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Brochure pe uhmw murdotec


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Brochure pe uhmw murdotec

  1. 1. h i gh p e r f o r m a n c e m a t e r i a l s f o r e n g i n e e r i n g
  2. 2. www.murdotec.deWho we are Murdotec Kunststoffe is a leading German based manufacturer of high quality thermoplastic semi- finished products. Quality is our number one priority, not only in the selection of our raw materials and the manufacturing of our products, but also as an ultimate goal in production. In addition to this, Murdotec sets standards in terms of flexibility, adherence to deadlines and customer focus. As a classic middle-sized enterprise, we are keenly aware of the demands of our market and strive to exceed these. Our vast in-house knowledge and experience is geared towards providing the best possible service to our customers. By working closely with you, we develop individual solutions, providing expert advice on how to optimise the application of our semi-finished products. // 1What we do Our field of speciality is the processing of thermo- The result is a wide product range of sheets, pre-cut plastic semi-finished products made from ultrahigh parts and rods that enables us to effectively respond molecular low pressure polyethylene (UHMW-PE/PE to your special requirements. Whether machine 1000) and high molecular low pressure polyethylene construction, material handling, lining or bulk material ­ (HMW-PE/PE 500). handling, paper, food, or forestry industry – in Relying on innovative production technologies with c ­ ooperation with you, we reliably provide the best a host of the most modern, computer-controlled equipment possible. presses in the world, combined with environmentally safe raw material handling all contribute to delivering the highest quality products.
  3. 3. www.murdotec.deTogether we can reach the highest level … “Quality does not just mean that you receive a product which fulfils particular specifications.” For us at Murdotec, the term product quality includes ­ the assurance that you can rely on our expertise and, very importantly, that quality does not stop when the product leaves our warehouse. We invest time with you as we sincerely believe that the quality of our semi-finished products form the foundation for the quality of your finished products. A partnership with Murdotec means that you can rely on a consistently high level of quality. This is guaranteed by our in-house, round the clock quality control assurance system. // 3 Experience which pays off … At Murdotec, we develop cutting-edge materials, which fulfil your requirements. The philosophy b ­ ehind this: experts develop practical solutions. Our team does not only consist of chemists and chemical engineers but is, in fact, made up of s ­ pecialists from the market segments we serve. In our laboratory, we are able to simulate what is later to be manufactured in our production. All that with the goal that you can rely on the quality of our products. Special additives, modifying properties and colour, pass a range of tests before they go into production. Our skilled staff’s vast experience helps us to focus on new developments. Be innovative and visionary Your wish is our command.
  4. 4. www.murdotec.deHigh quality raw materials resources… … for virgin materials Among Murdotec‘s materials, polyethylene takes The question is: What defines the quality of a centre stage. For ease of choice, these materials are UHMW-PE in accordance with DIN 16972 or divided into groups LD-PE, HD-PE, HMW-PE and ISO 15527? UHMW-PE. The definitions are limited to member- The quality is essentially ensured by 2 factors: ship of one group which fulfils the particular mini-  The base material used mum requirements.  The processing parameters // 5 What makes the difference? In line with our strict quality policy with regards to manufacturing and the final product, we only use selected raw materials from well-known manu­ facturers. Particle size, particle size distribution and molecular weight are constantly monitored by our incoming material inspection team. Our computer controlled press lines guarantee o ­ ptimal heating-up, pressing and cooling down phases. Through exact compliance with the p ­ rocessing parameters, Murdotec ensures the c ­ onstant production of semi-finished products with a very low level of internal stress. Fully-automated mixing lines give us the opportunity to offer repeatable material types with clearly ­ efined specific values. d Our UHMW-PE material lines, Murdotec® 1000 and Murdotec® 2000 as well as our HMW-PE Murdotec® 500 exceed the standards for semi-finished products as set out in DIN 16972/ISO 15527. That makes the difference.
