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Feebo ERP software


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Feebo is a comprehensive suite of webbased ERP modules consisting of Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain & Relationship, Production Planning & Shop Floor Management, Quality Management, Human Resources and Finance Resource Management.

We also offer hosted ERP solution for companies whose employees are on the move and would like to access the ERP from anywhere, anytime. It would be a subscription based service with a monthly rental.

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Feebo ERP software

  1. 1. Mandar Mehta<br />Director<br />5 Point Solutions Ltd.<br />India<br />FeeboERP Enterprise Solution<br />
  2. 2. 5 Point Solutions Ltd.<br />Company based in India<br />Sales and implementation of enterprise solutions to small & medium-sized (SME) companies<br />Develop and market own enterprise ERP software product - Feebo.<br />
  3. 3. Mission <br />To provide solutions and platforms where organization stake holders can interact, collaborate, transact and view accurate information in real time for better business outcomes.<br />
  4. 4. Key Management<br />Bhavesh Buddhdev <br />Veteran technocrat and a visionary entrepreneur.<br />Business interests in IT, Energy, Construction, Mining, procurement and exports. <br />15+ years of experience in business development in IT and other business areas.<br />
  5. 5. Key Management<br />Mandar Mehta <br />25+ years experience in IT. <br />Served at senior level in the design, application and implementation of IT, Banking, Finance, Capital Markets, Investment Banking, ERP/ CRM/ SCM/ HRM/ FRM, Engineering, Environment, GIS and BPO solutions in multiple verticals. <br />Involved with projects of multilateral funding agencies like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP, UNESCO, USAID etc. <br />IT Advisor to State Government and Indian Central Government Agencies and projects.<br />Several years of experience in enterprise solutions, Financial Advisor, Investment Banker & Equity Analyst (technical analyst).<br />
  6. 6. Key Management<br /> <br />Hiren Khakhkhar <br />Around 10+ years experience in IT, ERP, software development, networking, security and database administration.<br />ERP implementations in India and Africa.<br />
  7. 7. We Offer ERP III<br />Today’s ERP III solutions go much beyond the earlier ERPs which covered Sales, Distribution, Financials, Purchasing, Human Resources, Manufacturing & Production Planning (MRP), etc. <br />Why ERP III?<br />
  8. 8. Feebo<br />Comprehensive suite ofweb based ERP III <br />
  9. 9. Feebo<br />Comprehensive suite of web based ERP III <br />Modules consisting of: <br /><ul><li>Customer Relationship Management
  10. 10. Supply Chain & Relationship
  11. 11. Production Planning
  12. 12. Shop Floor Management
  13. 13. Quality Management
  14. 14. Human Resources
  15. 15. Finance Resource Management </li></li></ul><li>Feebo<br />Comprehensive suite of web based ERP III <br />Supports following servers: <br /><ul><li>Windows 2008 Server O.S
  16. 16. SQL 2008 Database Server
  17. 17. ISA Security Server
  18. 18. MS Certificate Server
  19. 19. Web Server
  20. 20. Email Server
  21. 21. File Server
  22. 22. Print Server
  23. 23. Fax Server
  24. 24. SMS Server
  25. 25. Personal Information Management (PIM) Server
  26. 26. Document Management</li></li></ul><li>Feebo<br />Content<br />Feebo contains: <br /><ul><li>an Application suite consisting of CRM, MRP, SCM, HRM, FRM, QMS
  27. 27. Application Server
  28. 28. ERP Business Logic Database
  29. 29. ERP Application Database
  30. 30. Login Server
  31. 31. Workflow Server
  32. 32. Folder Server
  33. 33. Dashboard Server
  34. 34. Reports Server
  35. 35. Document Server
  36. 36. Alert Server</li></li></ul><li>industry solutions<br /><ul><li>Manufacturing
  37. 37. Engineering
  38. 38. Construction
  39. 39. Electrical/ Electronics
  40. 40. Oil & Gas
  41. 41. Telecommunication
  42. 42. Utility
  43. 43. Chemical
  44. 44. Health care and Pharmaceuticals
  45. 45. Consumer Products
  46. 46. Hospitality
  47. 47. Fashion & Retail
  48. 48. Others</li></li></ul><li>built-in processes<br />
  49. 49.
