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Mandarinlearn user manual


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Introduction of how to take to be you free and efficient tool to learn to speak chinese mandarin.

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Mandarinlearn user manual

  1. 1. User Manual December, 2010Version: Beta 1 Produced by:
  2. 2. Contents What is Basic Introduction of Site Green Hand on Road Recommended Self E-learning Path Introduction of Site’s Multiple Functions Donation Course for New Learners Donation Courses for Institutions And More…
  3. 3. What is Launched in late 2008, the best Chinese mandarin e-learning community. The objective is to help people to learn to speak simple Chinese mandarin in a easy and rapid way. Currently provides 12 languages service, such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, etc. And, will provide more later. Statistics shows till end of 2010, over 120,000 visitors from 110 countries & areas visited. Average Time on Site: 00:04:54 Pages per visit: 3.96 Learners feedback show it’s really a good and useful e-learning tool. Statistical data from Google Analytics, Dec. 2010
  4. 4. Site Main Visitors People who wants to speak simple Chinese mandarin for better communication and opportunities when they come to China for tourism, business, living, shopping, making friends, working, etc. People who wants to speak simple Chinese mandarin for better guest satisfaction when they provide service to Chinese customer locally. People who need teaching material and plans to provide Chinese language coaching to international people locally all over the world. Havent I been telling you already, your website is very good!!! ---Giovanni Helm, from Netherlands
  5. 5. Basic Introduction of the Site Free open courses & material for self e-learning Initials, Finals, Common phrases, Learning guide, Sentence pattern, Basic grammar Over 50 dialogues, 600 sentences, 4000 words, with Pinyin remark Audio, video, games, external links… Advanced e-learning management system Advanced e-learning platform for learners: learning path, quiz, drop box, engagement, games, multimedia formats of documents, file library, record tracking, chatting, live conference, multi-language user interface, self-registration and self-enrollment, user grades report, etc. Currently provides 4 formal donation course, Simple Chinese for Hotel service, for Shopping service, for Food service, etc. Multiple community functions for fun Forum, User point system, friends searching, personal message, groups, events, multiple application, etc. Share members’ status with friends from Facebook, linkedin, My space, Windows live, Google ware, etc. Business and advertising service Online Shopping, Live Support, Online survey, Customer feedback Informal advertisement self-publishing, Formal Advertising, Affiliate program, Email marketing service…
  6. 6. Green Hand on Road How to select learner’s native spoken language • On top right of each page, you can select your native spoken language by click the flag, then the course language, system operation language will change. To get better experience, we recommend you • Especially useful for those who are to use the famous internet browser, such as IE not familiar with English language. 7,8,9, Firefox 3, Chrome, Opera, etc. How to use advanced search function • On top left of each page, you can use advanced search function, type into any key words, system will show all the results from content, forum, community, advertisement, e- learning system, etc.
  7. 7. Green Hand on Road How to use audio playing function • The audio bar has the function of playing, pause, stop, re-playing, volume adjustment, so when you play the audio, look at each Pinyin, with each Chinese word, Make sure you turn on your computer’s speaker, or listen to the pronunciation, helmet headset to hear the sound. Clean the cache of the and repeat. browser if you think the audio file was not uploaded & played correctly, and try again. How to use rapid self e-learning tool • On bottom left of each page, you can use rapid self e- learning tool bar to help you strengthen your pronunciation of Pinyin, Four tones. Just click the button. • Better use when you go into dialogue learning stage
  8. 8. Green Hand on Road • Rapid learning menu will lead you directly to free open course content page, very useful when you start from Zero. • Recommend you read the learning guide before you start to learn.
  9. 9. Green Hand on Road Pronunciation Translation • You can easily get into free open course content page from simple dialogue page and course categories page. • Each course includes Pinyin, Chinese sentence, Chinese words, and also Notes if necessary. • The site currently provides over 50 dialogues listed among different categories, such us, travel, business, common use, etc.
  10. 10. Green Hand on Road • FAQs area provide a lot of answers to visitors’ frequent questions, such as, how to subscribe a donation course, how to submit a ads, how to play audio, etc. •Each answer provides a detail guideline with pictures
  11. 11. Recommended Self E-learning Path Set your own learning objective. Get to familiar with the site multiple functions. Read the learning guide. Start from Pinyin: Initials and Finals. Grasp the four tones and pronunciation skills of Pinyin. Learn from common polite terms and simple dialogues. Get idea of sentence pattern, structure and basic grammar. Keep going with dialogues in different applications, with words. Practices with those who can speak Chinese around you, and Reviews.I hope I can find a concrete scheme to learn, because I like Chinese andyour site, but don’t know how & where to start. Thank you! ---Siva, from India
