - Be A Nature Millionaire


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Plant your money where it will grow.
A team of highly experienced professionals is engaged on contract basis to undertake the plantation activity right from nursery management to harvesting. Empika Agritech undertakes all such measures to ensure high quality of the Sandalwood. As a remunaration for its efforts Empika Agritech shares the net profits with farmland owners in a 50:50 ratio.

Immediate registration of the farmland plot on full and final payment provides safety and security to your investment. As you lease out your farm land to Empika Agritech your plot's safety is ensured for a period of 12 to 15 years. this is the ideal option for NRIs who can not take care of their property from abroad.

As the plantation activity will take off within 6 to 8 months your plot will become fertile and productive within a year. Your farmland holding may appreciate right from the first year. The My Village project aims to make nature lovers super rich over a period of time.

Our vision is your opportunity. Lets join hands to grow together. To provide equal opportunity to one and all farmland holding starts from as low as 242 Sq yards.

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  • It's a bad experience working with this company. The company which does not believe in paying salaries to its employees, how can it will take care of its investors. Mr. LaxmiNarayana and Pandari, board members of the company are Fraud and cheaters, who not only physically assault its employees for asking salaries but threat them with dire consequences. Dear Investors, please think twice before investing in this company.
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Empika Agritech - My Village - Be A Nature Millionaire

  1. 1. Empika Group is into construction and Real Estate development .We are delivering quality and value for money to our customers for the past 8 years. In order to deliver better appreciation and long term returns to its customers Empika Group is coming up with a high growth plantation project called “My Village in Shadnagar”. The aviation capital of India with world class amenities. WHO IS EMPIKA?
  2. 2. Empika homes completed other14 apartments in different locations like Madhapur, Gandhinagar, RTC X Roads, Proddutur and Kadapa. And Open plot venture at Muthangi, opp: Stanley Engineering college, Patancheruvu.
  3. 3. Our Prime “My Village” Nature Venture is well placed in the fast paced growth zone of Hyderabad City‟s ShadNagar and designed to satisfy your long term investments into huge returns which are obvious & very significant in delivering the value of future on your Land & Sandal at the same time.
  4. 4. R- Revolutionary Let Lord Vigna Vinayak destroy all the hurdles & let him take us to the success. The conch (Shankh) blowing is pure environmental injection to improve the quality of living being.
  5. 5. R- Realistic Concept in A Real Way to GO GREEN in present GLOBAL WARMING
  6. 6. R-Real Estate to make Let us bring a change in Real Estate industry by not to just work with Concrete & Blocks. Nature is our MOTHER Let us work with HER.
  7. 7. R-Reality in “NATURAL WAY” by A small seed will grow into a Big Tree. Likewise your investment in Nature is always a big returns In NATURAL WAY!!
  8. 8. R- Rich Fragrance of „SANDAL WOOD EMPIKA has adopted the scientific method of SANDALWOOD Plantation. To Spread the Fragrance of Sandal Wood with supporters like YOU
  9. 9. 5 R’s of EMPIKA R- Revolutionary R- Realistic Concept in R-Real Estate to make R-Reality in “NATURAL WAY” by R- Rich Fragrance of „SANDAL WOOD
  10. 10. Sow & Grow along with Sandalwood
  11. 11. Your Step to the World of Sandal Wood
  12. 12. Sandalwood was first used in ancient times--probably more than 4,000 years ago. In India, it's been valued for at least 2,000 years as one of the most sacred trees--an important part of devotional rituals. The wood has been used to make various religious artifacts such as staffs and figurines, and a sandalwood paste was made for marking the skin. Because of its resistance to white ants, the wood was also used in early buildings. Sandal Wood at a Glance:
  13. 13. Sandal Wood The Fragrance of GOD Sandalwood is a tree with a highly aromatic wood. Importance: It is economically and culturally important to many countries around the Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean regions where it grows or is traded. Types: 16 species of sandalwood (Santalum) that grow naturally throughout the Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean regions. Climate: Sandalwoods are evergreens ranging in size from tall shrubs up to large trees. They grow in a variety of climates--from desert to subtropical
  14. 14. Dead-standing or fallen trees are also harvested because the wood holds onto the essential oil for many years. Most Popular Species: The most well-known and economically important species is Santalum album, or Indian sandalwood. Indian sandalwood has the highest oil content (6 to 7%) and a desirable aroma profile. The whole tree is harvested and used--including the sawdust and the stump (which has the highest oil content) and the sapwood (which contains a small amount of oil).
  15. 15. The sandalwood, such as the sapwood, are used for incense. Sandalwood was an important medicinal herb in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicines. By 700 B.C., it was an important trade item. It was also used in death rituals in other countries--in India it was burned on funeral pyres or even used to make coffins for the very wealthy.. A key ingredient in lotions and body oils. Sandalwood has been one of the most important perfume materials for more than 2000 years. Today it is often used in fine perfumes
  16. 16. SANDALWOOD From Ancient Age To Modern Age From Birth To Death In Each stage of our life we have sandalwood So Nicely it is called ‘ The Fragrance of GOD’
  17. 17. Cost factor
  18. 18. Ring Road Apparel Park FAB City Golf Club Zoo Park
  19. 19. George Tech University MMTS Air Port Shopping Complex NRSC
  20. 20. What We can See At “MY VILLAGE”? Bamboo Houses & Farm Houses
  21. 21. Rain Water Harvest Management Ground Water Harvesting
  23. 23. Fruit Garden
  24. 24. Solar Fencing 24*7 Security Alerts Panta Bhima Saukaryam (**)
  25. 25. Swimming Pool Childers Zone Senior Citizen Zone Meditation Zone
  26. 26. And just watch the seeds you sow Growing
  27. 27. A True Saying in EMPIKA „s “MY Village” Venture Son: Dad I need Money Father: Why Son: I want to buy something Father: (Gave money without asking questions) One Fine day: Father: My dear son you keep asking money for many things Control your desires. Son: With Smile Son: Dad Money Father: This is last time am giving you money
  28. 28. Son continues asking money from his father. Days goes, Year Passes but then also: Son: Dad I need Money Father: Why Son: I want to buy something Father: (Gave money without asking questions) Son: Dad I need Money Father: Shouted at him & said ” Do you think money with grow in tree to plunk and give you whenever you ask Son: Cool !! Cool DAD
  29. 29. I Know you can not plant a “MONEY TREE” BUT Sandalwood concept I Can have money plant I Can Make it possible
  30. 30. A Strong & Healthy Root give Fruitful Tree More details about this venture visit this website Call to M Sriniwaas - 08330916525