  50. 50. Before/ After Feebo - Forecasting<br />Forecast when not prepared at all and was done on gut reaction based on past experience.<br />Before Feebo <br />
  51. 51. Before/ After Feebo - Forecasting<br />Forecasting of sales, purchase orders and cash flow done manually. <br />Production <br />Problem <br />
  52. 52. Before/ After Feebo - Forecasting<br />Accurate forecasts based on:<br />a) Past Orders<br />b) Forecast<br />With the above features, now the supplier auto buyer forecast so that they can plan inventories well. Marketing gets sales targets and guidelines for setting territory wise, partner wise, salesmen wise targets. Finance gets cash flow forecast and they easily get data for loan or cash credit financial planning. Production gets data to do capacity planning and machine maintenance planning. HR gets data to manage recruitment planning.<br />After Feebo <br />
  53. 53. Before/ After Feebo - Marketing<br />Marketing Campaign maintained by the Marketing Manager manually or in excel sheets<br />Before Feebo <br />
  54. 54. Before/ After Feebo - Marketing<br />Analysis is done manually <br />Difficult to follow up on leads<br />Difficult to trace which campaign brought more orders<br />Which campaign was most effective. <br />Investing in future campaigns or media was only based on the past experience and gut reactions.<br />Problem <br />
  55. 55. Before/ After Feebo - Marketing<br />Well defined territories, partners & salesmen with targets attached to well defined campaigns and call plan <br />Accurate performance analysis of each campaign, call, territories, partners and salesmen. <br />Web-based, marketing script based call center will record your correspondence with the customer and will also produce sales reports. <br />COPC based Six Sigma targets and helps you monitor the performance.<br />After Feebo <br />
  56. 56. Before/ After Feebo - Inquiry<br />Inquiry from a customer is recorded by different people on their personal media like digital diaries, notebook, emails, address contact books etc. The inquiry is verbally communicated to the Sales Manager for preparing the quotation. Sales clerks prepares quotations based on guidance from the Sales Manager and delivers the same.<br />Before Feebo <br />
  57. 57. Before/ After Feebo - Inquiry<br />Scattered information in emails, PDAs etc and individual machines and minds.<br />It is hard to know number of inquiries received, its total business potential and its status. <br />It is also difficult to monitor when it was responded and who entertained that customer. <br />How much time was taken to close <br />Problem <br />
  58. 58. Before/ After Feebo - Inquiry<br />All inquiries from each customer touch points like email, salesmen, partners or via the website are recorded into one central place. <br />All inquiries are routed for approval of price & terms to the designated person. <br />The system allows the person to quote price based on: Purchase Price from the supplier, Standard Price from Pricelist, Manufacturing cost = BOM Cost + Process cost, Service cost based on Pert / CPM, Competitors prices, Past orders from the same customer, Auction based pricing, Retail selling price, Customer specific Pricelist<br />Feebo gives the sales manager a complete picture as to what it costs the company and what are the company&apos;s standard prices & profit margin. <br />After Feebo <br />
  59. 59. Before/ After Feebo - Sales<br />Orders are received through phone, fax or email and are recorded onto order acceptance sheet and directly sent to production for knowing Available to Promise (ATP) Date & Qty and are sent to the Finance Dept for Credit Check.<br />Before Feebo <br />
  60. 60. Before/ After Feebo - Sales<br />Delay in reporting to customer<br />May lose the order or frustrate the customer<br />Problem <br />
  61. 61. Before/ After Feebo - Sales<br /> As soon as the order is entered into Feebo credit check, the ATP delivery schedule can be checked directly by the Sales Manager and / or Customer. <br />Designs, Dwgs, customer agreements, NDAs, legal documents, specification catalogue can be uploaded with each order <br />Feebo supports new innovative order tracking online via the internet. <br />Entry based on Quotation , Direct entry of Sales Order , e-Commerce Shopping Cart , Selected Bid from Auction , Recurring Order , Manual Order Entry , Upload e-PO XML/XLS , Stock Transfer Order,  Retail Order via bar code <br />After Feebo <br />
  62. 62. Before/ After Feebo – Production Planning<br />Planning is done based on forecast, business plan and/ or past experience<br />Before Feebo <br />
  63. 63. Before/ After Feebo – Production Planning<br />Production Plans may not be accurate. <br />Dynamic planning<br />Difficulty in cash flow planning <br />Suppliers get late payments<br />Marketing Department does not get accurate ATP Dates. <br />Production Department does not produce up to maximum capacity due to gaps in planning.<br />Regular and overtime planning difficult.<br />Problem <br />
  64. 64. Before/ After Feebo – Production Planning<br />Production planning & scheduling in ERP creates accurate purchase requisitions and helps maintain JIT Inventory (Just-in-Time) <br />Planning of cash flow for those orders can be made<br />Production plant can prepare proper plan via capacity planning <br />Feebo can generate Machine maintenance plans, shift plans and OT (Overtime) plans<br />After Feebo <br />
  65. 65. Before/ After Feebo - Production<br />Planning is done manually<br />Before Feebo <br />