  12. 12. Community In community, you can introduce yourself, search and make friends from all over theworld. Visitors should register to be site member and then login to enjoy those functions. On top of personal profile, you can change and publish your personal information. And,you can create and join groups, send private messages, publish your photo, video,create events, set up your own applications, etc. “Share this” function can easily helpyou make more your friends from facebook, etc know what’s going on with you. There will be more community function in near future.
  13. 13. Forum In forum, Visitors can read the topics the site members posted. Hot topics of Pronunciations skills, Chinese cities attractions, Chinese dishes, areposted in different categories. Site members can post, reply, edit, delete their own topics as they like. On top of forum page, the menu tab will lead you to different categories, and functions On top and bottom of each topic, site members can easily find the function menu.
  14. 14. E-learning Platform The site provides advanced e-learning management system for members to get better online self-learning experience and result. Site members login and click “my course” in user menu then enter into platform area. Site members should make donation to the site and then get the access right to the courses The operation menu on top right of page shows multiple function of e-learning system, such as learning path, quiz, drop box, home work, attendance tracking, certificate, external links, etc. Each donation course contains abundant learning material and format, organized by a learning path, which will show attendee a concrete scheme. Following the learning path will improve the efficiency. In “User option” area, attendee can change the default language to be their native spoken ones.
  15. 15. Online Survey In online survey area, visitors can attend the survey. And, visitors can see the result of each survey when they finish it. Currently the site provide two surveys mainly related to the development of the site. The survey menu locates among the site bottom menu, visitors can easily find it.
  16. 16. Online Store In Online store area, visitors can find theproducts the site provides Only registered site members can takethe online shopping, and go through allprocesses till finish the payment. There is a shopping cart under the user menu in each page, showing the currentstatus of purchasing item, when members login, they can easily find it. Currently the site provides four donation courses for members to choose.
  17. 17. Live Support System Visitors and members can use Live support function to get the guideline and help when they learn.Click the button located on top left of menu area and start. If the teacher is off line, visitors can leave a message and get feedback in short time.
  18. 18. User Point System Registered site members have the bonus of user point system. Members can earn points through a lot of activities, such as daily login, read articles, post topics, etc. Members can also use their points to get coupon code for shopping discount, raffle game, transfer to others, etc. Site members login and click the “My points” in user menu, then see the user points control panel. Details about the points rules please read the introduction.
  19. 19. Affiliate Program Registered site members can earn money for themselves by attend the site affiliate program. They can get commission from each actual sale happened. Site members login and enter into “Affiliate program” area, the control panel shows the data and in “banner/text links” page, just copy the banner/text codes and paste them into any blank area of their own sites’ banner adv, and it’s done. The system will record data of each visitor following the member site’s banner adv to come. Then the system also record the actual happened purchasing and calculate the commission for the member.
  20. 20. Advertisement Auto-publishing System Registered site members can publish their own products & service advertisement by themselves for free. The products & service pictures, location map, introduction, guest comments, rating make the advertisement more attractive. Currently publisher should pay for “Location map” and “Featured” advanced function service. Make sure to upload the best pictures of products and service.
  21. 21. Formal Advertisement Service Currently the site provides formal advertisement service and email marketing service. The advertising area are shown above, for more details please read the introduction of “advertisement service”, and contact us.
  22. 22. Donation Course for New Hands The site provides a formal donation course for learners who starts from zero. The course contains over 10 lessons, starting from: Basic Pinyin, with tips of how to make the right pronunciation of Pinyin and Chinese words, Simple words, sentence pattern and structure Dialogues and Grammar, etc. The course contains a lot of learning materials, such as articles, video, audio, games, quiz, downloads, extended readings, etc. To help learners get more efficiency & fun during the learning process. All lessons are following the learning path designed by Chinese linguist, which make the learning more effective. The course learning duration is 30 days.
  23. 23. Donation Courses for Institutions For Hotel Service Contains over 10 lessons Dialogues of applications, such as concierge services, morning call, order food to room, dealing with complaints. Learner: Hotel management & staffs For Food Service Contains over 8 lessons Dialogues of applications, such as book seats, order food, service during the dinner, payment, etc. Learner: Restaurant staffs For Shopping Service Contains over 7 lessons Dialogues of applications, such as introduction, new products launching, promotion, packaging, return, etc. Learner: Store management & staffs
  24. 24. I hope it could be your best e-learning partner when you start to learn and you can enjoy better learning experience and get more fun in the community! --Mr. Zhenkai, Fa The Founder of Mandarinlearn.comPlease help us to let more your friends know about it and If you had any questions,please visit: and contact us. Thank You!