  5. 5. www.murdotec.deHigh quality raw materials resources… … for our regenerated materials Due to its molecular construction, polyethylene is With Murdotec® 1000 U, you can be sure that you particularly suitable for the recycling of waste or off will receive a material made from UHMW-PE base cuts. The sorting accuracy and the high grinding material of the highest quality. degree have a significant influence on the quality. We store separately the materials which are suitable We also go one step further. In our mixing lines, for recycling (UHMW-PE, HMW-PE...). Only material a clearly defined amount of virgin material is added types of the same quality are being mixed together to every batch. You can rely on our technical in order to avoid the emergence of nonconforming or ­specifications. mixed materials which cannot be identified by you. // 7 How can we be so sure of ourselves? Importantly the raw material for this quality material never leaves our cycle and has passed all of the quality assurance stations in circulation. We know exactly which quality is processed in our production. As with the original material, the pressing process is a crucial factor. Moulding cycles especially adapted to this type of material ensure the quality of the product. We pay attention to idle-times of the semi-finished products prior to further processing. This ensures that your semi-finished product from out of Murdo- tec® 1000 U achieves the optimal performance range whilst combining a very reasonable price-performance ratio. Test our Murdotec® 1000 U and Murdotec® 500 U material types. Experience the difference.
  6. 6. www.murdotec.deYour application, our solution ... … Machine construction For applications in which only metallic materials were historically used, our materials open up entirely new possibilities through optimised mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties. When you add gliding properties, abrasion resistance, weight s ­ aving, and noise reduction, there are many reasons why the future of machine construction should be designed with our materials. … Transport technology and material handling … The paper and forestry industry // 9 As the requirements for the products to be conveyed Nowadays, wood is a precious raw material. For are various, our materials themselves fulfil the highest optimal transportation prior to and during processing, expectations. The innovative material properties the use of our particularly abrasion-resistant and ensure, for example, an optimal gliding property, a low-friction materials has proved to be highly high degree of abrasion resistance which results in efficient. From the chain and conveyer plant in the a high level of efficiency and cost savings. Therefore sawmill to the filter plate in the pulp industry, our our materials are fit for purpose in all transport and particularly low-wear materials ensure a trouble-free material handling systems. and low maintenance manufacturing process. ... Filling equipment … Electrical engineering During the production and filling of drinks the food More than 3 million tonnes of plastics are processed safety of our materials is paramount. During the annually by the electrical industry and, in particular, handling of, for example, paste-like or explosive the need for plastics with particular properties and materials, the focus is instead on the surface and combinations of characteristics is always increasing. electrostatic characteristics. Our product range Insulating and notch impact resistant for electrical includes the optimal material for every application housings, conductive and wear-resistant for compo- - we will be very happy to advise you. nents in potentially explosive areas, self-lubricating and low-abrasive for functional parts: our materials enable individual solutions for your application.
  7. 7. www.murdotec.deYour application, our solution ... ... Linings and bulk materials handling Many areas of industrial production work with large quantities of raw materials which are stored as bulk material in silos. But what kind of silo or storage lining is most suitable, for example, for adhesive or abrasive bulk materials? Our extensive product range offers you the right solution for every application. ... Crane foundation support and harbour … The chemical industry construction The use of plastics for the construction of chemical When excessive forces are exerted on a surface, be plants enables new systems and processes to be it concrete or steel, a proper protection is essential. developed, however this demands the highest In crane supports and harbour construction, robust r ­ equirements from the material used. Whether as materials are required which, apart from particularly a lining or construction material, you can always low abrasive wear and high resistance to weathering, rely on the guaranteed and continuously tested / / 11 also stand out for their good energy absorption. characteristics of our materials. Protective fenders, lock gateways, loading ramps or heavy duty bracing - our materials make industrial sites safe. ... The food industry The highest hygiene and cleanliness standards apply in the manufacturing and packaging of food products. Of course, this also applies to all materials which come into contact with them during manu­ facturing and packaging. “Abrasion-resistant, antibacterial, non-adherent, and food approved”. These are just some of our material properties that illustrate why our different materials are perfectly suited for the food industry.