  66. 66. Before/ After Feebo - Production<br />Sales or Planning department continuously sends production orders to the shopfloor without considering the capacity of the shopfloor or materials in stock<br />Work orders get piled up waiting for resource or materials to arrive. <br />Delays production activity. <br />Results in increased costs, delayed deliveries and missed orders. <br />Problem <br />
  67. 67. Before/ After Feebo - Production<br />Daily plan with backlog<br />Rescheduling of shop floor orders<br />Work order is only created if material is available in stock and resources are free on shopfloor<br />Based on the process route sheet - job cards are prepared & tracked <br />Process change triggers automatic job card changes.<br />Each Job Card or route sheet is tracked by time<br />Any job taking more than the baseline generates a NC (Non - Conformity) report for Quality adherence.<br />Accurate real-time WIP (Work in Progress) is generated and communicated to the particular customer about the status of his production order in progress. <br />Online line QA (Quality Analysis) during the movement of lots. <br />Rejection and root cause analysis tells us why rejection or defects occur and informs design / engineering departments to improve the production process and the material quality. <br />After Feebo <br />
  68. 68. Before/ After Feebo - Production<br />Traceability of each FG output to respective input lot with QC (with uploaded test results) <br />Comparision of input material versus produced goods (either thumb rule based or BOM variance)<br />Work orderwise costing<br />After Feebo <br />
  69. 69. Before/ After Feebo - Purchase<br />Raw Material purchases are planned as per excel sheet or foxpro<br />Many purchases are done via paper based purchase requisition or verbal<br />Purchase Control is missing<br />Liable for disputes<br />Before Feebo <br />
  70. 70. Before/ After Feebo - Purchase<br />Routing of PR to the authorised manager manual/ physical<br />Difficult to ensure that comparisons were made in a fair and impartial way and the purchasing decision was made correctly and in the interest of the organisation<br />Searching best suppliers via price comparisons<br />Problem <br />
  71. 71. Before/ After Feebo - Purchase<br />ROP (Re-order Point) based PO generation <br />Any employee can post a PR (Purchase Requisition)<br />RFQ (Request for Quote) and Quote Comparisons via buyer will control generate a PO for those consumables. <br />Procurement process will be impartial and transparent<br /> Supplier Self Service directly allows suppliers to see their RFQs, post their quotes, see POs and commit delivery dates, Inform Company of their forecast and stock position<br />After Feebo <br />
  72. 72. Before/ After Feebo - Stores<br />Stores receive material with DO (Delivery Order) / PI (Purchase Invoice)<br />IQC (Incoming Quality Control) checks the goods and prepares GRN (Goods Receipt Note) for approved Goods <br />QC rejected goods are sent back to the supplier with Debit Note from accounts<br />Before Feebo <br />
  73. 73. Before/ After Feebo - Stores<br />PO copy has to be sent physically<br />Tracking the PO takes time<br />Storage locations are not well defined <br />Duplicate Pos cannot be traced easily.<br />Problem <br />
  74. 74. Before/ After Feebo - Stores<br />All incoming DOs are only accepted under a valid PO<br />Materials accepted against a PO are stored at specific stores & rack<br />DOs will route to IQC<br />Approved DO will be converted to GRN (Goods Receipt Note) & will update stock<br />Rejected DO will generate DR (Discrepancy Report) & Debit Notes<br />ROP based inventory level analysis ensures that your inventory is managed at optimum. A higher inventory level means higher working Capital cost<br />After Feebo <br />
  75. 75. Before/ After Feebo – Packing/ Dispatch<br />Packing, picking and delivery via courier / transporters is done whenever goods arrive from the shopfloor and are ready for shipment. <br />Proforma Invoice / DO / Invoice / Gate Pass / Packing Slip / Packing Stickers are prepared via MS Office or a separate invoicing software and sent to the customer.<br />Before Feebo <br />
  76. 76. Before/ After Feebo – Packing/ Dispatch<br />Delivery or shipment or dispatch plans as not per priority decided by the marketing department. <br />Unsatisfied customers<br />Manual documentation – cumbersome<br />Manual FG Inventory entries in registers<br />Missing Barcode Capability creates goods identification problems. <br />Excise department has to be intimated to create Excise related documents and this causes major delay in delivery. <br />Problem <br />
  77. 77. Before/ After Feebo – Packing/ Dispatch<br />With Feebo you know the importance whom to supply on priority basis<br />Feebo will allow you to supply goods from warehouses and racks only if its in stock and approved by the QC department. <br />Barcode enabled packing stickers are prepared.<br />Accurate system generated Export, Excise documents and gate pass made by Feebo<br />Accurate warehouse inventory management<br /> Happy customers <br />After Feebo <br />
  78. 78. Before/ After Feebo – Receivables (AR)<br />Sales invoice are prepared using Ms Office / Tally <br />Payment follow-up plan is prepared in excel/ Tally<br />Before Feebo <br />
  79. 79. Before/ After Feebo – Receivables (AR)<br />Individual Invoice files prepared in Ms office not linked to payment schedule or accounts as per order terms of Sales Orders<br />Tracking problems.<br />Problem <br />
