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Violence Against Women in Slasher Films

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Research project presentation

  1. 1. Violence Against Women Vs. Men In Slasher Films Presentation By: Amanda Haykus CMS - 200 OnlineSunday, April 29, 12 1
  2. 2. Introduction There is all sorts of violence in horror films, but in slasher films the targets of these films is a female lead. The death scenes in these films also feature longer and more brutal attacks on the female victims versus the male victims whose death scene are quicker and sometimes not even known until the female victim discovers the male.Sunday, April 29, 12 2
  3. 3. Relevent Literature Sex and Violence in Slasher Films: Reexamining the Assumption. By Barry S. Sapolsky, Fred Molitor, & Sarah Luque In their peer reviewed article Sapolsky, Molitor, and Luque look at slasher films for their content analysis. They review a the content of the films and the violence that occurs with in these films and compare their results of the first generation of slasher films to the first generation of slasher films released in the 1980s. They are also looking to see the relation between the sex in the film and the violent attacks that occur in each film.Sunday, April 29, 12 3
  4. 4. Expectations I expect that from the slasher films I will be watching I will find that the attack scenes of the female victims will be longer then male. As well as looking to see if there are more female then male victims. I am specifically looking at the violence in the slasher films released in the 1990’s.Sunday, April 29, 12 4
  5. 5. Methods I will be using the content analysis method for my research. The categories I will focusing on is the sex of the victims, and the length of the attacks. The movies I will be reviewing are part of the new cycle slasher films commonly known by fans as the second generation of slasher films. The movies I will be reviewing for my content analysis are the SCREAM Quadrilogy series directed by Wes Craven.Sunday, April 29, 12 5
  6. 6. Results - Number of Male VS. Female Victims Scream Scream 3 Total Number of Victims - 11 Total Number of Victims - 14 Female Victims - 4 = 36.4% Female Victims - 6 = 42.8% Male Victims - 7 = 63.6% Male Victims - 8 = 57.2% Scream 2 Scream 4 Total Number of Victims - 13 Total Number of Victims - 19 Female Victims - 6 = 46.2% Female Victims - 13 = 68.4% Male Victims - 7 = 53.8% Male Victims - 31.6%Sunday, April 29, 12 6
  7. 7. Results - Length of Attacks of Males VS. Females Scream Scream 3 Total Time = 21min 40sec Total Time = 14min 5sec Female Time = 17min 32sec Female Time = 9min 4 sec Male Time = 4min 8sec Male Time = 5min 1 sec Scream 2 Scream 4 Total Time = 20min 49sec Total Time = 19min 50sec Female Time = 17min 18sec Female Time = 17min 11sec Male Time = 3min 31sec Male Time = 2min 39secSunday, April 29, 12 7
  8. 8. Conclusion From my content analysis I have concluded that my expectations that there would be more female victims then male victims was proven to be false with the exception of the final movie SCREAM 4 which from my own knowledge of horror movie rules, “remake” movies tend to go against the rules of the original film. As far as the part of my expectations about attacks on female victims being long then male victims, my research proved that that was true. In the Scream Quadrilogy, out of the total time of both sexes being attacked 78.8% was the average percentage of time for females and 21.2% was the average percentage of time for males. Although it has been shown that more males are victimized on the big screen, attacks on females are shown for a significantly longer period of time.Sunday, April 29, 12 8
  9. 9. Work Cited SCREAM. Dir.Wes Craven. Dimension Films, 1996 SCREAM 2. Dir.Wes Craven. Dimension Films, 1997 SCREAM 3. Dir.Wes Craven. Dimension Films, 2000 SCREAM 4. Dir.Wes Craven. Dimension Films, 2011 Sapolsky, Barry S., Molitor, Fred, & Luque, Sarah (2003), Sex and Violence in Slasher Films: Reexamining the Assumptions. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Vol# 80, Pg 28-38Sunday, April 29, 12 9