  8. 8. www.murdotec.deOur range of productsSheetspress-finished planedAll Murdotec® types can be supplied at Murdotec®2000,short notice on demand in thick­ esses n Murdotec®1000,of 8–150 mm with a thickness tolerance Murdotec®1000 Uin accordance with DIN 16972. Murdotec®500 can be supplied in standard colours. Length Width All other types available on demand. 6000 2000 6000 1000 Thickness tolerance: +0/+0.4 mm 4000 2000 Length Width Thickness 4000 1000 6000 1000 8, 12, 14, 15 3000 2000 4000 1000 16, 18, 20, 23, 25 3000 1000 3000 1000 30, 35, 40, 45 2000 1000 2000 1000 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 1000 1000 1000 1000 110, 120 / / 13Round bars Murdotec® 1000 natural, green, black Diameter turned extruded 20 • • 25 • • 30 • • 35 • • 40 • • 45 • 50 • • 60 • • 70 • • 80 • • 90 • • 100 • • 110 • • 120 • • 130 • • 140 • • 150 • • 160 • • 170 • • 180 • • 190 • • 200 • •
  9. 9. www.murdotec.deCommitted to trust With the help of our own quality requirements, our overriding goal is to gain and to develop the trust of our customers. This is understood as our obligation. An ever changing market requires, in addition to discipline at all quality levels, innovation, reliability, the ability to supply at short notice and, last but not least, the willingness and capability to solve problems together. The consistent and concerted actions of all of our employees allow us to confront new challenges on the market in a target oriented way – all this in cooperation with you. / / 15 Murdotec - your reliable partner  Experienced  Competent  Reliable  Flexible  Quick  Friendly
  10. 10. characteristic outstanding propertiesAll Murdotec materials are characterized by outstanding properties. They do not absorb moisture and areparticularly chemical resistant. Further specific properties include:Murdotec® 1000 Murdotec® 500 good impact and shock absorption  good wear properties for applications in the food good anti-adhesion properties industry (cutting boards) electrically insulating or antistatic, depending  good impact and shock absorption on type of material  good anti-adhesion propertiesMurdotec® 1000 U environmentally friendly Murdotec® 500 U cost-efficient  environmentally friendly wear resistant  cost-efficient impact and shock absorbent  good anti-adhesion properties anti-adhesion properties electrically insulating or antistatic, depending on type of materialMurdotec® 2000 increased abrasion resistance PE-UHMW SG1 long lifetime good impact and shock absorption / / 17 electrically insulatingMurdotec® 2000 G very high pressure resistance extremely wear resistant in abrasive applications increased abrasion resistance PE-UHMW SG1 long lifetime electrically insulating
  11. 11. Characteristics of our standard materials Our extensive product range enables us to always fulfil special customer wishes. Depending on the application or customer wishes Murdotec® 500, Murdotec® 1000, and Murdotec® 2000 materials differ in their optimised mechanical, electrical, or chemical characteristics and RAL colours.Molecular weight g/mol 10.000.000 8.000.000 6.000.000 4.000.000 2.000.000 0 Murdotec® 500U Murdotec® 500 Murdotec® 1000U Murdotec® 1000 Murdotec® 2000Wear Sand slurry [%] 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Murdotec®500U Murdotec®500 Murdotec®1000U Murdotec®1000 Murdotec®2000Coefficient of friction 0,25 0,2 0,15 0,1 0,05 Murdotec® Murdotec® Murdotec® Murdotec® Murdotec® 500, 1000, 2000 2000 L 2000 MOS 2000 MC 2000 MCE
  12. 12. Murdotec Kunststoffe GmbH Co. KG Heßlingsweg 8 D-44309 Dortmund Tel +49 231 425 77 98-0 Fax +49 231 425 77 98-29