  80. 80. Before/ After Feebo – Receivables (AR)<br />All closed Sales Invoice auto-creates Sales Voucher with tax structure. <br />Every Sales Invoice informs the Accounts Department for payment collections and follow-up <br />Aging Analysis <br />Auto payment reminder letters created makes the payment reminder process easy<br />After Feebo <br />
  81. 81. Before/ After Feebo – Payables(AP)<br />All closed POs are submitted to the accounts department to attach the same with Purchase Invoice for payments. <br />Purchase Invoice is filed in the Purchase file. <br />Payments are made against this approved Purchase Invoices. <br />The Payment Voucher is then entered into the accounting software. <br />Before Feebo <br />
  82. 82. Before/ After Feebo – Payables (AP)<br />Matching PO with the Invoice is a major problem <br />Payments for undeliverable or rejected goods <br />Multiple payments to the same supplier<br />Problem <br />
  83. 83. Before/ After Feebo – Payables (AP)<br />Feebo makes sure that only closed POs who have a fully delivered product & approved by the IQC are processed<br />System automatically creates Purchase Voucher<br />Purchase Vouchers automatically create payment reminders<br />All payments generate a payment advice<br />After Feebo <br />
  84. 84. Feebo<br />SoftRobot Technology<br />
  85. 85. What is Soft Robot Technology?<br />ERPWEB Business Logic Database<br />SoftServerFolder Server<br />SoftServer Menu<br />Server<br />SoftServer Login Server<br />SoftServerDocument Server<br />ERPWEB<br />Application Database<br />Alerts, PIM etc. Servers<br />HTML<br />XML<br />WML<br />WORD<br />EXCEL<br />SMS<br />EMAIL<br />
  86. 86. What is Soft Robot Technology?<br />SoftRobot<br />Others<br />JAVA, VB.NET<br />Front End<br />VC++<br />Delphi, D2K<br />VB, ABAP4<br />HTML + Plugins<br />C,C++<br />Cobol<br />1980<br />1990<br />2002<br />1980<br />1990<br />2002<br />.net DLLs,<br />Java Class<br />DCOM, CORBA DLLs, R3<br />SQL Based<br />SoftServer<br />Middle End<br />EXE<br />1980<br />1990<br />2002<br />1980<br />1990<br />2002<br />ORACLE,<br />MS SQL Server<br />ORACLE,<br />MS SQL Server<br />Back End<br />1980<br />1990<br />2002<br />1980<br />1990<br />2002<br />
  87. 87. SoftRobot technology<br />C, C++, Basic<br />Gen 1<br />Prog. Editors<br />Gen 2<br />RAD Tools<br />VC, VB, ABAP<br />Rational Rose<br />CASE Tools<br />Gen 3<br />Gen 4<br />Codeless Tools<br />SoftRobot<br />Feebo uses SoftRobot Codeless Development Tool along with other tools for quick modification, customization and development of ERP<br />
  88. 88. Architecture<br />Real World Objects = Feebo Components <br />business documents<br />print<br />closed<br />approve<br />open<br />rejected<br />on hold<br />post<br />
  89. 89. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />CASE & RAD ways (VB/VS)<br />Draw UML Diagram<br />Create Classes<br />Create Objects<br />Set Properties<br />Program Events<br />Create Database<br />Create Tables<br />Create Fields<br />Link Front-end Objects<br />Create Menus<br />Link Form to Menu<br />Run:Compile/Interpret<br />
  90. 90. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />SoftRobot…(no programming)<br />Draw Business Flow<br />Create Users/Roles<br />Create Dept./Process<br />Create Application<br />Document/Folder Name<br />Document Type<br />Assign User rights<br />Assign Menu rights<br />Edit Applications<br />Define Doc Parameters<br />Refresh Menu & Run<br />
  91. 91. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Internet and mobile accessible solution accessible anytime, anywhere<br />
  92. 92. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Includes embedded workflow<br />Interfaces with various devices like Barcode, RFID, PDA&apos;s, weighbridges, payment gateways, POS terminals, handheld devices, attendance recorders, camera, Biometric systems, smartcards, Process control machines, ATM&apos;s etc.<br />
  93. 93. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Complex tax management with auto calculation and statutory management<br />Government compliance alerts (taxes collected, payable, due and paid) and creating appropriate accounting entries generated by the system<br />
  94. 94. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Sarbanes Oxley & SFR 21 compliant. Tracking of each & every document and its values with versioning on who has changed what & when. Complete audit trail. <br />
  95. 95. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Complete Business rule engine and effective control on &quot;who can do what&quot; enabling the company to define, establish and ensure that all processes comply with laid down policies<br />
  96. 96. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Support for webbased linkages (e.g. online currency rates, integration of personal schedules and tasks from google using google gadgets for better employee productivity and organised working, charting and other programming functionalities from google, google site intranets (collaborative teamwork, intranet site etc.)<br />
  97. 97. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Support for assigning tasks internally<br />Support for internal chatting for lower telecom costs and increased employee communication & coordination<br />Security with screencam & inward/ outward for complete paperless document management<br />
  98. 98. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Multilingual<br />
  99. 99. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Role based system reducing “screen clutter” and hence making application more intuitive<br />
