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Agru agruair & agrusan piping systems for compressed air and sanitary application


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Agru agruair & agrusan piping systems for compressed air and sanitary application

  1. 1. enagruair & agrusanPiping systems forcompressed air & sanitary applications
  2. 2. Worldwide competence in plasticsAGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH is a family-owned, highly produc-tive enterprise headquartered in Austria with worldwide activi-ties. Among others, they include the production and sale of highquality thermoplastic products. Our core competences are pipingsystems made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).QualityA constantly high quality is ensured by a quality managementsystem, based on ISO 9001:2008. AGRU products are regularlytested in internal production controls as well as third party ins-pections according to the requirements of international standards.AGRUAIRAGRUAIRPiping system for compressed air (PE 100)The systemThe AGRUAIR piping system for compressed air is produced fromhigh quality PE 100 material, which is also corrosion resistant.Besides a variety of pipes and fittings, which are optionally withor without metal thread, the AGRUAIR piping system also includesvalves and assembly accessories. These components, producedwith state-of-the-art machinery, ensure an operational liability foryears.The fields of applicationAGRUAIR piping systems enable the installation of pipelines forpressurised air within industrial buildings.
  3. 3. AGRUSANPiping system for sanitary applications (PP‑R)The systemThe AGRUSAN piping system for sanitary applications is made ofPP‑R. This ensures a long lifetime, little flow noise and avoids thebuilding-up of deposits. Thus a reduction of the pipe’s cross sec-tion is prevented. A wide variety of fittings with or without metalthreads assure an universal applicability.The fields of applicationAGRUSAN piping systems are used for cold and hot water supplylines, heating systems, water preparation plants as well as wa-shing and cleaning installations.AgruSANSupply range AGRUAIR AGRUSAN from [mm] to [mm] from [mm] to [mm]Pipes 20 110 20 1105-layer pipes - - 10 17Socket welding fittings 20 110 20 110Socket welding fittings with metal thread 20×½“ 63×2“ 20×½“ 32×1“E-couplers 20 110 20 110Valves 20 90 20 40Backing rings 20 125 20 125Accessories 20 110 20 110
  4. 4. en INDUSTRIAL INDUSTRIAL Piping systems for industrial applications TIONS PIPING SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICA zzHigh operation reliability zzNo corrosion zzResistant to chemicals zzSustainable solutions en AGRULINE Piping systems for natural gas, potable water & sewage ULINE AGRSYSTEMS FOR NATURAL GAS, WATER & SEWAGE PIPING zzEasy & fast zzSafe & tough zzPressure resistant zzHigh durability zz agruair Piping system for compressed air zz agrusan Piping system for sanitary applicationsY23001020712 0,5 FSubject to errors of typesetting, misprints and modifications.Illustrations are generic and for reference only. Your distributor: AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH Ing.-Pesendorfer-Straße 31 A - 4540 Bad Hall T +43 (0) 7258 790 - 0 F +43 (0) 7258 3863