  100. 100. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Macro level reporting & cockpits<br />
  101. 101. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Comprehensive Document Management System<br />Ability to attach documents with various tasks for future analysis<br />
  102. 102. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Built in approval structure in case changes need to be made to past events or numbers<br />
  103. 103. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Ability to encode ceiling (cannot exceed) rates for various work elements. This will prevent accidental passing of bills above ceiling rate<br />
  104. 104. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Pre-defined Users, Roles and Departments helps you to do faster implementation.<br />
  105. 105. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Pre-defined Reports, Cockpits and forms helps you to achieve everything in business with minimal customization.<br />
  106. 106. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Easy to change layouts of reports using Excel or any such HTML text editors<br />
  107. 107. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Powerful database MS SQL Server 2008 gives robust backend<br />
  108. 108. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />System generated reminder letters<br />Track of who sent the letters and when<br />Auto email / sms facility available on every major reports or at approvals<br />
  109. 109. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Built in Workflow on every document allows you to control documents via Approvals and escalation (sms/ email) in case of non-performance<br />
  110. 110. Feebo<br />Unique Features<br />Easy Installation using IIS Webserver on windows. No client installation required.<br />
  111. 111. Feebo<br />Process Scope<br />
  112. 112. Sales Process<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>SO Type
  113. 113. SO Category
  114. 114. Transporter master
  115. 115. Sales Invoice Type
  116. 116. Tax Structure Entry
  117. 117. ( State wise – Item wise -Tax-Base)
  118. 118. Price List
  119. 119. Customer Master
  120. 120. Advances Entry
  121. 121. Order Processing
  122. 122. Sales Order Entry
  123. 123. Credit Check
  124. 124. Order Acknowledgement
  125. 125. Pre-Printed OA
  126. 126. Order Processing for Readymade Products
  127. 127. Retail POS / Kiosks
  128. 128. Auction/Bid on net
  129. 129. Recurring Order
  130. 130. Pre-Invoicing Process
  131. 131. Proforma Invoice
  132. 132. Reports
  133. 133. Pending OA
  134. 134. PartialO A Pending
  135. 135. Customer wise Sales Order
  136. 136. Sales Order Register</li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  137. 137. Sales Cockpit<br />
  138. 138. Production process<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>Order execution
  139. 139. Work Order
  140. 140. Route Sheet
  141. 141. Lot Movement at Shopfloor
  142. 142. Lot Movement at SubCon
  143. 143. FG Receive in stores
  144. 144. Line Quality Assurance
  145. 145. Production Quality Plan
  146. 146. Inspection
  147. 147. QC Certificate
  148. 148. Maintenance
  149. 149. Machine Loading at Shopfloor
  150. 150. Machine Maintenance Plan
  151. 151. Tools and its Maintenance
  152. 152. Testing Device Maintenance
  153. 153. Critical Spares
  154. 154. Utility usage
  155. 155. Production Reports
  156. 156. Cycletime reports
  157. 157. Wastage reports
  158. 158. Machine Breakdown reports
  159. 159. WIP Stock reports
  160. 160. Stuck Lots
  161. 161. Terminated Lots
  162. 162. Stuck Lot Aging
  163. 163. Utility Consumption Report</li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  164. 164. Production Cockpit<br />Add Today’s production (summary with <br />drilldown to workorderwise production<br />
  165. 165. Engineering process<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>Engineering Masters Setup
  166. 166. Item Type
  167. 167. Product Group
  168. 168. Drawing Master
  169. 169. Upload of Drawings
  170. 170. Batch Master
  171. 171. Process / Operation Master
  172. 172. BOM (Bill of Materials)
  173. 173. Plants / Subcontractor
  174. 174. Machines
  175. 175. Warehouse
  176. 176. Process Item
  177. 177. Utility
  178. 178. Machine Breakdown
  179. 179. LineQA Rejection
  180. 180. Raw Material Code Generator</li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  181. 181. Purchase process<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>Indenting
  182. 182. PR Entry by Stores/Buyer
  183. 183. PR Entry via MRP I
  184. 184. PR Entry via ROP
  185. 185. PR Entry via Kanban
  186. 186. PR Entry via SelfService
  187. 187. Inquiry Process
  188. 188. RFI/RFQ/RFP Entry
  189. 189. Supplier/Item Registration
  190. 190. Send Inquiry/ RFQ/ RFI/ RFP
  191. 191. Procurement Process
  192. 192. Quote Entry
  193. 193. Quote Comparison
  194. 194. Supplier/ Item Selection
  195. 195. PO Terms Entry
  196. 196. PO Approvals
  197. 197. Purchase Order Print/ Send
  198. 198. Import Document Preparation
  199. 199. Bill Passing Process
  200. 200. Purchase Invoice Verification
  201. 201. Transporter Invoice Processing
  202. 202. Purchase Invoice Approvals</li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  203. 203. Stores process<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>Stores/ Bin Creation
  204. 204. Stores Inward Process
  205. 205. GRN Entry against PO
  206. 206. Weighbridge Inward
  207. 207. Incoming Quality Control
  208. 208. Stock Card Posting
  209. 209. GRN Printing
  210. 210. Rejection Note Printing
  211. 211. Stores Outward Process
  212. 212. Material Req from MRP
  213. 213. Manual MR Entry
  214. 214. MR Entry via Self Service
  215. 215. Material Issue Entry
  216. 216. Material Issue via Weighbridge
  217. 217. Stock Card Posting
  218. 218. Stores Reports
  219. 219. Bin/Stock Card
  220. 220. Stock Ledger
  221. 221. Methods - FIFO / LIFO / Weighted Average
  222. 222. Stock Movement
  223. 223. Stock Aging
  224. 224. Stock Classification
  225. 225. (ABC/FSN/MNS)</li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  226. 226. Stores Cockpit<br />
  227. 227. Accounts process<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>Sales/ Purchase invoice auto posting
  228. 228. Pending Payments
  229. 229. Payment Aging
  230. 230. Payment Reminders
  231. 231. Receipt Voucher Entry
  232. 232. Pmt Receipts
  233. 233. Expense
  234. 234. Payment vouchers
  235. 235. Cheque Printing
  236. 236. General Accounting
  237. 237. CN/ DN/ JV
  238. 238. Contra Accounting Reports
  239. 239. TB/ BL/ PL/ CashFlow/ FundFlow
  240. 240. Cost Center / Ratio Analysis
  241. 241. Daybook/ Ledgers/ Register/ Statement</li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  242. 242. Accounts Cockpit<br />
  243. 243. Balance Sheet<br />
  244. 244. Profit & Loss<br />
  245. 245. Export process<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>Multicurrency support
  246. 246. Declaration Form
  247. 247. Advance Cargo Declaration (only for US shipments)
  248. 248. Export Value Declaration (only for sea shipment)
  249. 249. General Security Cargo Declaration
  250. 250. Shipper's letter of instruction
  251. 251. Insurance Form
  252. 252. Export Proof Letter
  253. 253. Exemption letter of Octroi
  254. 254. Indemnity letter
  255. 255. Certificate of origin
  256. 256. Authorised dealer code
  257. 257. Letter to Asst Commissioner
  258. 258. Fedex Letter
  259. 259. Enclosure </li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  260. 260. Payroll<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>Holiday Calendar
  261. 261. Shift Setup
  262. 262. OT Process
  263. 263. Leave Process
  264. 264. Leave Entry VIA Self service
  265. 265. Leave Approval
  266. 266. Leave Records
  267. 267. Leave Encashment
  268. 268. Attendance Process
  269. 269. Attendance Recording
  270. 270. LateComing/ EG Report
  271. 271. Muster roll
  272. 272. Attendance card
  273. 273. Payroll Process
  274. 274. Paystructure Setup
  275. 275. Payroll generation
  276. 276. Payslip Printing
  277. 277. TDS deduction
  278. 278. Professional tax
  279. 279. Bank payment advise
  280. 280. Provident fund
  281. 281. Gratuity
  282. 282. Employee Insurance
  283. 283. Salary/Wages
  284. 284. Bonus </li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  285. 285. Payslip<br />
  286. 286. Human Resources<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>HR Requisition by HODs
  287. 287. Biodata entry via website/offline
  288. 288. Interview Call Letter/ email/ sms
  289. 289. Interview Assessment Form
  290. 290. Candidate Selection
  291. 291. Offer letter Printing/ emailing
  292. 292. Appointment letter Printing/ emailing
  293. 293. Employee Management Process
  294. 294. Employee joining/ creation
  295. 295. Employee Job/ Reporting History
  296. 296. Employee card / kit making/ issuing
  297. 297. Orientation Process
  298. 298. Training Process
  299. 299. Skill Competency Matrix
  300. 300. Appraisal management
  301. 301. Promotion management
  302. 302. Exit Interview Process
  303. 303. NOC Approval from all dept. heads
  304. 304. Relieving letter printing
  305. 305. Service certificate printing
  306. 306. Settlement terms entry
  307. 307. Settlement report to accounts</li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  308. 308. HR Cockpit<br />
  309. 309. Quality Standards<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>ISO Standards
  310. 310. ISO Process Matrix
  311. 311. Quality Policy
  312. 312. Quality Manual
  313. 313. Non Conformity Report
  314. 314. FMEA-Risk Recording
  315. 315. Audit Plan
  316. 316. Audit Checklist
  317. 317. Audit Reporting </li></ul>6-Sigma Standards<br /><ul><li>6-sigma Parameter/Baseline Setup
  318. 318. Find Sigma Level
  319. 319. CMMi Standards
  320. 320. CMMi Project entry
  321. 321. CMM Project Size
  322. 322. CMM Project Payment Schedule
  323. 323. CMM Project Reports
  324. 324. Change Management
  325. 325. Change Request
  326. 326. Change Approval
  327. 327. Change Work done reporting
  328. 328. Project wise/ Employe wise performance
  329. 329. Change Management Cockpit
  330. 330. Performance Measurements
  331. 331. KPI Standards
  332. 332. Key Performance Indicators
  333. 333. Balance Score Card Preparation
  334. 334. Balance Score Board reporting </li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  335. 335. Feebo IT Management<br />Feebo<br /><ul><li>Application Management
  336. 336. Create Application
  337. 337. Edit Application
  338. 338. Delete Application
  339. 339. Forms Management
  340. 340. Create Forms
  341. 341. Delete Froms
  342. 342. Reports Management
  343. 343. Create Reports
  344. 344. Create Cockpit reports
  345. 345. Create Alert reports
  346. 346. Delete Reports
  347. 347. WorkFlow Management
  348. 348. Create UserGroups
  349. 349. Create Users
  350. 350. Assign Users to UserGroups
  351. 351. Assign Folder to User Groups
  352. 352. Company Management
  353. 353. Create Module/ Department
  354. 354. Create Sub-Module/Process
  355. 355. Create Document
  356. 356. Create Folder
  357. 357. Wizard Management
  358. 358. Create Wizard
  359. 359. Run Wizard
  360. 360. Database Management
  361. 361. Create/Backup Database
  362. 362. Create/Modify Table/Views </li></ul>Process Scope<br />
  363. 363. Order to Cash Cycle<br />
  364. 364. ERPImplementation<br />
  365. 365. Compare any ERP solution based on the following 7 points :<br />ERPCompetitive study<br /><ul><li>Scope of software
  366. 366. Technology
  367. 367. Cost of Project
  368. 368. Life of software
  369. 369. Implementation Method
  370. 370. Source code
  371. 371. Platform Independence</li></li></ul><li>How many processes, documents, users and workflow this ERP system will cover? <br />Feebo covers almost all processes of your business. <br />ERPSoftware Scope<br />
  372. 372. Feebo Technology<br />Feebo is fully 100% web based. Check the technology the ERP software uses? <br />Is that ERP written with Internet ready open technology like HTML, Java, SQL, ASP, JS, VBS etc?<br /> This technology is widely used on Net and its not possible by its creators to make it outdated. If the vendor is using proprietary programming languages (e.g. ABAP4, Oracle, iBAAN Tools) then you are vendor dependent. <br />The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is very heavy (upgrades, manpower cost and delivery times). Feebo is written using an open platform internet technology like HTML, Java, SQL, ASP, JS, VBS, combination which is available free and its not possible to make it outdated unless and until internet is destroyed. <br />Now internet has millions of websites and web pages written in such technology. So replacing HTML is not possible. <br />It is a well proven fact that software written in OOPS technology has a high cost of customization / development. Less code or zero code means less errors with fast customization & development and this is what Feebo uses on top of OOPS via its own award winning codeless technology.<br />
  373. 373. Internet technology - HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, JAVA, SQL, ASP, ADO etc. <br />Proprietary technology (like Oracle, D2k, Microsoft Visual Basic, ABAP4, MS DCOM or SUN CORBA). Problems? <br />Upgrades are not compatible with the old operating systems <br />Programmers have to keep on learning and re-writing their programs<br />Newly developed programs have to be thoroughly tested. Likelyhood of bugs is high.<br />Proprietary technologies difficult to use and cumbersome <br />Requires a huge team of programmers and whose people and skills management can be difficult<br />Technology life<br />ERPLife of software<br />
  374. 374. Software Companies vanish when their technology meets the end of their product life cycle. <br />Many of the companies who developed products on specific and proprietary technology have vanished from the market.<br />Vendor life<br />ERPLife of software<br />
  375. 375. Software Companies vanish when their technology reaches the end of its product life cycle. <br />Many companies who developed products on proprietary technology have vanished from the market.<br />Support life<br />ERPLife of software<br />
  376. 376. The documents structure in the form of forms and views, might be very unique to your organisation.<br />Business Logic - which has business rules, user workflow logic, GUI filters and feature access rights, folder display logic, role based menu builder logic which is unique to the organisation. <br />Both the above are stored in the database in Feebo while in other ERP products Business Logic is distributed in Business Objects middle-end, back-end database and front-end GUI programs. It makes customization costly and difficult. If business logic is hardcoded in DCOM / CORBA components or client end software forms and reports, it limits your business from changing its model. Feebo avoids this problem.<br />Data, forms & reports life<br />ERPLife of software<br />
  377. 377. The total cost of ERP project is based on:<br />Hardware – In case of Feebo, hardware requirements are modest. Only browser like Internet Explorer which can connect to the server through intranet or internet is necessary. High end resource hogging machines are not necessary.<br />Cost of Software - Why spend more on software as at the end of the day a sales invoice generated by Feebo will print same as that of Tier1 ERPs?<br />Cost of Implementation - Feebo is built on SoftRobot technology. Because of an engine approach, the development of code and testing is totally eliminated. Therefore faster and more reliable system.<br />Cost of AMC / Support - Being webbased, we can support the software remotely from our India office. Feebo can be upgraded , installed or repaired without visiting the client&apos;s place or company. This remote AMC via the internet saves the AMC cost for the client and us. The client gets faster solution in hours instead of days avoiding personal visits.<br />Cost of licensed software: Cost of s/w like Word, excel, DMS etc. are eliminated.<br />Total cost of ownership (TCO)<br />ERPCosts<br />
  378. 378. Methodology<br /><ul><li>Steering Committee
  379. 379. Top management involvement
  380. 380. Joint Application Requirements session
  381. 381. Each JAR session will focus on one key flow and its alternate flows
  382. 382. Result of a JAR session will be a Use Case
  383. 383. Functional users will review the use case and ensure its completeness and accuracy
  384. 384. Use cases will pass review if there is no show-stopper or high issue open.
  385. 385. All Medium and Low issues will be closed within 3 days of review. </li></ul>ERPImplementation<br />
  386. 386. Methodology<br /><ul><li>Use Case reviews will be attended by the functional teams, development team and testing team.
  387. 387. Once use cases have been approved, Project Manager – Development will pick them up for further design and development.
  388. 388. Test Manager will start working on creating test scripts and data conditioning.
  389. 389. Development team after conducting Unit Testing, will hand over the use case for testing.
  390. 390. Customer would be provided detailed reports of the tests that will be conducted to ensure applications functioning as per the requirements.
  391. 391. review. </li></ul>ERPImplementation<br />
  392. 392. Steps<br /><ul><li>Requirements study (onsite)
  393. 393. Installation (Onsite)
  394. 394. Customization (Online/Offsite)
  395. 395. Configuration (Online/Offsite)
  396. 396. Onsite Consultants for Configuration/ Customization/ Training/ Consultation)
  397. 397. Support (Online/ Offsite via email)
  398. 398. Data-Migration (Online/Offsite)
  399. 399. Training
  400. 400. Data Entry BPO Services (Offsite)
  401. 401. AMC + Upgrades (Online/Offsite)</li></ul>ERPImplementation<br />
  402. 402. Feebo benefits<br />INVENTORY:<br /><ul><li>Reduction in Inventory cost.
  403. 403. Reduction in Storage Space.</li></ul>PURCHASE:<br /><ul><li>Reduction in Purchase Material Costs.
  404. 404. Reduce Order Processing delays & costs
  405. 405. Improve potential vendor list.</li></ul>SALES:<br /><ul><li>Increased Sales Turnover & Market reach
  406. 406. Reduce Order processing delays & costs
  407. 407. Reduce Marketing Costs.</li></ul>FINANCE:<br /><ul><li>Better Cash flow management.
  408. 408. Reduced payment processing delays
  409. 409. Reduce Accounting Costs.</li></ul>PRODUCTION:<br /><ul><li>Reduction in scrap, rework & obsolescence costs.
  410. 410. Increased Machine Utilization
  411. 411. Increased Plant Utilization & Capacity
  412. 412. Increased Production Rate
  413. 413. Reduce Production delays & costs</li></li></ul><li>Feebo benefits<br />MANPOWER:<br /><ul><li>Increased Labour Productivity
  414. 414. Increased Manpower Utilization
  415. 415. Increased Manpower Productivity
  416. 416. Increased Manpower availability
  417. 417. Reduced Manpower Costs</li></ul>TECHNOLOGY:<br /><ul><li>Cut information technology costs
  418. 418. Reduce up gradation / obsolescense cost
  419. 419. Improve Supply Chain Management</li></ul>DOCUMENTS:<br /><ul><li>Reduce Storage & Handling space
  420. 420. Reduce Storage & Handling costs
  421. 421. Reduce cost due to paper delays
  422. 422. Reduce paper & printing costs</li></ul>COMMUNICATION:<br /><ul><li>Reduce Communication costs
  423. 423. Increase Communication frequency</li></ul>MANAGEMENT:<br /><ul><li>Improved Management information
  424. 424. Improved Management Control
  425. 425. Improved Management Decisions</li></li></ul><li>To ERP is human, to have an implemented ERP is Divine!<br />
  426. 426. ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING <br />Contact:<br />5 Point Solutions Ltd.<br /><br />Mob: +919898873233<br />Thank you<br />